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Topless Beach

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Where it happened: France
Langauge: English
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I was so looking forward to my first trip to Europe and lying out on the beaches topless and checking out all the hot guys. I went with my sister so there were no parents to worry about. On my first day at the French Riviera I stripped off my top and the sun felt great on my breasts. I got a lot of looks from the boys on the beach while I was drooling over their hot bodies, most of them wearing only speedos. One guy caught my eye as much as I caught his. His body was perfect and he was tanned 50 times darker than me. I know he could see the wet spot between my legs because I spread them so that he could see. he made his way over to me and from the lump between his legs I knew he was interested. I knew a little French but luckily he knew a lot more English. This boy had light brown hair and the most perfect pectoral muscles you ever saw. In fact everything was perfect on him. He like me but I figured there was no way he could be a virgin. He could easily have any girl he ever wanted. Lucky for me, he wanted me. He was on a towel next to me and while we were talking he leaned over and kissed me. My breasts were bare right up against his chest and I could have died right there! He rubbed his hand on my inner thighs and invited me to his house. It was a block off the beach and I forgot my shoes just thinking about what was going to happen. I put my top back on and we walked, bikini and speedo only to his place. We got to his room and he removed both pieces of my bikini very quickly then slid his speedos down his legs. He had eight inches of raw power pointing right at me as he guided me to his bed. I laid back as he licked my inner thighs then toungued my clit as he fingered my nipples. Then it got even better as he worked his way between my legs and inserted that massive tool into my tender vagina. At first it hurt and I dug my fingers into his sides, but he got into a thrusting rhythem that began to feel so, so good. I was so glad my sister got me on birth control, because I wanted to feel all of this magnificent boy inside of me. He slowed up to prolong his own pleasure, and that did the same for me. I didn’t have a breath taking orgasm the first time, but still it felt very nice. It felt strange when he squirted his cum into me, but I was happy to be able to please him. We just held each other after, gently stoking each other’s backs and kissing. I still couldn’t believe how perfect the body I lost my virginity to was. I wanted to see him again but he said his girlfriend was returning that night and she probably wouldn’t like it if I was around. I saw him the next day with her and she was like a model so I felt good he took time out for me. I met another boy and had a lot more sex with him before we had to go home. It was a great trip!

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