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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: AAt a new friends flat
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

When I think about it I guess it started on Thursday morning. It had been a bad week. My boss was being particularly mean and the previous weekend my girlfriend had dumped me. I was low – very low.

I was having coffee at the machine with a couple of work pals who were ribbing me about my situation – I was not amused but I guess I was putting up with it when Steve another work pal who was gay took my side. “Hey don’t be hard on him – this sort of thing can happen to anyone,” he said. “Tell you what – why don’t the four of us have a night out tonight and try to cheer Tony up?”

We agreed to go out – but where? After some banter Steve suggested we went to his local gay club. “ I go into straight bars that are dead boring – why don’t you come to my bar – its great music a great atmosphere and there are plenty of girls there and you don’t have to go with a guy – unless you want to” he laughed. After a bit of banter we agreed to go and we met up around 9 o’clock.

We went into the club and to be honest it was really good. Not an oppressive atmosphere and to tell the truth I didn’t know who was gay and who wasn’t apart from a couple of guys who were a little too overt – but they were ok as well. The music was great and the DJ very funny and some great sounds. There were also a lot of girls there – some that hang around with gay guys for the buzz of it and also some lesbians I guess but not really the “butch” type. Steve met up with one of his boyfriends I guess and the three of us were left to our own devices.

We had a couple of drinks and then Jason and Kevin stated chatting to a couple of girls who I thought were lesbians. I had a bit of a smile to myself about it because another guy – who I didn’t know clearly thought the same – we sort of smiled at each other looking at my mates efforts to pull. He looked about the same age as me (I am 22) with shortish dirty blond hair and in jeans and a black tee shirt. I sort of got on with my drink – waiting for my mates to fail – but they appeared to be having some success. I must have been wrong – I looked up and the guy was looking at me again – sort of looking surprised as well as I was. We just sort of grinned at each other.

I finished my drink and went to get another and as I did so he joined me at the bar – “looks like we were both wrong” he said, “I have been trying to pull one of those two before without any success”. We laughed about it “My name is Jamie by the way” he said, “what’s yours”. “Tony” I told him – we sort of smiled – shook hands and just chatted for a while. Jamie was one of those guys who you rarely meet, easy to talk to, a lot in common with you and someone you feel you had known forever and you can tell anything to. We seemed to chat for a long while – until closing time actually. He told me he went to the club occasionally and that his girl was away on some conference in the States so he was at a loose end. I told him about my situation and he was quite sympathetic – “some women are like that he said”. Anyway time was called and the DJ was announcing the plans for the Saturday night party. The evening was to be “sporting shiny shorts” is what he said.
To be honest I didn’t take too much notice as Jamie was saying we should meet for a drink sometime. I took his number and put it in my phone and he did the same with his and we went our ways.

I was thinking about him on the way home. We were very alike – both physically and also had the same likes and dislikes. He was so easy to chat to and I guess a bit too good-looking as well judging by the stares we got from guys and girls! Jamie was one of those guys that guys want to look like – good looking; a really nice figure – slim – a bit defined and looks good in tight jeans. The sort of guy that others envy and girls go for. Anyway – we were mates now and hopefully out on the pull.

That night when I got home I actually dreamed about Jamie – I am not quite sure what the dream was about but I woke up with a raging hard on. As a 22 year old I wank quite a bit so I have to admit I did wank off that morning thinking about him. As I wank over some fantasy most days I dismissed my thoughts of him and went to work. However, I couldn’t find my phone anywhere. It was a disaster – I had lost all my contacts – about 150 of them. I couldn’t think where it might have gone.

About 10:30 my office phone went – I answered it – It was Jamie. “You will never guess what I’m calling you on – you daft bugger you put your phone in my pocket” Was I relieved! “Should I come and collect it,” I asked. “Well yes”, he said “but I did wonder if you fancied a bit of fun going to “sporting shiny shorts night” on Saturday at the club. We are both spare parts this weekend so why don’t we have a laugh and go along”. “Hey” I said “You asking me for a date at the gay club?” We both laughed. “Besides I don’t have anything I could go in,” I said. “Don’t worry about that,” Jamie said, “I have plenty of stuff we can use – let’s give it a go! I only live around the corner so if it’s a crap night we can change back and go somewhere else”. “OK” I said “I’m up for it if you are – and I can collect my phone at the same time”

I got to Jamie’s place around 8 ish on Saturday – I was wearing jeans and a tee with a leather jacket. His places was literally 100 yards from the club so as he said we could come back and change into other stuff if the party was no good.

“I have just the thing for us” he said “ I collect vintage shorts from E bay – I must have about 20 or so pairs- I thought we could dress the same and go as twins” “Hey that sounds cool” I said “so what are we wearing?” “Come into the bedroom” he said. There on the bed were 2 identical pairs of really short shiny black shorts and also 2 tight black almost transparent tee shirts. “Let try them on” he said. I am not shy when it comes to undressing and neither was Jamie – we just stripped off. I have to say that he had a very nice body – smooth – not too muscular and a nice not too big uncut cock.

As I was looking at him he was also looking at me. “Hey you have a good body” he said, “We could be sending the guys wild tonight” he laughed. When I put the shorts on I noticed that they weren’t lined. “Hey – we can’t go out like this” I said. “Come on” he said “a lot the guys there will be the same”. “You sure” I said. “Well are wearing boxers – you can hardly go in with them hanging down below your shorts”. “I suppose not” I said “but they are a bit revealing”.

“These club nights can be a bit difficult sometimes, some gays get a bit tetchy – they may think we are taking the piss – I suggest we pose as a couple,” said Jamie “you ok with that??”

I looked a bit doubtful – “Hey we are mates aren’t we – what can happen?”
“OK” I said if you think it’s the best thing to do but I hope there is no one in there who knows me. I have to say that when I looked at Jamie he looked incredibly sexy – with the outline of his cock showing through the black satin and his nipples showing through the transparent shirt. “Let’s go,” he said and we set off across the road. In our shiny shorts and tight black tees.

As we got to the door Jamie whispered “There are a couple of gay toughies there – you put you hand on my bum and I’ll put mine on yours just like we are a pair of gays”. I did it and the guys gave us a bit of a hard stare – what I couldn’t get over is how much I liked the feel his bum through the slippery satin shorts and how much I liked him feeling mine. My hand lingered a bit too long on his bum but all he did was smile at me and say, “these shorts are cool aren’t they and you certainly feel good in yours?” giving me a sensuous rub.

When we got in the club the music was loud, the DJ great and the girls who had been there on Thursday were back again – kissing each other this time. “I told you” Jamie said, “Your mates must have been disappointed,” We both laughed. “Bet they wondered about us as well I said”. We had a few drinks and a few laughs and when we were sitting down I asked, as Jamie seemed to know so much about gays – had he ever been with a guy. He just smiled and said – maybe – who knows and laughed.

As the night progressed we got up and danced with groups of guys and also the 2 girls and then a slow dance started. One of the tough gays came over and asked me to do a slow dance with him. He was a big guy I was shit scared but then Jamie came over and did a bit of a play acting by saying – “Oh no – not again – we came out together – we are going home together – excuse me pal” – and moved the other guy out of the way and started to dance with me. To my surprise the guy backed off.

“That was close,” I said. “It’s not over yet” said Jamie, “ They have been watching us all night we need to make it look as if we are gay – push up close and we need to kiss” and with that he started kissing me and to my surprise I responded. Our hips were close and we were moving in time to the music and I felt myself becoming erect as we were virtually cock-to-cock through the satin and I felt him becoming the same. He put his hands on my bum and he started to grind his hips against mine and I responded. “Keep it going” he said – they are still watching us” and with that he slid his tongue in my mouth. My mind was in turmoil, I had one of the hardest hard ons ever and there was this young good-looking guy with his tongue in my mouth and I was responding to him now with my hands on his satin clad bum stroking it.
“ I don’t understand what’s happening,” I said to him. “Don’t worry,” he whispered “I think we have just progressed from mates to best mates”. He then slid his hand down and stroked the length of my cock through the shiny satin material. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as he did it and I kissed him really hard as he slowly caressed me.

By this time the two tough gays were kissing and not taking any notice of us “lets go whilst we can” Jamie said, “I think we both know we some business to attend to” I was breathless, was this really happening? “Come on” he said and we slipped out of the club by the back door and before I knew it we were back in his flat kissing again and he was feeling my cock through the satin material.

“This isn’t right Jamie,” I said unconvincingly “I’m not gay”.
“But you are hard and so am I” he said, “we know both want it and neither of us are going to tell anyone are we?”
He was stroking my cock deliciously through the satin and I was dribbling pre cum. “Don’t be scared,” he said “I promise that I wont hurt you – trust me – in fact I can promise you the reverse”.
“Have you been with a guy before” I asked. “Lets discuss that some other time – right now I want to give you the best orgasm you ever had” and with that he guided me into the bedroom and pushed me gently onto the bed. “I don’t know what to do,” I sort of whimpered. “Don’t be scared – you will know it will be quite natural,” he said and he kissed me deeply and slid his hand under my satin shorts.

I felt his fingers gently discover my cock and slowly encircle it, wanking me very very slowly. “Sex with a guy is more intense that with a girl” he whispered “it isn’t as competitive where she usually wants to cum first. I want to make you cum but over a longer period and several times and when you do it will be like an explosion” The feeling of his hand gently wanking me was so erotic my cock was so hard it hurt but his touch was feather light – he knew exactly what to touch and where the best sensations were. “Did your girl ever suck you” Jamie asked. “No” I said, “I always wanted he to but she never would”. “Well I really want to suck you” he said, “I hope you will let me – I won’t do anything you don’t want and I will do anything you do want”

With that he pulled my satin shorts to one side and pulled my cock and balls into view. He started kissing and licking them very very gently and sensuously and before I knew it his lips were kissing the pre cum from the end of my cock and his mouth slid down the length of it. I had never had such a sensation before and all the time he was wanking the base of my cock with little sensuous movements. I was on the point of cumming when he stopped and gently pinched the end “Not yet” he said “you are not ready”. He repeated the process about 5 or six times until I was gasping and pleading to cum. He was a master at it he took me to the edge again and this time let me go over. I cried out several times as I started to cum. I felt as if I had 10000- volts hit me and that someone had turned on a 5000-watt lamp. He maintained the feeling in my for what seemed ages – I kept crying out as more cum spurted from me – I must have spurted about 6 times! As the feeling subsided I fell into a deep slumber – out of exhaustion.

I awoke after a few minutes with Jamie stroking my face. I was still trembling from the orgasm. “God Jamie – I have never ever felt anything like that before you must have “made me orgasm about 6 times”
“Want to know a secret” he said, “You have made my wet dream come true – I dreamt we were doing this lat night and when I woke up I had cum all over my stomach – I have again – when u started to cum so did I – look at my shorts” His shorts were dripping with his cum. “That never happened with anyone else before – its probably because I never fancied anyone as much as I fancy you” he blushed. I blushed too.

“How many guys have you been with” I asked. He smiled “not many but no one who makes me as hard as you do”.

He told me that he first went with a guy when he was 16 at school and from then he knew that he liked other guys – although he was bisexual. But his sexiest time had been with an older guy who was a friend of the family when he was just 17. He had gone on camp with this guy who ended up seducing him and showing him how to enjoy male-to-male sex. “What we just did – he showed me – I never forgot it – I hope is was as good for you as it was when he did it to me” I blushed “ I guess you know how good it was for me – I never knew it was possible to have such an intense orgasm – I haven’t recovered yet” He laughed “ well we have the night on front of us and what I would really like to do it to make love to you as if you were my boyfriend” I blushed “ Boyfriend?” I said. “Yes he said “I have never been with anyone who came at the same time as me before and I’d love it if we can try it again”. “Lets get naked,” he said.

We stripped off and lay on his bed in each other’s arms kissing and fondling. I was the first time I had held another guys cock and I marveled in the way it felt especially as it began to grow hard to my touch. “Mmmmm” he moaned, “you are making my dream come true again” His hand reached down and started stroking me again – I was hard immediately. We kissed and fondled for a while – it felt incredible his hand exploring my balls stroking so gently. “Do you know about frottage” he asked. “No what is it ?” I said.
He told me it was rubbing cocks together in simulated sex. He had done it with the older guy “It is incredibly erotic with the right guy – and I know you and I are right for it want to try it?”

I didn’t actually need to say anything – he got on top of me and slowly moved his body so our cocks slid along each other. With the cum and new pre cum the lubrication was incredible and I could feel the heat of his cock as he slowly rubbed up and down mine. We kissed deeply as he did it and I raised my hips to increase the sensation. “You like being made love to” he asked. I could only gasp – I could feel another orgasm building at his tender touch and the feel of his throbbing cock and all of a sudden he started to moan and he started to cum. I did as well. We held each other thrusting our hips as we spurted again and again. I felt his hot cum on my stomach along with my own. Like before the sensation seemed to go on and on for both of us as our lovemaking continued. We eventually reached a final climax and with a shout fell into each other’s arms and into a deep sleep.

It was morning when we woke up and to tell the truth I felt strange – sort of ashamed. Jamie sensed this and asked what the problem was. I told him – he smiled and said that isn’t uncommon but what you need to ask yourself is can it be bad when we have made each other feel so good. We were mates – now very good intimate mates who had had some of the best sex ever and it was nobody’s business but ours.

He told me from first seeing me – he fancied the pants off me and he had got them off. We both laughed. He asked what I had felt as we were making love – I told him that it was the most erotic night I had ever had – better than with a girl! We kissed again. I looked at him. “ I want to suck you off in satin shorts like you did to me” I said, “Will you let me?” He smiled and kissed me full on the lips.

Jamie put his shorts on and the shape of his cock was immediately apparent as he became erect at my suggestion. I stroked long its satiny length as he had done watching the ecstasy on his face as I did so. I gently reached under his shorts and pulled out his cock and balls which I hungrily kissed tasting his now weeping slit. I heard him groan as I slid my mouth up and down his cock whilst feeling his balls. I tried to do like he did to me – making him delay but after about 5 minutes I could feel his hips start to jerk and I felt his warm cum spurt in my mouth. I had never seen myself doing anything like this but it felt so right. He was gasping and moaning and with a shout fell back on the pillow. I had cum at the point when he started to cum.

“God Tony I wanted you to do that so much – it was beautiful. We are so sexually compatible I can’t believe we met. Sex is a mind game and you and I are absolutely on the right wavelength. I want to make you cum and you want to make me cum and we cum at the same time! That never happened to me before” “As soon as I saw you in satin shorts you popped my cork.” I blushed “me too I said”

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