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The Minister’s Daughter

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

When I first saw our new minister’s daughter I knew I wanted to make love to her. Now this is not like I am one of those horney jerks who want to seduce every girl in sight and brag about it afterward. This was the first time I had felt this way about a girl.
I mean sure, there were girls in school that I had phantasized about having sex with, but only just in an abstract sort of way. With this girl, Shelley, I actively wanted to hold her, squeeze her, disrobe her and deflower her.
She wasn’t all that sexy, I mean she didn’t exude sexuality, if those are the words I want. She was pretty, but not stunning, and she had a nice little figure, but not one that you instantly got an erection from looking at. I guess it was her shy, innocent manner that got to me, and her general air of sweetness.
I saw her for the first time when she came to our Church Youth Group meeting, and as I said, was instatnly taken by her. Her dad, who had just taken over our church ministry, brought her to the meeting and introduced her and she smiled and said “Hello,” and said she looked forward to being friends with all of us.
After the meeting I introduced myself, as did most of the others, and made some pleaant conversation, then went home to dream about those nice young breasts and those nice round hips.
To my delight in high school the next day I found that she was in my third period algebra class and then in my fourth period English class, with lunch period in between.
So after algebra class I spoke to her and she remembered me from the meeting and I welcomed her to our school and asked if she had any questions. Then I asked if she would like to have lunch with me and she smiled happily and aid “Oh yes, that would be nice.” Then we learned we had the fourth period class together and a bond of friendship was beginning to form.
For the sext three days we went from algebra to lunch to Enlish class and had a chance to talk about a lot of things and to find that we liked a lot of the same things, such as Monty Python and James Bond and Doonesbury. Then on that fourth day I discovered she also liked horror movies, and this gave me my first opportunity for a date of sorts. We had a video of the very first “Phantom of the Opera” movie, the silent one starring Lon Chaney, and I asked if she would like to come over and we could play it.
She said she had to stay home that evening and then asked if I could bring the tape to her house. I said I would be happy to.
So that evening at 7 o’clock I showed up at her house, the parsonage, where her parents were just going out to a meeting. She introduced me to them and they both knew my parents and welcomed me to their home and told us to enjoy ourselves, and Shelley said, “Oh, we will.”
Then we put the videotape on and sat down next to each other and after a few minutes I got my nerve up and reached over and held her hand,snd she held mine in a friendly way.
That really is a terribly corney movie but it has some scary parts, and at one of them I got real bold and put my arm around her, and she snuggled up to me and I felt like I was in seventh heaven, or at least fourth or fifth heaven.
I even had ideas about feeling her breasts, but decided that was too bold.
Then the movie was over and after I rewound it she said, “Well, that was a lot of fun. Now, how about some REAL fun?”
I said “What do you mean?” and she said, “As if you don’t know. Come on, honey, up to my room.”
So I followed her up to her bedrom, in a happy fog from her calling me “honey,” but confused as to what she had in mind, this sweet, innocent girl.
In her bedroom she said, “Now the main question — did you bring some protection for me?”
I was so startled I just sort of stammered, “Uh, well, uh, no.”
She said, “You guys, don’t you ever plan ahead? Or were you trusting that I was on the pill or had an IUD or something? Or were you hoping to make me pregnant?”
I said, “Oh no, oh gosh no, I would never do anything like that.”
She said, “Well I’m glad to hear that. And it’s no problem. I’ve got protection here.” And she took a package of condoms out of her bureau drawer.
Then that sweet, innocent little girl of my dreams looked at her watch and said, “We’ve got two hours and fifteen minutes before Mom and Dad get home, so let’s get with it.
And there she was, taking off her dress and her slip and then her bra and her panties, and there I was, staring at her beautiful naked body and not making a move.
She said, “Hey, come on, big boy, get with it. Hey, you do want to do this, don’t you? I said, “Oh yes, oh god yes,” and she said, “You shouldn’t take the lord’s name in vain in this house, but that’s okay. So here, I’ll help you,” and she began taking off my clothes and in a minute I got out of my trance enough to help her, so I was naked too.
Then she looked at me kind of quizzically and said, “Come to think of it, is this your first time? Are you a virgin?”
I said, “Well, yes I am.” She said, “Oh, that explains a lot of things, like why you’ve never felt me up at school. But don’t worry, honey, I’ll guide you through it and we’ll have a great time.”
And we did. Shelley taught me all about foreplay, about french kissing and fondling her breasts and licking and sucking them, and fondling her vagina and then going down on it, and she gave me my first experience at having my penis sucked and God, was that great. (Oops, sorry about the lord’s name)
Then we got to the real sex and her vagina was not too tight but snug and warm and comfortable and I came in that condom after just a few thrusts, but she had plenty of condoms and we had plenty of time and by the time it was time to get dressed before her parents got home I had come four times and she had had several orgasms that she said were wonderful. We had done it missionary and doggie and in the anus and 69 and I felt like the king of the world.
After we got dressed she said, “Hey, look, Steve honey, I hope you’re not one of those posessive guys who is going to want me for your very own. I’m willing to let you have other girl friends and I’d like you to be willing for me to fool around some, too.
“In my last school I had three guys who sort of took turns with me. I don’t know of any other two guys in this school I want to fuck with, but if I should meet a couple, will you be understanding?”
Well what the hell could I say? I said something like, “If that’s what you want,” and she said “Thanks, honey.”
Then we wnt back downstairs to the family room and were watching television when her parents came home and we were holding hands and when they cdme in she said “Oh dear,” and jerked her hand away as if she was embarrassed.
Her mother smiled and said, “It’s all right dear. Did you enjoy that silent movie?”
Shelley said,”Oh yes, it was wonderful.” Then she said, “I guess youd better get on home before your folks get worried.” And she gave me a nice, chaste kiss on the cheek as I left.
Well, in the six wseeks since then Shelley still hasn’t seen any other guys she wants to have sex with, and she’s beginning to talk as if she might be willing to settle for just me. Oh god, I hope she does. Oops, there goes that lord’s name again.

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