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The Midnight Magic

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Where it happened: His Car
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He is someone I’ve loved for overs, I didn’t dare to tell him that I love him so much. He’s older than me, a good-looking guy and quite smart, Will is his name. It was just months ago that I realised he love me too, untill that very magical night…

We are friends, we seldom see each other though we’re in the same school. Everytime when I am in the school, I always hope to see him, just because I love him. He’s a warm-hearted guy, always by the side to give someone a hand when they need him.

I was crying when something very bad happened to me, I couldn’t believe it, I was trying to end up my life in school untill Will appeared. He saw me sobbing like a baby. I told him everything that happened to me and he persuaded me not to do silly things. He offered me a drive home. Of course at once, I agree.

It was still 5 pm, I told Will that I didn’t wanna go home, I didn’t wanna see my family. Still, he tried to persuade me to go home. At last, I asked him to drive me to anywhere just to make me feel better, and he agreed. We had been out for 6 hours! It pm now and Will told me that it was late and have to drive me back. I refused, but after thinking for quite a long time, I agreed to go back home.

It miles away from my house. Will suddenly drive slowly towards my house. I asked him to stop and he did. I turned to him and hot tears falling down my cheeks. I didn’t wanna leave him. I didn’t care for now, I told him that I love him and kissed him hardly on his mouth. Before any reaction, Will just let me kissed him. After kissing him, I looked deep into his eyes. His eyes were sparkling like the bright stars in the sky. He then whispered in my ear,”I love you too, sweety.” I was pleased and shocked.

I continued kissing him, while I was doing this, I slowly opened the buttons of his shirt. When he got the meaning, he undressed me too. Because it was in his car, there ain’t much space for us, so we had to squeeze ourselves. He took out his jeans and I grabbed his dick. Damn his dick was getting hard, I first offered him a blow and I could see that he was enjoying it.

“Ahh…ooo……,” I moaned as he sucked and licked my tits. My nipples were getting damn hard and I was very horny. I can tell you that I was never that horny before. “Oh sweety, your moan just makes me horny…can we…,”Will spoke to me in a soft voice. He was supposed to ask me “can we go on?”, he thought that I wouldn’t give him my first time, actually both of us were virgins. “Oh…Will…I love you so much and I’ll give you everything…including my first time,” I interrupted as he was talking softly to me.

Slowly, he licked me from my tits to my pussy. Damn, my pussy was getting damn wet and was ready to be fucked. He started to tease my pussy, first he licked my softly and later harder and harder….and my clit…he sucked my clit…oh…this sensation is wonderful, till now I still can’t forget that kinda feeling…it was toooooo GREAT!! Just can’t believe that he hadn’t have sex before. But it was true that he and I were experiencing our first time in his car!

“Will….Will…I can’t stand it any longer….I’m too horny…please…c’mmon, fuck me as hard as you can, let me be a real woman,”I said in an excited voice. “Oh babe, don’t worry I’ll make you feel like you’re in heaven..”

After saying those words, he slowly inserted his cock inside my terribly wet pussy. We could smell the smell of sex…this is where the magic really begins….

He stroked his cock slowly in and out my wet hole….In and out, in and out, in and out…slow and steady. “Ah…ah..ee..ah…..oo….a..e….e..e..e..yes…babe…aah…”I moaned steadily. “You’re damn tight, oh sweety, I love you…I never know that you’re that beautiful untill now….” While Will was talking, he was getting faster and faster…

“Shit!!….ah..ah..ah..ah..oh yea..yea…Will…ah..Will… harder…harder…fuck me harder…harder…ah..ah…oo.aa a…a….oh…shit…oh yea…Will…you…you….drive..dr..rive.. me …crazy….ahh….ah…yes, c’mon, fuck me harder…ah…ah……”

With my voice and all those moaning, Will stroke his cock harder and harder, deep into my pussy…because we did it in a sudden in his car, he had no condom with him. This made us really felt that the joy of having sex. My love juice was pouring out from my pussy..It was the climax when Will suddenly pulled out his cock and suddenly slipped in deep into my hole again.

I gave a great cry and wow, can you believe it? It was so great!! We both reach orgasm and he told me “Sweety, I’m gonna cum, do you mind me cum in your lovely wet pussy?” As a reply I said,”Of course not, please cum, and make sure…ah..you ..save some for me to …to…drink..ah..”

He had been stroking in and out my pussy for about 5 minutes. It was the greastest time ever. “Alright, I gotta stop now I’m tired..”said Will. After taking out his dick, I sucked it hard again which made Will came to another climax. “You’re great, dear!”,Will said in a satisfied manner. “You’re even greater, Will…I love you!”
“I love you too”

After having that wild sex for the first time, we were both extremely exhausted, so we fell asleep naked in his car. We were lucky that no one noticed us. When we woke up it was already 12am. Putting on my clothes, I told Will that I would meet him another day and gave him another deep kiss before I went back to my house.

Will, looking at me, eyeing me back to my house. Later, he smiled when he looked at the mess we had done in his car. And of course in the seat, he would have found blood stain as it was where I lost my virginity. He must be pleased to have a virgin to fuck at that very magical night. And this is what I called “The Midnight Magic”…

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