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Age when it happend: 35
Where it happened: aunts house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Today I went to my Aunt’s house to pick my Cousin up and my Aunt was their cleaning the house. She told me that my Cousin wasn’t going to be home for over 3 hours because he had to go with his Dad to work and he would be home in about 3 hours and I could wait their if I wanted to.
I told her I would stay, I wasn’t but she was in her pajama pants and a white T-shirt and her nipples must were hard sticking right out of her shirt.
I instantly got wood, I have always had a sexualy fantasy for her so I stayed and was talking to her and long story short she keep catching me staring at her tits.
The last time she asked me if she like what Im starring at, I told her I was sorry and I couldn’t help it when you have a nice set of big purkey tits sticking out and its hard not to look. She smiled and said yeah I can see, really see what your talking about as she was gazing down at my crotch becaue I had a hard on a mile long and she noticed it!

She said, yes I can tell that you like what you see looking at my cock.

Her eyes were glooed and I was so horny I pulled it out and asked her if she wanted it. Her mouth dropped and couldn’t say nothing. I was scared at this point and was about to appoligize and pull my pants up but she took her shirt off and mauled me with kisses grabing me and went right to town sucking me off. I had to cut her off and slow her down.

But when that happned I couldn’t control myself so I kissed her and then I couldn’t help not wanting to put those hard erected nipples in my mouth and I sucked on her DD’s for 20 minutes while fingering her wet pussy.

She looked at me and told me to suck her off, she layed right on the bed and I spreaded her legs and gazed upon my aunts hairy wet pussy. I dove my mouth right on her snatch and sucked her off. I then told her to get on top and me and her had 69, thier was no better sight, no better smell and tast than my Aunts crotch in my face. I licked that hairy pussy and sucked and licked her asshole, it was so nice and tastey and even more excited cus I had my tongue in my Aunts asshole, my favorite aunt that I jerked off fantasizing about her for years. It was sureal, my cock was in her throat and my mouth all over her crotch.

We fucked almost every posistion and finally she got on all fours and I fucked her till she came and I pulled out to go down and eat and taste her cum and then had to lick and suck her entire ass, her checks, in between and fuck her asshole with my tongue. I then fucked her doggie style and even after I cummed, I could not stop, just the sight of my Aunts huge ass bent over for me, for my dick going in her, I continued to fuck her till I cummed again and this time all over her ass.

The sight, the sound, everything seeing my aunt naked and tasting her all over was the most exciting and best sex I ever had.

Ever since we have been fucking once a week and we have already made tons of videos and both her and I want to go into incest porn videos. I also let her know that I want to bang my Cousin, her daughter. She said she knew that cus she sees how I look at her. She also said that she is freeky like her and she can gaurantee me 99% that she can get her to fuck me, and true to her word not even 24 hours later I was in bed, in my Aunts bed at that fucking my cousin all over that bed room. It took a long time but I finnaly got to have sex with one of them in front of the other while they were filming and it took almost a year and finnaly got both of the to have a 3 some just because a film company offered us 3 for 3 incest home videos, one with each of them and a 3 some. The saying money talks is true because when it was all said and done I finaly got my dream 3 some with both my aunt and cousin and now from them and us having a big family and thanks to my favorite aunty and favorite cousin. I have banged 3 of my aunts and 7 of my cousins. The biggest orgie was with 2 aunts and 2 cousins at once. I was the luckiest guy in the family banging my 7 hotest cousins and 3 hotest aunts.
But my favorite was my aunt and cousin I first nailed, I moved in with them later, much later because my aunt ended up divorced cus my aunt found out but come to find out that even before us, he was already banging some woman. I know live with my aunt and we both get a visit all the time by another aunt or cousin or both. So we all have a very exciting sex life and we perform life sex toy partys with live sex display. We promote and sell this oral jell and my job 4 days a week is eating my aunts pussy and ass in front of hundreds of people. Plus with our incest home videos we sell with us and all our other family thats part of the group, we make some killer money.
But just to have my face embeded in my aunts crotch and that taste in my mouth is soo beautiful.

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