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Tommy’s wife, the School Bus Driver

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: School Bus
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Tom Miller (not his real last name) and I played high school football together in rural Oklahoma. He was two years older than I was. As a senior, he was our quarterback and as a sophomore I played lineman. About a year after he graduated, he married Carlene, one of the most beautiful girls in our high school, whom all of us guys drooled over. It was only a few months after they were married, however, when his National Guard unit got called up to go to Iraq.

To help support herself after he left, Carlene took a job driving one of the school buses, which happened to be on the route that I took. I was the first one she picked up in the morning and the last one she dropped off in the afternoon. I, of course knew her from school, even though she also was two years older than me.

Since she was a real doll and I always enjoyed seeing her in her tight jeans and white blouse, nicely filled out in front, I always sat in the very first seat behind her driver’s seat, so we could talk as we picked up the other students in the morning and left them off after school. We got to know each other better and better.

Well, Tom had been gone about 6 months, and this one day in September, after we had left the last student off before my stop, she slowed down the bus before we got to the road where I got off, and then she stopped the bus, and turned around and said: “Billy, would you please fuck me? Since Tom has been gone, I have been going absolutely crazy. I have had no sex at all, and it is driving me up a wall!” She explained to me how she and Tom has been fucking regularly even before they got married, and the absence of regular sex was simply unbearable for her. She said she knew it wasn’t right, but said she didn’t think Tom would mind her satisfying herself until he got home, especially if it was me, because we were pretty good friends. She added that if I would fuck her that she would close her eyes and pretend that it was Tom.

Well, I was absolutely stunned, and since I was a pretty good friend of Tom’s, I hesitated, but she begged and insisted so much that I finally consented. I had always dreamed of fucking her and had done so many times while jerking off, so here was my oppoertunity.

We went to the back of the school bus, and she pulled off her jeans. (Wonder of wonders — no underpants!) She then removed her blouse and bra, and sat down on the seat. She asked if she could take my jeans off, too, and proceeded to unbutton them, releasing my now rock hard boner. I also wore no underwear. She took my rod in her hand and held it to her cheek and then kissed the tip of it, but did not attempt to give a blow job. I had all I could do, however, to keep myself from unloading in her face. Taking off my shirt, she laid down and asked me to give her foreplay, of which I knew really very little. She directed me to her breasts, which I began to suck, and then slowly down her body to her carefully trimmed pubic hair, where she told me to insert my tongue, which I did. It was the first time I was actually tonguing a woman’s vagina and placing her clitoris between my lips. She said that for the first time, I was doing great. Then she said she was ready, and took my penis and guided it into her vagina. I noticed that she had closed her eyes, and as I began pumping my penis into her, at first slowly, and then rapidly, she started to speak ever so softly. “Oh Tommy, do it, do it to me. Fill me with your love. I love it! I love it! I love it!” She squeezed my penis tightly every time I thrusted into her, and her pelvis rose to meet each thrust. It wasn’t very long before my penis began to jerk and jerk and I was injecting her with full loads of sperm, rapid fire, one right after another. After ten or 15 minutes, I was completely wasted and just fell across her chest and kissed her breasts.

It was a great first time for me, and for Carlene, a very satisfying love-making session. She told me I had done just fine, and it felt good having me inside her, thinking that it was Tommy.

We have done three or for times a month since that time. Each time she is whispering in my ear — “Tommy you are the greatest” or “I love you to fuck me, Tommy” or something like that. About a half dozen times we have done it at her house, in her and Tommy’s bed, and it is even better there!She loves to do it doggie style in bed! And She also loves 69!

I’m not sure when Tommy is coming home, and I do feel kind of guilty about these sessions on the bus and in her house, but she is an absolutely great piece of ass and I can sure see why Tommy was having such a good time even before he got married. And if I can keep her happy until he returns, why not. The girls back home have to be kept happy while their guys are away.

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