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Traveling with my uncle

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Station wagon
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Every year I took a trip with my uncle to see my mom. He had a big ford wagon the back seat folded down and that’s where it happened. We stopped by a creek went skinney dipping and lay in the sun to dry on a blanket. He rubbed me down with coppertone let’s eliminate these tan lines and he rubbed my bottom. Twenty minutes later he rolled me over and put his sun glasses on me and then rubbed my growing nubbins. Your growing up. Then my belly so I crossed my legs and then my thighs and legs and feet. The foot massage felt so good I relaxed and he rubbed a little coppertone on my puss. He lay beside me sunning with a huge throbbing hard on. I just looked at him. You know about Sex . Well I know people kiss, make love. Do you know how? I didn’t know. When a man is like this it means he wants to make you feel good. See this thing fits right in here and he touched my puss. The two hold close and kiss for 10 to 30 minutes and become the best friends. You gotta be careful though. Shouldn’t be to close a friends with everyone. We tanned and went back to driving.
I was thinking hard bout what he said. Being close friends is good . I couldn’t think of a reason not to be friends with everyone. Have you had your period? He asked me. Still waiting. Ya know I’m only 12 and a half. But I am ready and I opened my purse and showed him the three feminine pads I have carried for over a year. And I keep money to buy more. My dad never talks about stuff like this. And Mom, I never see her enough. Well it’s a three day drive each way . Feel free to talk. That evening we pulled over and washed in another creek, it was freezing cold and hard to rinse the soap off. We warmed up by a small fire then we to bed in the back of the wagon . In the morning the sheets my Uncle had a huge hard on tenting the sheets. He was asleep so I watched his penis pulse. And rubbed my clitoris. And wanted to be his friend. I was masturbating pretty seriously and moaning some as my uncle woke up and watched. Your first time? He asked. Ah hunh ! I couldn’t talk or stop. He taught me well as I orgasmed for the first time and relaxed. It interupted my breathing like you said. I was tingley all over for like a few seconds it was great. I was so relaxed and my fingers were wet. My uncle licked my fingers off to my wonder. You tasted my pussy water? Mmmmmm my uncle said. He lifted the sheets my panties were down at my ankles already. I was so sensitive from masturbating the tip of his toungue made me wild. I made so much noise . I was really feeling great. Then my uncle kissed me my first real kiss . I really liked it. I could taste my pussy from his mouth. I want to be your close friend I told him. Your so young and I’m your uncle. Besides I haven’t told you everything because you haven’t asked.
So the lessons began and for hours I learned about boy feelings, and urges. My hymen, getting knocked up, Porno and how a girl dresses affects boys. Sex deseases, fore play, how to get pregnant
and how not to. Oral sex for boys and girls. By two o’clock he was tired of driving and I was ready to get out and walk around. My uncle crashed on the back with the tail gate open and snored to high heaven. I played with my pussy and masturbated a few times now I know how as he slept. Then I got the clip on mirror from the visor and got a good look at Gods creation by squatting over the mirror in the grass. It is interesting how few girls I have talked to have ever done a good look over of them selves. I had a crescent moon hole the size of pencil eraser in my hymen. I wanted to put my finger in there but I was scared. So I just touched it and played with my clit and my small lips and watched my self get wet in the mirror. My uncle finally woke up and I was so excited . Look look my pussy has a crescent moon hole look! I almost sat in his face with my undies off and my skirt in my teeth. Can you see it? It’s real small look! I spread my self . Back up my little neice I’m not blind, but my eyes need to focus. Yes that is a real nice hymen you got there. Your all wet been playing with your self and your clit is all puffy . Yea I masturbated a few times while you are asleep. He grabbed my ass with both hands and put his mouth open on my pussy and sucked. I felt every thing inside me move. Can I put my toungue in your moon? Before I could answer his hard toungue was trying to push his way in . Hay hay hay I complained but it was like he was eating a mellon. His hands on my ass pushing his face in my pussy. His toungue was round and round trying to get in me . Then it hit me .strong feelings of sexuality. I grabbed his head and pulled him hard to my pussy and rubbed up and down on his face I didn’t stop till I climaxed making all kinds of high piched noises. I finally lay back God that was so good. You like fucked my face off girl that was intense . He washed his face and we started driving . I didn’t want to talk about any thing but sex. My uncle called his sister my Mom and told her what was happening at a phone booth. Then he gave me the phone and left. Mom asked if I had my period and I said no. Well she told me she was fingered from 9 years old and got fucked by the neighbor at 16 she would rather me wait . At least I can’t get knocked up. My uncle got back on the phone and talked forever and I pranced in circles thinking about my uncle and my first time. We drove a while and in an hour we pulled off the road by another creek . Wash up I want clean pussy. The water was warm and we swam and played and his rock hard shaft was right under my puss and I saddled his shaft I was crazy. I pushe him in the station wagon, but he got on top and kissed me a thousand times . He pushed his penis once and said can’t do it this way. Your finger or mine. Mine first so he took my middle finger and said it’s all you . I slowly pushed then I had to wiggle and twist and it went in. It hurt like a sharp pain. Want to feel your cervix he said . Sure so he pushed down my belly. It was small like a wet nose. Try two fingers ? No this is enough for today . I saw the blood on my finger. My uncle put two of my fingers together and I said no. Remember me telling you about the inability to stop . I will fuck you in 15 minutes no matter what neice. I saw the seriousness in his face. I’m 12 and I’m scared I know it will hurt for sure . Soon all the pain will be gone and you will go wild like you did on my face. Promise he said and kissed my lips and lay me on my back . My knees were on his shoulders. Your allowed to hate me for the minute. His penis was covered in KY jelley and placed on my small hole. Grab my hands I reached around my legs and grabbed his hands. Wished I wouldn’t of cause I would of grabbed his penis to slow him down. He leaned foward my hands at my side, my knees sandwhiched between our shoulders .his penis bearing down more every minute. Shit he yelled as he pushd . I was trapped and the pain mounted. I pulled and arched my back wanting pull him in. The pressure was tremendious and he yelled and finally a tear and went part way in . I cried as loud as I could. Hold still I whispered. He did for a second . Then slowly went deeper and deeper I felt things stretch as he held as deep as he could go. He counted from twenty backwards real slow. That was comforting knowing when something would happen. He pulled out and let loose of my hands and wiped me and leaned up . Wait I shouted but he clutched my hands and jambed in and out of me tearing more of my hymen. He pulled out and put two fingers in me and pushed them to my anus I felt a final sharp pain. My sister was right . She sAid she had one tuff pussy that was a real pain . So you were like her. Now for the fun I got my legs down and he was ridding me nice and firm and steady. I all of a sudden got the motion of the ocean. He came in me and his face changed . He went soft in me and it still felt good so I kissed my uncles grey wiskery face. I wouldn’t let him leave. It was a long time before he was hard but when he was rolled on top and I had sex for a long time. I called Mom and told her I was a woman and how it went with her brother. I had sex with my 45 year old uncle 14 times that week then I went home to Dad. I got my period before my next visit with my uncle and my Mom. Never had sex any more till two days before I got married at 21 9 years later.

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