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The Piano Teacher

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Teacher's Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I started taking piano lessons when I was 7 years old. My Mother had this good friend, Shirly D______, who gave lessons in her home. She was my Mother’s age, 28, when I first started. I went, once a week, on Saturday mornings, for an hour, and sat on this piano bench, next to Shirley. Shirley was a very pretty lady, who, most of the time, worse tight skirts and a sweater that showed off her body very nicely, but, of course, at that young age, I wasn’t paying much attention in the early years. She was a very good teacher and gave me special attention, because she knew my Mother so well. By the time I was 13 or 14, I began to take notice of Shirley’s assets, and when I was through with my lesson, I’d hurry home, go into my room and jack off with Shirley in my mind. By that time, she was 35, but hadn’t married, and I kind of wondered why not, because every time I saw her, she became more beautiful. She had especially nice legs and her sweaters showed off her breasts very nicely. By the time I was 14 I was having periodic erections during my lesson, because I sat so close to her, and the smell of her perfume added to the attraction. If she noticed the tent in my pants, she never said anything. At 15, I really lusted after Shirley’s body, but again, I was only a kid, and I was sure that she was paying no attention to me, sexually that is. She was always very nice to me, however, and told me how well I was doing after 8 years of her tutoring. I had just celebrated my 16th Birthday, when, on the following Saturday, I got a real boner on while sitting next to her on the piano bench, and that day, she did mention something about it — about how I had really grown up, and it was pretty obvious. After about a half hour of a lesson, she got up, and asked me to follow her. We ended up in her bed room, and she began to take off her sweater, and then her skirt, and slip, and finally her bra and panties. The first time I had ever seen a grown woman naked. And she was perfect. She asked me to get undressed, too, which I had absolutely no problem with, and soon we were both naked on her bed. My erection was rock hard and when she first touched it and began to gently stroke it, I thought I would cum right then and there. But, she talked to me very gently and told me to hold on, and then she guided me into her vagina beneath the jet black patch of hair between her legs.My GOD! What a great feeling that was! And I began to do what I thought was the right movement in and out of her lovely body. In less than ten minutes, I could no longer hold back, and started shooting my sperm! Oh, what a great feeling, and she kept urging me on, telling me how wonderful it felt to have me inside her. It was my very first time, and I remember it vividly, this 24 years later.It also was the first time I had ever heard a woman use the word FUCK, She kept swaying, Phil, please fuck me. Please fuck me harder! Throughout my 16th year, Shirley and I had sex just about every week, and the piano lessons took less and less of our time together. After ten years of lessions, my Mother thought I had had enough piano lessons, and I quit. But that did not end my weekly or bi-weekly encounters with Shirley. That went on until I entered college, and even into my college years. Then I got a good job, out of State, and my meetings with Shirley stopped. To my knowledge, she never married. I did, but always remembered those great lessons Shirley taught me — on the piano bench and in her bed.She was a wonderful teacher!

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