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Where it happened: Her bedroom
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Tina when she and her family moved next door. I 3. She came over frequently to play with my younger sister. From the very first, she would spend more time with me than with my sister. She was always in the way, trying to get close and making a general nuisance of herself.

Over time, however, we began to touch and rub each through our clothes whenever we had the chance. Her parents often had me baby sit for her and her younger brother. After we put him to bed we would fondle and sometimes play strip poker.

When she was about 12, she started developing quickly and I had my first experience fondling bare breasts, though they were just buds at the time. She would let me rub her bare pussy, too, once she had lost all of her clothes at cards. At this point, she hadn’t developed any pubic hair.

My uncle subscribed to Playboy magazine and whenever I visited my cousin, I would sneek it out and read about sex ploys. That is were I got most of the ideas for what ultimately happened.

Our bedrooms faced one another and by the time she, we had devised a schedule, and sent signals when one or the other of us was home alone. We would frequently visit when the signal was “OK” and continue our exploring.

One summer afternoon I was home watching my sister who was on the back porch with other friends. Tina came home from swimming and signaled that no one was home at her house. I left by the front door and went to her front door so as not to be seen by my sister and her friends. She let me in, we kissed and fondled a little, then she asked me to unfasten the back of her swimsuit. I did and the top fell down to her waist. I was behind her and began fondling her breasts. By this time, she was at least a 36, but still developing. You could tell because her breasts were still cone shaped and somewhat pointed, but boy, were they nice!

She sent me to her bedroom while she went to the bathroom to do something. When she walked into the bedroom she had on a terry cloth swim cover that only came down to her waist. That was all! I could see that she had become very well endowed with a thick patch of dark pubic hair.

I immediately took her in my arms and kissed her passionately, rubbing her back and ass with my hands and grinding my cock into her bare pussy. You could tell that she was going to have a broad ass someday like her mother, but right then it was high and tight and smooth! I slipped her terry cloth cover over hear head and she was completely naked. I took her hands and led them to my shirt, indicating I wanted her to stip me. She pulled off my shirt and undid my shorts while we kissed and I rubbed her tits and ass. She then knelt down on the floor and slowly slid my jocky shorts down over my thighs and to the floor. My cock was thrusting out straight and rocking up and down with the pulsations, right in front of her face. She took it in her hand and rubbed it up and down. She cupped my balls in her other hand and I guided her fingers to the area between my scrotum and anus where the sensation was almost unbearable.

She then stood up and I backed her up to her bed, sat her down, then laid her back. Her legs were hanging off the bed from about her knees and I pulled her forward so her ass was just barely on the bed. I leaned down, first frenching her then and gradually working my way down to her nipples. I tounged them and sucked them, causing them to stand straight out and causing Tina to moan. I then began working my way down her belly, tounging her naval then kissing her pubic area and her upper thighs.

She was beginning to breath very hard, moaning softly and trying to move my head in the direction of her pussy. I held back, brushing her pubic hair with my lips until she begged me to “kiss her there”. I then lightly rubbed my lips on her “lips” until she begged for more. I inserted my tounge in her pussy, lightly licking it all over, inside and out. She began thrusting her hips, holding on to the back of my head. It felt like she was trying to push my whole head into her.

I then inserted a finger into her pussy, moving it in and out while I licked and sucked her cltoris. She was near orgasm. I took my wet finger out of her pussy, inserted another from my left hand and slowly rubbed her anus with the wet one. I then inserted that finger into her ass, using the same motion I was using in her pussy.

She came violently and I think it frightened her a little. She was definitely a virgin and I am sure she had masterbated before, but I doubt she had ever experienced an orgasm like that one. I stood up and she took my cock and rubbed the head just inside her slit, up and down against her clitoris, and came again.

By this time my balls were aching and I needed relief. I took her hands and pulled her to a sitting position with my cock and hard as ever, swaying in front of her face. I rubbed the head of my cock on her cheek and across her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked it. With her tongue out, I guided her head so she was licking the cleft on the underside, just behind the head. It felt fabulous! I slowly got her to open her mouth wider, inserting the head. When she had the head of my cock completely in her mouth, I began moving her head slowly back and forth.

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth and turn her off to oral sex, so after a minute or two I pulled out and turned her face down on the bed. I didn’t have a condom and I didn’t want to ruin the moment by causing her pain, breaking her hymen. I quickly ran to the bathroom and found some baby oil. I spread some on her back, rubbing it in, down her back and across her ass. I began licking her pussy again and when I had her wet and moaning, I began licking her anus. I forced my tongue in her ass, fingering her pussy with an oily finger. When she was really worked up I put a handfull of oil on my cock and ran it back and forth through my hand. Then I began entering her ass. I went very slowly, still massaging her pussy. Gradually I was able to get in almost to the hilt.

I began rhythmically moving in and out, gradually building up speed as she began to approach orgasm again. She came again, hard, and I kept up the motion until I could feel the pressure build. I stopped moving and the pulsations from her ebbing orgasm took me over the brink. I came ten times harder than I had ever by hand, with one hundred times the sensation! I felt like I must have have filled her rectum with sperm!

We had a number of other encounters without ever being caught, though I think my sister suspected. Ultimately, I took her virginity. Not long after, though, her parents moved to another town. I saw her a few times after that but
we never had another chance to “get physical”. Too bad.

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