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The “Older Woman”

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Her House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was a sports freak since I can remember. I have always been very athletic and involved in every kind of sport I could. Over the years I have played baseball, football, volleyball, swam on a swim team, and anything else I could do.

Because of this I didn’t date as I just didn’t have time. But my sophmore year in High School things changed. My grades hadn’t been very good my first year so my parents did not let me play. So what I did all summer and into the fall was lift weights and watch sports on TV, and masterbate a lot!

With my natural athletic abilities and all the sports I had been in before I was already in great shape, but the weights and my age really helped me to develop a great looking body. I was working out at the Y two to three hours a day.

One day while I working out in a tank top and gym shorts one of the ladies who worked out there kept on staring at me. Having never dated much to that time I wasn’t sure what she wanted, but soon found out.

As I was leaving the weight room she stopped me and started to talk to me. I found out she was 26 and was recently divorced. She asked me what I did. When she found out I was only a sophmore in HS she was shocked! She thought I was at least in my early 20’s considering how manly I looked (her words). I was flattered and got a bit excited that this good looking older woman thought I was a hunk!

She asked if I would like a ride home. I normally walked the mile or so home, and accepted her invitation. After taking my shower (in record time) I went out to her car.

She had a large Lincoln Town Car which I got in the passenger side. She took me home.

This went on for a couple of weeks. One day she asked me if I minded if she went home first (she lived in another neighborhood) as she needed to pick something up. In fact she said she wanted to “borrow” my muscles to help her carry something heavy to the car. I agreed

We pulled up to a large, beautiful home in an exclusive neighborhood. She explained that her husband was a very successful business man who worked all the time and pretty much ignored her.

We went into the house where she took me up to her room and showed me a large statuette that she wanted placed in the car. I picked it up and she said, “Oooooo! I can’t believe you picked it up so easily. You are really very strong!” She reached over and felt my arm that was bulging in my shirt sleeve streaching the material!

She said put it down. I did. She took my shirt off and ran her hands down my large, smooth chest. I got harder that a brick in my pants. She reached over and felt my arms and asked me to flex them. I did and again she expressed her amazement. Then she leaned over and running her hands down my hard muscled back began to kiss me. I also began to run my hand on her hard body, made strong with her workouts at the gym.

She soon unbuckled my belt, pulled down my pants and began to play with my dick which was as hard as it had ever been when I had masterbated. She got down on her knees and began to suck me off. Never had I felt anything like this! I could not believe what I was feeling, my body was litterally tingling all over. I didnÆt last very long and soon shot off in her mouth. She stood up with my cum dribbling out of her mouth and began to kiss me again, I tasted my on own cum for the first time. It wasnÆt to bad.
I thought that was it, but she had other things in mind and went over to the bed and laid down after taking off her clothes. The excercise she did daily had really paid off. She was trim and lean, not an ounce of fat, she looked fantastic with large breasts. She spread her legs and asked me to eat her. I told I didnÆt know how. She said not to worry; she would direct. And boy did she! It was something seeing this 26 year old women screaming with ectasy as this 16 year old boy was eating her. After she had come a couple of times, she stopped me and pulled me up to her.

I was on top with my dick hard as a rock once again, she said over and over, ôFuck me, fuck me!!!ö I rose up on top and slowly lowered my dick into her. OH WHAT A FEELING. Her sucking me off was great but this was WONDERFUL! I got even harder inside her; she was so tight and wet. I began off slow and got faster as time went by. Because I had just shot off I last for quite a while before I came again, and wow what a feeling!

We laid on the bed for a while, her running her hands down my hard pecs, to my washboard stomach. She traced all the indentions on my stomach with her fingers. I began to get hard again. She went down on me sucking my cock until it got hard again and then said, ôFUCK ME!ö So we did again. And then after a few minutes did it again.

By now I didnÆt think I could get it up again, and it was getting late so she took me home. We did this a couple of times more, and then she and husband moved to another town.

I think of her often and the great lessons she gave me on the art of making love!

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