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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: Playhouse
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My mother and I went over to her sister’s house so she and her sister could take my cousin shopping for clothes for a summer camp he was going to. I was to stay with my 8 year old cousin while they were shopping. The kids were out when we got there and my aunt sent me out to get them. She said they were probably in the playhouse in the backyard. I heard them as I approached the playhouse and decided to slip up to it and bang on the side to scare them. Just as I got to the side of the playhouse, I heard my 8 year old cousin, Sharon, tell her 10 year old brother, John, that the thermometer was too big for her mouth. He said for her to bend over and he would check her temperature the other way. I peeked in through a crack and saw they were both naked and John’s little cock was hard. Sharon got on her hands and knees and John knelt behind her and began to put his cock into her pussy. I watched for a minute and backed away before calling them. I waited a minute before going to the playhouse and by the time I got there they were dressed but looking flushed and guilty.l

Later that afternoon I was sitting in the living room when Sharon came in and sat down. She was dressed in a thin sleeveless shirt and I could see her little buds through the armhole. The scene I had observed earlier played through my mind and I got an instant hardon. I wondered what it felt like to John to put his dick in her pussy. I decided to go for it and asked Sharon what they were playing earlier. She blushed and stammered that they were just cleaning the playhouse. I told her what I had seen and asked her if they had been playing that game long. She begged me not to tell her mother and said they had always played doctor but John kept wanting to do it differently each time. I told her that if she would show me how they played, then I couldn’t tell her mother. She saw the logic to that and suggested we go to the playhouse. She pulled her shirt off and told me that her breasts hurt and that I should examine them. They were just budding but the nipples popped out and got hard as soon as I began to massage them. She said that maybe I could tell more if I sucked them, so I began to kiss and suck on them. I could tell that she was enjoying that as she began to squirm and moan about how good it felt. She then told me that she was wet below and I should check that out. She stripped her shorts and panties down and lay down on an old couch. I spread her legs wider and began to examine her pussy. She had a fat pussy with just a little bit of downy fuzz near the top. The lips spread easily as I began to rub them. She was right – she was wet. She told me to take off my pants and check her temperature. As soon as I got my pants off she popped my dick in her mouth and began to suck it. I had not had it sucked before and I was amazed how wet and tight her mouth was or how good it felt. I told her that she needed some medicine and to keep sucking and she would get it. After about three minutes I shot the biggest wad I had ever shot. She jerked her head back when I came and most of it got on her face and in her hair. She didn’t understand what had happened as John had never shot anything before. I explained what it was and how good it felt to shoot. She then said that I needed to check her temperature lower down. I told her that my thermometer needed a little time to rest, but she took it in her hand and got it hard again. She got on her hands and knees and told me to be careful as I was a lot bigger than John. I rubbed it up and down through her slit and tried to put it in her pussy. I missed but she reached up between her legs and got it lodged in the right place. I began to push forward and got the head into the tightest place it had ever been, much tighter than Ms. Thumb and her 4 sisters. She moaned about how big it was, but when I stopped she told me to keep pushing because it still felt good. I pushed a couple of times but didn’t get much further. Then I stopped and waited for her to push back. When she did, I gave a hard shove and felt it go through and in. I know it hurt her because it hurt me. She screamed and fell down on her stomach and I followed and lay on her back for a short time. She then said that it wasn’t hurting now and I could move it in and out. The more I moved, the easier it got, until I was humping as fast as I could. When I came it felt like my balls were coming out, too. We looked at her little pussy and could see the white come oozing out, along with a little blood. It seemed that she had a little tear where I had stretched her. We cleaned it up and in the process got horny again. This time I suggested she lie on her back and put her legs over my shoulders so I could suck her little nipples while fucking her. We later agreed that this was the best and have used that position most often since. Yes, we have fucked many times since that first time and still do. In fact, I think I will get out my white coat and invite her over for an examination tonight.

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