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Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: jamca
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

was last summer was on vacation with my husband we got into a big fight was tired of him wanting to stay drunk while we was there so i stormed out mad went walking after about an hour i found myself lost no phone no purse no money with me i saw these men fallen me so i turned down this ally to find a dead end the only way out was the way i came but it was blocked i just started talking to them trying not to be scared it was a group of men about 10 of them they told me that they would help me if i smoked some weed with them and drank a few beers i agreed to this so they took me to a small apartement i was the only woman there plus the only white person we started smokeing the pot and drinking they turned the radio on up loud i thought to my self my husband caused this by acting like a idoit i was still so mad at him i started enjoying my self i got up started dancing for them i was wear a white tank top very low cut in front no back tied at the neck and a short skirt i could see they liked looking at me i stand 5ft 1inch i have 38dd breast 34 36 they started dirty dancing with me one man he was huge real tall very will built he got behind me pulled me back against we started dirty dancing i felt him against it was nice against my ass i just moved around rubbing against he reached down rubbing my thighs raising my skirt up rubbing me in front then another one joined us pushing up against me in front squzzing me between them i could feel him it was nice he reached up untied my top i just let fall down he was on his knees sucking my tits before i good react to what was going to happen as he was sucking my tits he undid my skirt it feel to the floor along with my top next i felt my black panties getting pulled down i thought to my self that thishis fault he made me get mad and go walking i realized what was going on i asked them to stop as i reached around started rubbing the one behind me i turned around undid his pants pulled them down was shocked to see such a huge cock looked like a ball bat hanging down from him i said shit what you going to do with that i started playing with trying to suck it i looked around all of them were naked with huge fat hard cocks they took me to the bedroom it was a king bed one got in bed i got on my knees in bed with him suck and doing my best to deep throat him when i felt my pussy getting stretched open it hurt so bad but felt so good never thought something so big could fit in my pussy he grabbed my dd tits like handles started ramming it deep into me i cummed all over him then another one fucked me them same way they kept taking turns one right after the other then the one i was sucking grabbed my tits pulled me up to told me to started rideing him he was so big i could not take it all in me he told for my punshment for not taking it all i was going to get trppled stuffed before i could react one of them grabbed my head forced his cock into my mouth pushing down my throat i egerly sucked it enjoying it in my throat then i could see the one with the biggest cock walk behind us and get in the bed i thought please dont put that in my ass i have never been fucked in the ass before my husband tryed to before but i would never let him put his tiny cock in he told one of them to give him some baby oil to make his cock real slippery then i felt him pour it in the crack of my ass then i felt the huge head tear my ass open as it stretched it tears flowed down my checks it was going so deep i thought he was trying to push it up my throat all 3 started fucking me it felt so good but was hurting so bad i never said anything i let them have thier way with me they started doing me one at a time this was more enjoyble they all fucked my pussy cumming inside of me everytime they cummed then they made me take it doggystyle in the ass they all cummed in my ass and then i had to deepthroat each off getting my stomach full of cum after they finished they all left but the one huge man that as a ball bat for a cock he told me this was his place and he was going to fuck me the rest of the night i begged him not to but he throw me down on the bed started sucking on my tits he was enjoying them my husband would never touch them he kissed his way down to my pussy licked my clit for a while as he fingerd me then he reached up pinned me down by my throat told me it was time to get fist fucked he balled his fist huge and forceably shoved it in me half way to his elbow i screamed crying but he just fucked me i could see in the mirrow his arm in my pussy it was stretched around cum gushing out of me like crazy i saw his cock was rock hard he pulled his arm out jumped on top of me ramming it in me he turned me over jerking me to my knees shoveing as deep into me as it would go then up my ass going back and forth pussy then ass he cummed deep in my pussy then in my ass after he finished cumming i licked and sucked his cock and ball clean crawled up next to him and feel asleep i woke the next morning thinking to my self this was great so i called the hotel left word for my husband told him i would see him back home in a week i stayed with mr huge cock for the rest of the week we fucked sucked the week his friends came over i was gang banged several times one night i had 20 men fuck me i enjoyed every secound of i dont know where my ex is i left him i called mr huge cock told him he could move here with me

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