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Time to confess (My daughter)

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Age when it happend: 32
Where it happened: My bed
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well it’s been a secret for ever. I had a daughter and my wife divorced me shortly after and I haven’t seen her since. My daughter never understood I wasn’t her mother and always shared everything with me. I always told her I am just a father and a sinful man and she shouldn’t walk in on me in my bed room or the bathroom . But she never listened like she should. I should of put locks on the doors, but I didn’t. We lived kind of out far and their were no buss routes to school. We had a once a week teacher and my daughters daily school was with a two way radio. I knew the day would come and when it did I had to show my daughter how to wear a pad and panty liner. I just hated that day being a man it just was not my thing. In a few months she was regular as clockwork every 29 days with out fail. When My daughter turned 12 the traveling school teacher retired and all we had for school was the two way radio . It became very hard for us living like hermits so far from any people . It was all day and night to reach town so we would only shop once a month . This was the days before dish TV and we had no regular reception. My daughters hormones were raging at age 14 and she had huge mood swings. One week our power was out and it was cold and she climbed in my bed and I revolted. She insisted and soon was sleeping with me. That was the last time she used her own bed for the next couple years. Most every evening we chatted for a while before we slept. One trip in to town we were watching the television at the hotel and a tampon commercial had her attention. You should of been there as I did my best to explain what is was and how to use it. Her eyes were wide when she under stood it went inside. This was our topic of conversation for the next two months. The same hotel two months later my daughter has this big smile. I looked in the mirror to see if I had something in my teeth . What is it ? I asked. She had a box of tampons behind her back and she then said TaDa as she flashed them in front of me. I start in two days and I want to use these. Great I said . Do I need to know this? Well your my Mom as well as Dad  thought you should know. We were home one day and I got a call from the toilet . Dad help me. I did not want involved but she kept calling me. She came and grabbed my hand and took me to the bathroom and closed the door . She put the tampon in my hand . It isn’t working can you give me a hand. I washed my hands and she put a foot up on the toilet seat . I ran my finger  between her folds pushing slightly up to find her vagina.  Should be right here and she gave me a look that said it hurts . I put the tampon on the back of the toilet seat and lowered my 6 foot 5 inch body to get a look. Well I knew nothing about virgin vaginas having a tamper evident seal and that is when I saw the proof of my daughters virginity. My first wife was the only woman I had ever … And she was no virgin.  So I just told my daughter I don’t know what to do. I opened a drawer and gave her a panty liner, here use this. Thanks Dad and she put it on her underpants and said later.  I used my resources and felt foolish as my friend told me about the hymen we call a cherry being in the way and it’s a girls right of passage to break it by having sex or inserting fingers or using a tampon. I called my daughter after the fone call and relayed word for word the right of passage of breaking the hymen . We talked a while and went about our farming choirs. In a few days her period was over and the box of tampons  were still un used. I got in to bed and my daughter had the sheets around her tight. It’s not that cold I said. Then I saw on the chair her nite gown and panty folded neatly. I need a right of passage, so I can use tampons. I’ll change the sheets and I cant even get pregnant cause my period is just over. Please Daddy it’s ment to be done by a man, not an applicator.  My daughter asked me for sex. All my life I protected her and kept her from harm and purverts . I entertained the thought and that was my down fall. You haven’t had sex since I have been born have you? She asked. Does everything still work? It does I told her. I’m a big man, you know big men have big you know whats. She stopped talking and kept starring at me. She came close and kissed my head and put her head on my chest. Am I pretty?  I was caressing her back and reached down and grasped her rearend. She rolled me on her and opened her thighs . I can handle your weight, no difficulty. I was instantly hard and it was escaping my fly on my pajamas.  I knew she felt it . She nibbled her lip like she does when she knows I don’t approve . She rolled me to my back and sat on me more straight up and unbuttoned my PJ top. Her 33 B cup young bosom was very nice to look at.  Why I didn’t stop her right there I don’t know. She quickly pulled back the covers and I let her remove my PJ bottoms. She looked at the penis her mother took to make her and pulled the foreskin back. It extended to full size and the skin stayed back. She grabbed the shaft with both hands and practiced masturbation . I didn’t let her put it in her mouth. This is your right of passage too Dad . I’m your first virgin. Scared? she asked me. I was on the edge of a heart attack. No I said. She rolled to her back. Let’s do it. Daddy I’m a pussy when it comes to pain so don’t stop no matter what. I’m damn serious Dad ! Don’t stop ! I will fight you at the thought of pain and scream and kick so don’t stop. My large hard member looked so big next to her virgin vagina. Her damp opening was pleasured as I rubbed it with my member almost to the point of her orgasm. Hold my wrist she asked. No don’t she screamed as I added pressure. Her hymen gave way slowly under the pressure and she struggled as she said she would thrashing here and there. I  was happy I held her wrist tight so she wouldn’t tear at me with her nails. Her hymen was gone and her vagina was slowly taking more and more of my shaft. I held still half deep  for a second while she cried and screamed, pull out, pull out. Oh God there’s more she screamed as I slowly went in. I started the sex plunge over and over and over. Soon there was only a high pitch” uh” at the end of every  thrust. With time she was thrusting with me. I let loose of her wrist and we had missionary sex for almost 45 minutes. Then for the first time since her mother left I exploded in a woman. We hugged and I went limp and fell out. I went to the shower and cried what have I done. In a few minutes my daughter came in to the shower with me. Consoling me and washing herself. On the clean sheets we made love three more times before morning . I had held back so long and now I couldn’t stop. I drove to the gas store and purchased 50 rubbers and in a week they were all gone. My farm was being neglected and all we could think about was sex. In two months I had my daughter pregnant. We drove to town and we got two rooms she had sex with this guy a few times and told him a year later she had his son. To cover up our sin.  She went on the pill and we had constant sex till she was 20. Now I am 60 and never a day goes by that I don’t regret my actions.

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