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Where it happened: My house (in the shower)
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First off, my name is Anthony. I am married to the first girl I had sex with, and I tell you, I wouldn’t trade my first time for the world… though I guess you could call it kind of irresposible, due to the fact that I and she … I didn’t wait for my wedding night like lots of “smart” people do (and I’m not trying to get any comments from people so don’t even try it) and it was in a
shower instead of in a bed… but I don’t care. We both loved each other. (Trust me, it wasn’t a crush… we LOVED each other)
I had known Amy for abouts and all that time, she was my best friend. Basiclly because any boy or friend who
would pick on me or her, she could beat up. I’m serious! She was such a tomboy… never wore a dress, not even to Sunday school, had no proper ediquet and never used proper english.
I liked that.
Anyway, she came over my house to play basketball when my brother or Father weren’t home to play with me. My Mother wasn’t there either because she left to take my dad to the nearest airport in his car. He was a business salesman and traveling to Chicago for that week. My Mother would be gone for 2 hours, and I couldn’t wait that long without some human companianship. So of course, I turned to my best friend (and girlfriend) to play a little 1 on 1. I didn’t have a chance. :0) In a time span of 30 minutes, she beat the crap out of me 3 times.
I’m pretty good at basketball, until she plays me. Then, I look like i’ve never played in my life.
Like I said… I liked that.
I took her into my house and let her get a drink. She asked me if she could use the bathroom. I said yeah and she went upstairs to my bathroom. About 15 minutes later, she still didn’t come back, but I heard a slight moaning from the bathroom. You could guess what I thought she was doing.
I waited another 5 minutes, then went up to ask if she was O.K. And when I got into that bathroom, you will never GUESS
what I saw!
She was fingering herself like mad when I looked in the crack of the door! I watched her like a pervert for about 3 minutes, dazed by the beauty of her pretty pussy. I finally
came to my senses and came all the way in.
She said hi to me breathlessly, and continued finger-fucking herself and grabbing her nipples, as if she didn’t care I was staring at her. I was getting aroused.
She looked up at me, as if she were about to cry, and told me to make love to her. I knew it was wrong, and she probibly knew also, but I couldn’t resist her.
I picked her up and put her in the shower that was next to the toilet, and closed the curtain. I got hard, feeling her bare pussy up against my shorts as I lay on top of her.
I pulled my cock out, and watched her explore it, poking at it, licking it, and rubbing it. After that, she lay down and guided my now 6″ cock into her wet pussy. I went slow at first, so I wouldn’t hurt her, then started pumping deeper.
She moaned loudly and grabbed my ass cheeks, pushing me inside her further. I looked down at her. Sweat dripped off of my chest and onto hers, sliding in between her breasts. It turned me on so much to have her holding me and screaming
my name, my ass cheeks suddenly tightened together under her sweating hands, I thrust harder than before, and I screamed. I mean, I accually screamed. Like if I were to break my leg and cry. I might as well have been crying at that point.
I, all of a sudden, pulled my cock out of her, making her moan and shot my cum onto her breasts, letting her lick it off, then I collapsed onto her shoulder for about 5 minutes
(but who cared about the time at that point?) It was really
very beautiful. She moved to where her back was against the tub and she put both of her hands on my chest, and moved them up and down, from my shoulders to my naval.
I realized that she had tears coming out of her eyes (from all the pleasure, I guess) and so did I. I then carried her out of the shower and took her to my room. We had sex again, really quick, then went back to the bathroom to get dressed and clean out the tub (my cum went onto the tub floor, too)
When my Mother came back and found us on the couch, she asked us what we did. I was about to tell her right then and there. I know you might think that I’m crazy, but even a little pressure gets me so worked up. That’s how I proposed to Amy. :0)
Anyway, she wouldn’t let me tell the truth. She lied and told my Mother we played basketball and that’s why we were sweating, and that she beat me 7 times. She was brilliant! My Mother never knew, and we continued to make love and date each other fors! We were so in love. I finally proposed on April 6th, 1995, on her birthday. That was her birthday gift from me, and it made me happy when she said yes.
We have a old son now and are happily married. She is the best wife because we like the same kind of sports and she can still beat me at basketball.
I like that.

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