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Too Young

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: out side
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It was my first time, I was 13 and just getting into the puberty thing full force, I had been growing breast and pubic hair, and was turning into a woman almost over night,
well one day I was out in my back yard laying in the sun
when the guy who lived next door who was in his 30’s started to Mow his lawn, I was laying on my stomic reading a book, and I didnt pay much attention to him other then all of the noise he was making, I can remember My mom and my sister talking about him though, they would always remark about how he filled out his jeans, I really never understood what they were talking about, because I was young and and ignorant about sex at that time in my life, But My mom would always say he must have a tree hidden in his pants, and My sister would agree, well I heard the mower turn off, and I looked up to see if he was done, when I turned over I was that he was coming towards our house, I guess My mom had asked him to come oevr and look at our Porch because it needed a new floor put on it,
and he was a carpenter, he was going to give us an estimate
on how much it would cost to fix it, well he walked past me and when he did I looked up out of curiosity right at his crotch, and I could see that he was like none of the boys I was used to seeing, it did look like he was hiding some thing in there, not a tree though, it look moree like the entire forest. it was a big buldge. well he knocked on the Door and my mom let him in to the house, about 15 minutes had passed by and I got thirsty so I went in to get a drink, when I got in to the house I didnt find my mom and the neighbor in the Kitchen talking like I expected
so I went through the house thinking that maybe they were in the front of the house looking at the porch,
well as I passed the stairs I saw his pants laying on the steps. so I got real nosy and crept up the stairs. I had an idea that my mom and he were doing some thing that I was not supposed to see, so I was very quiet and sneeky, I got to the top of the stairs and that is when I heard my mom cry out do it now, so I stood at the top of the stairs and listened to them I could hear my mom moaning and saying harder and it feels so good, then she started to get really loud and told him that it is the biggest thing she has ever had inside of her, well I started to think about the buldge I saw in his pants and what it must look like when it is hard and let loose and I started to get wet
I had to see what is looked like so I snuck over to my moms room and I opened the door a crack I looked in and I could not beleive what I was seeing My mom was on here back with him on top of her, he was inside of her, he was moving in and out of her really slow but he was using allot of force, I could nott see how long his cock was but I could tell the it was very thick I would guess it to be about 7 inches in diameter. it was very thick a little smaller then a soda can, I thought that it couldnt be much longer the 8 inches because he was getting it all in side of her, and my sister had told me about a guy she had that was around 9 inches and he could only get about 7 of them into her so I know that any thing over 7 or 8 wont fit in all the way, well as I watched this going on I got really hot . I started to rub my legs back and forth and started to feel really good I was thinking how that thing would feel in side of me, it was so big I figures that my little Vagina would not take it at all, but it was making me wet thinking about it. soon I found my self sliding my right hand down in to my Bikini bottom, and rubbing my clit. I was really getting in to it when I heard my mom say now IM cumming fuck me hard, and I heard him grunt and he started to move that thing in and out as hard and as fast as he could, and my mom started to shake like she was having her own little earth quake. when she had finished she told himn that she could not take it any more, and he told her that he had not come yet, and she said she would try to suck him to the finish, but when he pulled it out of her and moved up to her mouth I could see right away that it would never fit in her mouth it is about 8 inches long by the way,
butit is soo thick. well she started to jack him off,
while she was doing that I was just about ready to cum my self and I accidently let out a little moan, and my mom heard me, I was caught red handed with my finger up inside of me, My mom looked at me and asked me if what they were doing was intersting to me, I told her that it had made me hot but I tried to pretend that I was not doing any thing.
Well she asked me if I think I would like to have some thing other then my hand touch me down there, I told her I would but I am a virgin and I dont know if I could handle him, my own finger hurt a little . and I used it about once a week. but I was getting hotter looking at his big fat cock hanging out in front of my mom. so I said I would give it a try . and made him promise that if it hurt he would stop,he agreed so I walked over to the bed, and layed down between my mom and him, he started to rub me all over then he took my bikini bottom off. and grabed my right leg at the same time my mom pulled my left leg, she then comented on when I grew up so fast she asked me wheere did all that hair come from, Oh well when my legs were spread wide he got in btween them and started to lick me up and down on my pussy, at first it was strange to me but it started to feel real good after about 5 minutes, after he had done it for about 15 minutes I was so wet that you could hear it,
my mom told him he had to do it soon or it would not be because she had to leave for work and I had things I had to get done too, so He moved up btween my spread legs and started to rub that tool up and down against my lips. it was great I will never forget the feeling of his hot fleash touching my virgin lips it was better then my finger ever felt then he started to push it in, at first I thought that this was going to be easy.because there was no pain, at that time I didnt realize that all he had in was about a half of an inch of just the head, all of a sudden I felt it start to tear its way in to me and it hurt like hell
I looked down and I could see he had the head inside me and about 2 inches of the base in, I was stretched so wide
that I couldnt close my legs .it hurt bad but all of a sudden he changed his angle and his cock started to rub against my Clit and in an instant the pain turned to pure pleasure and I wanted more of that thick cock inside of me and that is what I got he started to moan and grunt, he reared back and thrust very hard and it all went in to me
this time I looked down and All I could see waws his balls
he told me that he felt like he was going to come and he started to buck in and out really fast, and with his cock rubbing my clit really hard it didnt take me but a minute and I was on my was to my first intercourse orgasm, I felt my body tense up and my pussy started to throb, I was shaking just like my mom did earlier. he was pumping so hard that I almost passed out then it happend he came
and because I was so young and it was my first time there was no room for his big cock and all of that cumn inside me
I was very tight so when he came the cum gushed out of me it was splattering all over his belly and my thighs in my pubes and his, his cock was focing it out like bullets,
when he finally finished he slowly pulled that weapon out of my tight pussy and when he got to the head it made a popping sound and it was over when I got up I could not close my legs I walked bull legged all the way to the bathroom and all the way there their was a trail of his cum on the floor it was still squirting out of me
when I got in to the bath room to clean my self off
I looked down at my pussy to see if it was still leaking out and I could not beleive it my hole was still gaping open I could have put my whole hand in there and not touched the sides. I was broken in very well. witch was not the best thing in the world because now I am married to a guy who only has about 55 inches and it is really skinny
and some times it dont even feel like he is inside of me
but I do go to visit mom once a week and the guy next door happens to be there too, and I get my Pussy reamed out really good so I still have a happy marrage and a great sex life just not with the same guy, thank god for love and thank my mom for introducing me to a big fat cock.
I could not live with out it,

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