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Where it happened: my bedroom
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

i when i met todd.he and another kid came over to my house to meet me(my mom and dad and myself had just moved to a new town).anyway we goofed around for awhile and then went into the garage to check things out.we were looking at some games i had and other things i had in there when todd asked me how big my dick was i said i wasnt sure and he asked me if i would show it if he and the other kid showed me theirs.i was nervous but agreed.they both pulled theirs out and i have to admit they both had nice looking cocks.we didnt touch each other or anything like that just looked at the sizes.then it was a few months later i invited todd to spend the night and he checked with his mom and dad they said ok.we went to the skating rink that night to chase girls and such,when we got home we went to bed and went to sleep. the next morning my dad woke us up saying he and mom were going shopping and would be gone awhile and asked i we wanted to go both kinda tired still we said no.they had been gone a short time when todd asked me if i had ever jerked off i said yes.he then asked if i wanted to together like before i was nervous but agreed.with vaseline in hand we began to jerk off till we both shot our loads on my bedroom floor.we laid back down and few minutes later todd asked if i had ever sucked a cock i said no and he asked if i wanted too,i said i didnt really want too but then came the threat or bribe as it might be if i didnt suck him he would tell everyone at school i had asked him if i could and even though i didnt being the new kid no one new i would therefore be labeled a fag.so i i told hi that i would but only if he would suck mine also which he had already planned on.he laid on his back i got between his legs and began kissing his cock the tip the sides his balls the i began licking his balls back up his shaft to his head and i slowly began to swallow his cock till i had it all sucking in slow strokes at first licking and sucking, i then picked up some speed and suck harder for about 15 minutes tilli began to feel hiscock throb. i new what was next and sucked even harder till all at once todd shot his creamy sweet load of cum into my mouth and down my throat i swallowed every drop.next tood did the same i asked him if he wanted to have sex he said you mean butt &%# i said yes .he said ok and he asked if i wanted to give or receive i said give he rolled over and i mounted him from behind pushing my cock into his tight ass it felt so good.after that todd and i had other encounters but that was my first i have only been with 2 other men since then and although the was my favorite todd will always be special because he was my first.THANKS TODD WHERE EVER YOU ARE!!!!

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