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True babysitting story

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My mom and dad and my aunt and uncle were going to Las Vegas for the wekend. My parents hired a girl named Kara that use to babysit us alot, as she was home from her first year at college on summer vacation. My aunt and uncle left both of my cousins at the house with us. My cousin named Jay was also my age and we got along real well. He had a younger brother about 6 years old at the time. My cousin Jay and I had lots of fun. He had brought over some playboy magazines and x-rated video he had just borrowed from a friend. The only problem was that the TV with the VCR was in the family room, where Kara the babysitter spent most of her time. We planned to stay up late on Saturday night and sneak in and watch the movie after Kara went to bed. I was worried that Kara would catch us watching the video so I told Jay I had an idea. I went and got a couple of my mom’s big sleeping pills and we crushed them up and put them in Kara’s ice cream that we were all eating as a treat before bed. Jay slept in my room and we acted like we were going to bed and waited for Kara to go to bed. We heard her get up and go to the bedroom and then after awhile we heard her come back out. We waited and waited and finally I decided to sneak out and to see what she was doing. She had fell asleep with the TV on. We wanted to watch the video so bad that we decided we would put it in and turn down the sound as Kara was sound asleep. The movie had cartoon characters and we were disapointed. As we were getting up to go back to my bedroom I looked over at Kara. She was still sleeping in my dad’s recliner. She had put on a button up night shirt and we could see her panties underneath. Kara wasn’t the best looking girl in the neighborhood by any means but she had a nice trim body that was enjoyable to look at. I had always felt intimadated by her because she was my babysitter. The panties were white with little yellow flowers on them. It was kind of exciting and we both went back to my bedroom to talk. We talked and we both admitted that we had never seen a real girl naked before. We decided to go back and look at Kara again. On the way back Jay pulled me into the bedroom that Kara was staying in. We saw Kara’s clothes on the bed. Jay noticed Kara’s bra and we realized that she had taken it off with her clothes. We went back to where Kara was sleeping and continued to watch her. We both wanted to try and see her breasts and I dared Jay to unbutton her nightshirt. He carefully unbuttened the top button and then said it was my turn. I did the next one and we both continued until they were all unbuttoned. I remember it was so exciting for us. Kara continued to sleep and didn’t make a move. We pulled open the shirt and could see both of her breasts. We were in extasy! We just stood there and starred. After awhile Jay dared me to try and pull her panties down. I knew the sleeping pills had done the job so I went over like a fool, tried to pull her panties down. It was not easy and I only got them down a little bit. I told Jay to try and he got them down a little more. We started to see some hair and we both tried pulling on each side at the same time. Finally we pulled them down to her knees. We could see the big mound of dark hair. My penis was hard and I felt so excited and out of control. She started to move around and we ran out of the room. After awhile we came back and she was still sleeping in the chair. She had moved around. The panties were down around her ankles and her legs had some what widened apart. We tried to look between her legs. I went and got a flashlight. We both got as close as we could and I shined the flashlight between her legs. All of a sudden she woke up and we both ran out of the room. We were now scared to death as to what we had done. We closed the door to my bedroom and didn’t know what to do. Kara came running into the room. She was extremely upset and demanded to know what we were trying to do to her. We didn’t say a word because we were so scared. She said she was going to have to tell our parents about this and demanded to know why we did it. Jay told her that we had not ever seen a naked girl before and thats why we did it. She said we were lying and was getting very angry. She said she knew we had seen pictures of naked girls before and demanded an explanation. Jay said we had not seen a real girl naked and thats why we did it. Kara was very mad and said we were very sick boys. She asked us how we would like it if somebody did the same to us. Then she screamed for us to take off our clothes so we could see how it feels for her to see us naked. Both of us were scared to death. She came over and pulled off both Jay and my shirt. Then she unbuttoned both of our pants and pulled them down and made us take them off. Then she told us to pull down our under shorts. Jay was starting to cry a little and we both pulled our underwear down. She turned up the lights and made us stand their as she looked at us and asked us how it felt. It was very embarrassing and humiliating for both of us. She was still angry and as she stood in front us she unbuttoned her night shirt and took it off and threw it on the floor. She asked us if this was what we wanted to see. We didn’t know what to do or say. She asked us if we wanted to see more and before we could answer she pulled her panties down and off and stood there naked. She told us to get a good look at her and said we had better never try to do anything like this ever again. We promised we never would again. It was even more embarassing as both Jay and I were trying to cover the erections we both now had with our hands. Kara asked us what we were trying to hide and made us move our hands. She got a smirk on her face when she saw our little erections. She said to us that it appears you boys like to see me naked. We both told her yes. She said she was totally insane to be standing naked in front of us and she picked up her night shirt and panties and left the room. After several minutes she came back in. She had put on her night shirt but it was still unbuttoned all the way down and she had not put her panties back on. Both Jay and I had pulled our undershorts back up and were sitting on our beds. She made us take our underwear completely off and told us to stand up naked in front of her again. I assumed she wanted to punish us some more for what we had done to her. She walked up close us and looked us all over. She took off her night shirt and told us we needed to have another good look. Our erections started again. Kara walked right up to the both of us grabbed one of our hands and put them on each of her breasts. It was too much for both of us to handle and we had never expected her to do that. We both exploded and ejaculated all over the place. She seemed very interested as she watched us closely before and after. Several minutes later, she sat down on the edge of the bed and made us both come over and sit down on each side beside her. She grabbed my hand and put it between her legs and tried to show me what to do. Then she did the same thing to Jay. She layed back on the bed and she spread her legs apart. She had both of us kneel down in front of her and tried to show us what she wanted us to do. It was overwhelming to both of us to look at her pussy that close up. We continued to try to do what she wanted us to do. We were so young and inexperienced that we were not making much progress with her at all. Finally she got impatient with us and told us to stop. She moved to the top of the bed and put a pillow behind her back on the headboard and told us to come up next to her so she could show us what she wanted us to do. We watched her put her hand between her legs and and she masturbated in front of us. We watched as she made herself come. She looked up and could see that both of us were watching her very intently. She could see we both Jay and I had erections again. She made me kneel in front of her on the bed and then she pulled me forward and grabbed my penis and put it inside of her, It was very warm. moist, and slippery and it didn’t take long for me to come again. Then I watched as she did the same to Jay. We didn’t talk to each other at all the next day or ever again. As I look back now I think she took advantage of the situation as I never saw her with a boy friend as long as she lived in the neighborhood.

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