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the youngest bridesmaid

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: A wedding reception
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It was the wedding of my cousin Lamar. His fiance’s name was Ginny. Lamar and I have always been close and he asked me to be one of his ushers and stand up front with him. I said sure, for Lamar, I would be honored, you know? I would be the youngest usher and the shortest and would stand on the end of the line.

Ginny had the same number of bridesmaids as Lamar had ushers and her youngest sister, Julie, was the one on the end that would be paired with me for the ceremony, pictures and all that stuff. Julie was 15 like me, a little slip of a girl with a blonde page boy hair cut and bright blue eyes. I had met her once before when Lamar drove me over to Ginny’s parents place for something or another. I thought she was cute, but I was 15, I thought a lot of girls were cute.

I had never been to a wedding before and was kind of ignorant about everything that went on. I didn’t know about all the rehearsals, parties and dinners and stuff that went on before the wedding, but because I was in the wedding party, I got to go, even to some things that may be I shouldn’t have, like Lamar’s stag party. Now, I promised never to tell what happened at the stag party, and so I won’t, but after the party, I had some new ideas in my head, you know?

Actually, I think that Lamar was messing with my head a bit back then, because he did a lot of weird things. Like once he gave me a bunch of these polaroid pictures of an old girl friend that I really don’t think she would like me having. And another time, he gave me this catalogue of lingerie and stuff and asked me what I thought would be the best thing for the bridesmaids to wear under their dresses. I said to him, what difference does it make, when nobody can see it, but he thought it was pretty funny.

The other thing that happened as we got closer to the wedding, was that I got to know Julie quite a bit. We would always be put together at the parties, because we were the youngest, and also because Ginny liked to have everything set out that way. And we found out that we seemed to like each other. Actually, I started to think that I was falling in love with Julie, but then again, when I was 15, I used to think that a lot, but she was real nice.

Just before the wedding they made me and the other ushers
run a bunch of errands and I had to take a bunch of flowers to Ginnys parents place. When I got there, all of the brides maids and Ginny were doing something with the dresses and when I went into the house, they told me to wait in the hall and not go into the family room where they were. The thing was that there was this mirror that I could see into the room with and some of them were dressed and some were not quite and I saw Julie go across the room in her slip before Ginny’s mom came and closed the door and took the flowers from me.

When the wedding actually happened, I thought it was kind of cool, what with everybody in a real good mood and celebrating and so forth. I stood up with Lamar and the other three ushers and Ginny was there with her four bridesmaids, with me and Julie at either end of the whole crowd up front of the church. The boys all had on these rented tuxedos and the bridesmaids wore these green dresses with tight tops and short ruffled skirts with gloves to the elbow. I thought it looked kind of strange, but I also liked it. The wedding went on for quite a while and while the minister was talking, I looked around and then saw that Julie was staring at me and I looked back and kind of smiled at her. She smiled back and that was nice, but she still had that weird look in her eyes, you know? Intense sort of.

Once the wedding was over, we stood around outside the church for a while and then they took all of us for pictures. For a couple of the shots I had to stand tight close to Julie. She smelled real good, and I could feel the warmth of her body like a fire. She had this fine downy hair at the back of her neck that sort of fluttered when I breathed out. I remember that.

Then the reception and dinner and real party got going, and that was the usual fun of drinking, and speech making and so on. Julie and I were side by side at the head table, but we were at the far end and so no one paid us much attention. Then people started clinking their glasses with their spoons and I didn’t know what that was about, but Julie told me that it meant that Lamar and Ginny had to kiss for everybody. Julie was banging her glass the hardest of anybody in the room it seemed to me. I just sort of joined in to it. Then Lamar and Ginny got up and kissed and the big crowd relaxed again, but that didn’t last, and pretty soon they were banging their glasses again. That went on quite a few times.

Finally, they passed the word down the table that the next time the crowd started to bang on their glasses, then all of the ushers and bridesmaids would kiss, instead of just Lamar and Ginny. It was Julie told me this and she had that funny look in her eyes again and she was really blushing.

So then the crowd starts banging on the glasses and the whole head table stands up and we all kiss. I was real nervous, because I had not kissed many girls at that point and thought I might screw it up. But it was okay. Actually it was great, because when I kissed Julie her mouth was real soft and relaxed and her lips were a bit open. She tasted sweet and good. I sat back down and that’s when I realized I had my first boner of the night.

I think it was about that time that the waiters started putting champagne in our glasses instead of the gingerale that they first gave Julie and me.

Things were getting louder and rowdier at the reception.

The dinner ended and they had the ceremonial dances of the bride and groom and the parents and all that. Julie and I stood at the edge of the dance floor and watched with the others and Julie kind of swayed with the music and once she leaned back into me.

Then we had to dance, a slow dance and I got to actually hold Julie and that was good. She was slender and warm in my arms and she leaned her head on my chest as we slowly shuffled around the dance floor to some slow song. I think it was an Elton John tune. We danced a bit more and then we went and sat down.

We were still drinking champagne or whatever we could steal from the bar or tables. Julie started holding on to my arm and hand when I would go to get a drink, like it was some great adventure and I was supposed to be Tarzan or prince galahad or something.

When we were slow dancing again, Julie asked me if I wanted to kiss her again. I said sure. She said not here. I said where. She said just wait.

When the song was over, we casually walked back towards our table, but then Julie took me into a back coat room. The coat room had two doors, one that led back to the party and one that went out into the main lobby of the hotel that the reception was at.

We stood there kind of awkwardly for a minute and then we started kissing. I mean real kissing with tongues and everything. I guess if someone had walked in on us, we would have looked kind of stupid, because we weren’t very graceful about it, and we were breathing real hard and loud. But I remember it as being better than anything. I got my second boner of the night. Julie was pressing so hard against me that she must have known.

After we did that for a few minutes we thought we heard someone coming into the coat room and we scooted back to the party. We were laughing and giggling like two fools.

Everybody was getting pretty drunk by this point. You got all the uncles and aunts you never saw coming up to say how big you were and so on. I kept blowing them off so I could go back to sitting with Julie.

We were slow dancing again when Julie asked me if I wanted to feel her tit. That’s what she said. Do you want to feel my tit? I said sure. I said do you want to go back to the coat room? She said no, do it here.

So then as we spun around on the dance floor, I started slipping a hand up to cup her breast whenever we were turned away from the crowd, and she would close her eyes everytime I closed my fingers around it. Pretty soon, even through the fabric of her dress and whatever she was wearing under it, I could feel the nub of her nipple like a little peanut. I had another boner and it was just huge.

The slow song ended and we walked off the dance floor again, and headed back to the coat room. This time it was really nuts. We just were crazy. I was kissing her and I had both hands on both of her boobs and she was moaning like crazy. Again, we had to stop, cause someone started to open the outer door to the coat room, and we slipped back into the wedding reception.

I was this big mess. She seemed to be in complete control, and even though she held my hand the whole time we walked over to the dance floor again, she seemed as cool as a cucumber.

As you probably guessed we ended up back on the dance floor, in the furtherest darkest corner we could manage and went back to dancing and I went back to feeling Julie up.

We were dancing like that when Julie told me she wanted me to touch her pussy. That’s what she said. Touch my pussy. I had never even heard a woman use that word. I was shocked. But I did what I was told.

I slipped my busy hand off her chest and slipped it down between us. I felt the firm surface of her belly and followed it down to the gap between her legs. She had spread her feet, intentionally opening her thigns for me. I felt her warmth, even through all the layers of the skirt. I worked the fabric on the skirt out of the way until I felt the smooth nylon of her panties where they covered her. The cloth was soaked.

Julie moaned in my ear and I felt her body tense.

We went on like that for a bit, and then the song ended, and we snuck off to the coat room again.

Unfortunately, when we got there, two good old boys were standing talking and smoking cigars. We tried to act casual, and just walked past them and out of the door into the lobby of the hotel.

Once outside, it was like a change of world. Instead of the noisy smokey reception room we were in the quiet halls of the hotel. We went looking for the right spot to continue our explorations.

We spent a few minutes in a phone booth, but it was too tight and too well lit. We spent a little longer in a dark area under the stairs to the second floor. Finally we found the linen room at the end of the hall on the second floor.

It was a room about ten feet square with towels and sheets and other supplies stacked on shelves that covered three walls. We were pressed against the inside of the door. There was no sound in the room except the distant thumping of the music from the party and our breathing.

Somehow we managed to keep our mouths locked in a kiss while we were undressing each other. She pulled my jacket off my shoulders and then fumbled with the various pins and buttons of the shirt and cumberbund. Her dress was easier, there was a long zipper that slithered down her back and once it was down the dress came off her shoulders very easily. It caught briefly on her hips, but with a little wiggle she sent it to the ground. Her underwear was black, and riding out of place because of my groping, one breast was uncovered and the panties were scrunched into her ass. I pulled these last things off quickly.

She finally got my shirt off and began working on my pants. I stood with my arms hanging and watched Julie release my insanely hungry cock. I kicked the last stuff away and was free.

Julie began pulling towels and sheets off the shelves and dumping them on to the floor, creating a soft white landing for us.

Then we were horizontal, naked and really headed for trouble. I remember the feeling of her warm naked body against mine. I also remember the sensation of sucking her little nipples into my mouth. They were hard as diamonds.

Her pussy had soft hair, and big wet lips and seemed bottomless.

She was yanking too hard on my cock and I had to tell her to take it easy. She went to work on me with more care. Then she started to use her mouth. I thought that I would lose my mind. I came, of course, quickly and it a big spray. She thought it was hilarious and cleaned me up with a towel.

A few minutes later we were at it again, I don’t think I ever lost my boner.

Julie told me that she wanted to fuck me. I want to fuck you, she said. Just like that.She straddled me and reached down to guide me into her body. She was soaked and loose and ready and I went in easily, with only a pause at her maiden head when she pushed me right through it.

I can’t describe how it felt. Tight and warm and slick and ready. I could tell she wanted to be on top. She was moving with very careful concentrated motions and rhythm. She took my hands and put them on her breasts. I squeezed them.

As we squirmed and jiggled in the linen room, we began to have this weird conversation about whether I should come in her. It was really strange.

Are you going to come in me? I shouldn’t. I could get pregnant. I won’t come in you. Do you want to come in me? I’m okay. Its better for you if you come in me, isn’t it? I guess so. I could get pregnant if you come in me. I won’t come in you. I don’t mind if you want to come in me. It’s alright. I think I want you to come in me.

And so on, until I felt the inevitable urge building and tried to tell her.

I’m going to come, I said. It’s okay. I should pull out. It’s okay, she said.

She increased her motion and would not let me pull out.

I came, filling her up with my seed. I don’t think she came that time.

After, she lay on the white sheets and towels and looked at me as I panted from the effort.

What happened next? Well that’s another story.

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