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the rub down

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Age when it happend: young
Where it happened: Hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was 11 yrs old and trying to become an olympic figure skater. My mom usually traveled with me to events and shows. When I turned 12 mom started to trust me and I got to travel alone a few times. I had a woman who gave me rub downs after a show or practice. She stopped traveling with the group and a young guy (22 )took over. He asked me if he could help me feel better and that day I fell a bunch of times and really needed a rub down. He told me to get undressed and lay down on my belly with a towel over my butt on his portable table, the kind with the hole for your face, with just the right padding. I said do I need to take it all off? He said everybody else does, even _______, a famous girl my age. I said allright. He went to the bathroom to wash his hands and I quickly got ready. The first backrub went great, I felt wonderful, he was really nice. I got a rubdown every day after that. About the fifth day he said is your butt sore? It was, and I told him so. He said I’ll make it feel better, OK? I said go for it. He rubbed and squeezed and felt around under the towel. In a couple minutes he was rubbing the inside of my thighs, way up high, near my pussy. It felt really good so I didn’t stop him. He told me how beautiful I was and said he enjoyed me more than anybody. After that trip I told my mom she didn’t have to travel with me cause I knew it was too expensive for her to go everywhere. She only came with me if it was important or close to home. After about 4 months of rubdowns he asked if I wanted a front rub, again saying everybody got them, even ________. I said sure, I rolled over with the towel over my pussy, my little boobs were exposed to a guy for the first time. He said you’re more beautiful and sexy then I expected. He asked If I liked what he did, I said yeah! He started to rub and feel up my chest. He played with my nipples and made them really hard. I enjoyed it. He asked if my thighs were sore, should he rub them. I said be careful, promise to stop if I tell you to. He took the towel off. He said may I kiss you, I said OK. He kissed me and felt me up all over. He even touched my pussy. After about 3 weeks of all over rubdowns he said do you want to try to give a rub down? I said rub you? He said yeah, I’d like that. I said sure. He stripped and got on the table. I started and keep my hands on his thighs and butt, he said should I turn over, I said yeah. His hardon looked big, it was the first one I saw in person. He asked me to rub it, up and down really fast. I knew this was sex but I didn’t care, I was enjoying it. After a few more weeks he said he wanted to kiss my pussy, that was wild, I came and begged him not to stop, ever. The next time he was on the table I gave him a blowjob, he didn’t ask for it, it was my idea. Then one night he was later then I expected, he told me _________ tried to get him to have sex. I said did you? He said I was hoping to be with you, not her. I said let’s do it, right now. He said promise you will always use protection. I siad yeah, thats a good idea. He said I’ve waited for this night since the first night I gave you a rub down, 7 months and 2 weeks ago. He licked my pussy and then fucked me, and fucked me, and fucked me. I didn’t skate enough after that, I only wanted sex, with him. I told my mom I was burned out, and wanted to come back home and go to a normal school. My man lived near my hometown and continued to screw me every chance we got for the next 3 years. He asked me to marry him but I was only fifteen, I said you will have to wait at least 3 more years. He said promise? I said I promise. Well, I think I may marry him, he is a great lover and I love to be with him, he’s also my best friend. My mom knows about us, she told me to be careful, don’t get pregnant. I said I PROMISE.

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