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The Maid

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It was a day in which everybody had gone out except me.
The maid we had at the moment had just been hired two weeks prior to that day. She had good looks and body up to where I could see. She dressed in her uniform everyday (you know maid uniforms are not very sexy), so I could never tell if she was really nice enough to risk proposing something. The risk was imminent, cause the chofer or any one from my family could see us doing it, but wait first I had to convince her, but how? I knew that if she didn´t like me she would tell my parents and… Later that day at about 6pm I went to the kithchen to aske for some dinner. The maid was their, no one was around, then I said “Can you fix up a winnie for me?”, she said “Sure would you like it right now?” her answer suprised me and so I said I did and left for my room. She called for me when dinner was ready, we were still alone, when I sat at the dinning room she told me my parents had called and that they would get home quite late that day. Maybe she was thinking what I was thinking. As she was leaving the dinning room she dropped something, (I´m sure it was on purpose) when she bent down I saw her ASS! She was wearing a bikini, a white bikini, so small isaw her pubi hairs, wow! Did I have a hardon then! I finished all she had cooked for me, it was delicious but not as much as I thought she would be between her legs!
She had left the kitchen when I went looking for her, I really didn´t know what I would say at first but I knew this was my chance to get rid of my virginity!
When I found her she was in the game room, cleaning the pool table. She had to reach far so her skirt kept going up her legs! Was I turned on or what! She noticed me at the door, she truned around and asked if their was something else she could do for me and I saidno, I SAID NO! I can´t believe I said no. It was the perfect moment at the perfect place, the game room was the farthest room from the front door. Ok she said and kept dusting the rest of the room. When she sprayed a table I took it from her hands and we started to struggle (in play mode). She laughed so nice her face lightened so pretty, I liked her more each minute! When I finally got the spray can I started to spray her! First all around her then in those parts that you and me like, she laughed even harder, it was then when I sprayed her under her skirt, she didn´t mind so I dropped the can sprayed her with my fingers. I touched her pussy and it was drippin wet! Wow, my hard on was hurting me! We heard a noise, it was my parents, time had gone by at warp speed she suddenly said, “Go to my room at 2am if you want me”. She left swiftly to attend to my parents.
I couldn´t believe what she had just said. My virginity was ment to be history that night. It was10:30pm I was so anxious, hours seemed years and minutes seemed months!
Finally the clock struck 1:30am I made sure everyone was asleep, even my brother, tattletale king.
The maids room was outside the house so I had to go through the kitchens room out, that door made so much noise I thought everyone would get up! I headed toward the maids room I went in and so her asleep on her bed. I uncovered her, she was already naked! I would have stared her for hours but she awakened. She said “Hi I thought you weren´t coming”, and I said ” No way, I wouldn´t miss this for the world”. She then told me to lay down beside her, she undressed me, touched me, my hardon was such that it started hurtin again, she noticed that when she started to suck my penis! Can you imagine how I felt at the moment? I exploded fast,and when I say fast I really mean it! She looked at me with my cum on her face, with her fingers she out it all in her mouth and swallowed it all, I pinched myself I couldn´t believe I was reallly their. Then she told me to get between her legs and lick her pussy, specially her clit she said she loved that the most! So I did as she ordered. It was really soft and wet much nicer than what I had anticipated, and it tasted good too! atleast that´s what I thought at the moment! Some minutes had passed when her moaning got higher and she said ” I´m cuming please don´t stop…faster…faster…don´t stop!” Was I hot or what my hardon was on automatic when I noticed that i put my penis in her and started to fuck her, I WAS FUCKING! I thought I was really dreamin I didn´t pinch myself again, if it was a dream I didný want to find out at the moment. Since I had just cum minutes before my sensibility was not as the frist time so the maid and I reached our orgasms at the same time, even then I came outside (that´s what I had seen in the porn movies) it all rested on her tummy.
Her face was so relaxed as I think so was mine. We slept for a while, she woke me up at about 5:30am she forgot to set her alarm clock, my mother wakes up at the same time so does the chofer. I hurried up, dressed and kissed her goodbye, when I opened the door she said, ” Should I expect you at the same time tonight?”, and so I answered, ” You can bet the world on that for sure!”.
We kept doin it for some time until I had a girlfriend and she left home. I´ll never forget my first time, I´ll never forget The Maid.

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