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The Swimming Pool

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: public pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

my freshman class was having an end of the year party. i live in an area where ther are alot of outdoor public pools, so we went to the largest one. my girlfriend, Brittany, and i had been dating for about 5 months, we had made out and petted and all that, but had never been naked in front of eachother. she had never had sex either, and even though i am at about average size with 7 inches, she seemed to think i was huge from what she felt during our petting sessions. maybe thats a little big for a fifteen year old, but i grew fast and was just about done growing by then. also, i started puberty early, anyway, we were all swimming around, when Brit told me to meet her in the fenced in area behind the main building in 5 minutes. i decided that i might as well go as early as i could, so i got out and walked over there. it took me about two minutes overall, but then i had to wait for about 5 more minutes. all of a sudden, brit walked around the corner. she looked really hot with her bikini on, it showed off her ample tits and great ass. but thats not where it all ended, 2 of brits best friends walked around the corner after her. Ashley and Skye looked hot also, for they also had nice tits and good asses. actually, Skye looked better than any of them, her tits were about a C cup, and Brit and Ashley had B cups. i was sitting on the grass, and when they appeared, i stood up. all i was wearing, of course, was a pair of swimming trunks. Brit said, “ive planned a little surprise for you. im ready to lose my virginity to you and i want my two best friends to help me do it.” i said”…………….. ok.” then skye toldc me that she’d heard that i had a really big cock, and that she and Ashley wanted to see it. i asked brit what she wanted me to do, since she seemed to be in control of evreything. Brit said, “I’m gonna let my friends prep you, and then im gonna join in, i want them to get you ready.” i was ok with that, and i began to get hard. they all noticed an ever growing bulge in my pants and Ashley and SKye started to walk towards me. it seemed a little odd, so i started backing up, i have no idea why. they moved faster and ashley got behind me, i was cornered. Skye said she had been waiting to do this, and then she got down on her knees and pulled off my trunks. i was almost fully erect, and my dick was at about 6 inches, skye thought it was beautiful, and ashley peered around to see it also, Brit started smiling and took off her top. she had great tits. Skye stroked my cock for a few more seconds until i had a full erection. she engulfed me in her mouth. she concentrated on the head, while stroking the shaft with her fingers. it was the most amazing think ive ever felt. ashley started stroking my balls and telling me what a man i was, i was eating it up! i loved it!!! i told skye i was about to bust, and she asked Brit what to do. Brit said, “let him, im sure i can get him hard again afterwards. so Skye said that she didnt want me to cum there, but instead between her tits, so she too removed her top. ashley followed suit by doing the same, and brit took off her bottoms and began to finger herself while smiling at me. Skye laid down, and i straddled her chest and used some pre cum to lube up her boobs. it felt just as goot as the blow job, but was way more exciting because i could see the expression on her face. in less than a minute, i shot out a huge load, bigger than any load id ever had jacking off. i had 4 or 5 squirting shots, and they all hit her in the face and chin. then some came out at a lower velocity and oozed all over her tits. i didnt even notice, but Brit was now standing directly in front of me. she pushed me really hard, and i flew off of skye and landed on my back, she came over and put her face into my crotch, telling me to relax. my cock wasnt hard, but it wasnt fully drained of blood yet, so it was about 5 insches and limp. she started sucking sort of like a vacuum would suck, only not as hard (if only it were as hard!!!). it felt really good, and i was rock hard in no time. she then slid up and positioned herself so i could glide into her, but it wasnt a smooth landing. i hit resistance almost at her opening. since she was a virgin also, her cherry hadnt been popped. she told me she thought this would happen and to just push. i said, “i dont want to hurt you” but she said that it would be worth the few seconds of pain. so i jammed it in as hard as i could, she screamed and i just let myself rest all the way inside of her. i went slowly at first, and she said it had stopped hurting, so i started going faster. pretty soon we were going like animals, and she was screaming in pleasure, while i was kissing all over her neck. it took about 10 minutes since i had came earlier, i think she came about 6 minutes into it, nad when i started to orgasm, i felt her having another one. she was screaming very loud, and im surprised no ne came to see what was going on, i guess they couldnt hear us very well behind the building. after our final orgasm, i just lay there with my softening cock inside of her. after about 3 or 4 minutes of telling eachother how good it was, i removed my fully limp dick and put on my shorts. Skye and Ashley had been fingering themselved and both had reached orgasm. we got ourselves cleaned up, and went back. Brit had to get in quick cause ther was a little bit of blood on her leg, and she washed it off in the pool. after that, Brit and i had sex a few times a week, we broke up after4 more months together. i am now goiung out with Skye, she is a better lover, and likes to get freaky, but i still love Brit. her and i are still friends and will always remember our first time

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