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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: a party at his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Well i had some guy friends that live in another city come get me and 2 of my friends. we all went to this party at a guy name Robby’s house. me and my friends were flirting with the guys, all the guys seemed to be comming after me. and then i kept seeing rob smile at me, and i was like man that guy wants me bad to my friends. well after a while i drank about a half of a fifth of vodka and i was very drunk. then we al left and were driving around and i was all over rob even though i didnt even know him. well then after drivin around forever we all went back to his house again and my friends and all the guys were playin strip pool. and me and robby started making out on the couch. then he got me naked and he was doing oral sex on me. then my friends all left me there and they went home. i didnt care cause i was so drunk but i didnt even know this guy rob but he was a cutie. then he asked me to go upstairs to his room with him i said yes. so we were in his brothers waterbed actually he took me to his brothers bedroom instead, and we were both naked, and we started the oral again, and then he just told me to relax and he inserted it in me, i was tight so he couldnt get it all the way in me, but we tried and it was fun.
The next morning we did it again and that time he got it all the way in me. and a few weeks later we started going out and we had sex a lot. it was great.

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