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The Young and The Bi-Curious

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Friend's Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Okay, first off I’d just like to say that I think thi site is a great idea, and my story is not bullshit like some of the others on here.

My first time as was another girl.

We had just moved to another country and I had just started to settle in. I was going to a great school and had made some great new friends. One of the girls (let’s call her “Kate”) and I just clicked immediately. We were only 12 at the time.

So anyways, one day I was at her house (I like, lived there practically), in her bedroom. We had been playing on the computer and then she sighed as if to say she were bored. Kate went and sat on her bed. I closed the window on the computer and went and joined her.

We were just chatting about school and stuff went quietly she took my hand. We started playing with eachothers fingers. (We kept talking and laughing while this was happening). She had been lying on her stomach next to me while I was on my back looking at the ceiling and talking to her. After a while of this chatting and hand-playing, Kate suddenly sat up and sat on top of me.

I was a little shocked, and said; “Hello.” In a sarcastic sort of voice. And she said; “You know I love you right?” And I said; “Yeah, I love you too.” And she said; “I want to show you how I love you.” And me, being a naive little 12 year old, didn’t quite understand. So I just said; “Well, sure.”

And then something I totally did not expect happened – she bent down towards my face, and kissed me. I was frozen. I didn’t know what was going on I mean; my best friend was kissing me!

My eyes were open and hers were closed, and then she opened hers and leaned back a bit. “Are you okay?” She asked. “Umm…yeah..that was..just a bit..unexpected..that’s all.” I managed to stutter out. She bent down to my ear and whispered, “Mary, I love you. And I know that deep down you feel the same. We can have a lot of fun together. You just need to relax.”

I took a deep breath and then let it out. I relaxed. She smiled and bent down to kiss me again. This time, I wasn’t afraid. I kissed back. She moved one of her hands along my thy, rubbing up and down. She used the other hand to rub my arm. The hand that was rubbing my thy suddenly went up a bit, and squeezed my arse. I opened my eyes and stopped kissing her. “Uhmm..” I said. “Don’t worry, it’s fun” She laughed.

I was still a little unsure, but we went back to kissing anyway. She then moved both hands to my arse and squeezed. This time I was relaxd, I actually liked the feeling.I moved my hands down her back and squeezed her arse, too. She giggled and whispered, “Now you’re getting it.” I just smiled. Then she said, “It’s kinda hot in here, let’s take our tops off.” “Okay!” I was actually getting into it now, maybe she had been right about me feeling the same.. and I just didn’t know it.

We took our tops off and she quickly grabbed my boobs (Well, they weren’t really developed yet, but there was something there.). She began to rub through my bra and we lay back down. She kissed me again, I was really starting to like this. She was rubbing my boobs and I was squeezing her arse.

Then she put hers hand around my back and took off my bra so quickly I didn’t know what was happening. I opened my eyes and she had already moved her head down to my check and was kissing, and licking and sucking and rubbing me all at the same time. It felt really good and I let out a slight moan. My pussy started to pump a little.

She moved one of her hands down across my stomach towards my pants. Her hand suddenly grabbed my pussy through my jeans. I was loving it. Then Kate looked up to me and said, “To make things easier, should we take our pants off, too?” “Ahuh!” I quickly replied.

So we both took our jeans off as quickly as we could and She took her bra off, too. So we were both down to just our knickers. She practically tackled me on to the bed and began kissing me again. I was rubbing her back and her arse and she was doing the same. Then I felt something on my lip, it was her tounge! I was really hot for her now and I opened my mouth a little to let her tounge in. Kate slowly inched her tounge into my mouth and began to move it around with my tounge. I also managed to slip my tounge into hr mouth as well. It was such a weird, yet nice feeling.

So there we were, on her bed, in her house, in nothing but our knickers, making out. Once again she moved one of her hands down to the front of my knickers (my pussy was majorly pumping by this time, from what I could feel I was sort of wet, too). She grabbed my crotch through my knickers and started to rub. “Ohhh..” I managed to mumble during our make out session. It felt really, really, good. I squeezed her arse some more and began to massage her back.

(I still do not know how a 12 year old knew how to do all of this stuff…)

She pulled back from our lip lock and we were both breathing heavily. She was rubbing my crotch through my knickers still and said, “Oh hunny you’re so wet. Can I lick you?” I wasn’t quite sure what she meant but agreed anyway. She moved down my body and pulled my knickers off as she went. I was a little uneasy but calmed myself. She used her legs to push mine apart, leaving my crotch wide and open. Kate then moved her face toward my pussy and used her fingers to seperate my lips. It felt weird having someone down there, but god, I was in her control. She then moved her face forward so she was right up close to my pussy, and gently blew cold air on it.

“Ohh!” It felt so good! It tickled and I clenched my body and then relaxed. When I relaxed again she shoved her face right into my pussy! She began to lick me and oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD. That felt, SO FUCKING GOOD. I pushed her head in further – I never wanted her to stop! “Oh my god Kate! Don’t stop that feels SO GOOOD!” (Thank goodness no one else was home at the time, eh?) She began to lick faster and harder and my whole body was shuddering it felt so good. Kate reached around and sqeeuzed my arse while she was licking my pussy. I was in heaven.

I don’t know how long she licked me for, but it ended too quickly. She crawled her way up my body to my face and started making out with me again whilst still rubbing my pussy. My juices on her tounge tasted so good, it made for a wonderful making out sensation!

Then something else weird happened, one of her fingers that was rubbing my pussy seemed to slip inside me! I gasped. It felt amazing! Kate began to move her finger in and out of me, slowly getting faster and still rubbing me on the outside. I moaned really loudly and said, “KATE! You were right I love you and I never want to to stop this is amazing!” She laughed and said, “I love you so much. And I’m so happy that you feel the same! We can do this every time you come over if you want!”

That day was incredible. She taught me how to lick pussy nd finger her. We kept going for hours until it was nearly time for her parents to come home. We kept doing this for the next few months but sadly after a while we drifted apart. Things kinda got to weird for me and I began making excuses as to not being able to go to her house. We’re still good friends, but we don’t hand out nearly as much as we used to. I’ll never forget my first sexual encounter with “Kate”.

P.S. I am totally not lesbian. I think at that age I might have been a bit bi-curious. But nowadays, I am all for the guys. I haven’t come in contact with a guys’ penis yet but boy am I lusting for it. I can’t wait until the first time I actually have sex, with a guy. =D

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