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Tight Fit!

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Girlfriends Car in Woods
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I had been going out with my girl friend almost 6 months. Every time we meet we did something different, the first time we met we kissed which led to french kissing etc.

I asked her how far had she gone with her last boyfriend on one of these occaisions, as I wanted to take things a little further. She replyed that in her last 2 year relationship, her ex had kinda finger fucked her and that was as far as she had got. I asked if I could touch her there also as I hadn’t touched or even seen a girls pussy before. She lifted her ass of the driving seat and loosened her jeans and pulled them down to her knees and opened up. I was shaking and carefully placed my finger on her pussy and felt around a for a bit.

After a while she said it wasn’t fair and said she wanted to see my one eyed snake! So I dropped my pants and the head and the head of my prick was already dripping with pre come and pushing out of the top of my shorts.

She put her hand inside and released my prisoner from its home. “Fuck me” she said “I haven’t seen one that big before, have you had surgery or where you a horse in your last life or something, my last boyfriends was a pencil compared with this one, Jesus H Christ”. How ever she still carefully wanked me a little with two hands.

Seeing the size of my cock got her all excited and she got wetter and wetter down in the baby making department. She had come two or three times by now and was still getting wetter and wetter. after half an hour we moved to the back seats and removed all of our clothing. I explored her even further and using my toung licked her pussy and fingered her fudge factory. She got turned on more and more getting carried away easily with my constant attentions.

I carefully reached for my wallet and found my baby stopper without disturbing my licking and rolled it over my throbbing cock. Carefully I replaced my tounge with my cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy. She opened her eyes and said what are you doing? I replied that I was rubbing my rubber clad cock over her pussy and reassured her. She said she had never had a cock there before and it felt nice. She said “dose that rubber thing stop babies” and I replied that it did. She said she would like to see what it would feel like if I put it in her.

I have herd that condoms cut the feeling in a man and he could not get the full satisfaction and feeling. So without her knowing I removed the rubber cladding from my cock and placed it back against her hole. I pushed in a little untill I came upto her last barrier. I saw her tense up as i started to strech her cherry. I then went forward and impailed her hard and broke through her to the hilt. She screamed and screamed in pain but eventually calmed down. I started thrusting in and out of her feeling her tightness around my cock she started to respond to my thrusting and soon started enjoying the new feeling.

I was building up to an almighty spunk out and finnaly shot my load deep into her pussy and in doing so lunged forward with one more almighty thrust. I hit the back of her cunt with the purple bell end and again she winced in pain.

Afterwards we cleaned up and using the wind shield cloth mopped up her cunt. I still have the cloth which has traces of maidenhead blood and spunk on it as proof of our first time. Luckely she never got preggers. We got married 12 months later and still enjoy fucking to this day. We got rid of the car and brought a better one but we still have fond memories of sex in the back seat of an BL Austin Mini.
The only other time I have ever hurt my wife in sex is when she wanted my cock up her ass. With plenty of lube I pushed in hard and split her open. She had to go to the doctors for that one and I got told off because It was against the law over here to do such things. We have not tried it since.

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