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Truth Or Dare

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Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: Friends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was about to turn 12 at the time of my first experience with a man. I was friends with this guy down the street. He was a year older then me. He was 13 and I was 12. I would go over his house often and we would play usuall games like Monopoly, Pool, and Ping pong. One day I came over and he decided we would play Truth or Dare.
The game started out normal with dares of drinking vinigar and stuff like that. After a few days of dares like that, the dares started to change. He dared me to put on a blindfold and let him do anything he wanted to me. I let him. He put the blindfold on me and then used fake handcuffs ( the ones you can push the little piece in to get out of them )to tie me up. He then had me handcuffed to a railing. With my eyes closed I could not see what was going on. All of a sudden I felt a pull on my pants. They would not go down on the first pull. I pretended like i could not get right out of the handcuffs. He then unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. I was only 12 at the time and i had never masterbaited or cumed before. He pulled my underware down next. I felt me dick go free into the air. I then felt him touch my dick. He started to suck on my cock. I never got an erection immeditly. He continued to suck but I never cummed. He decided to untie me and let me go after a while.
The next day I came over again. This time we played truth or dare again. He went first again. He dared me to fuck a stuffed animal he had. I accepted. As i pulled down my pant I layed down on the animal and fucked it. That is when I cummed for the first time. He saw it happen. I then got up and went to put on my pant when he came ove and pulled off all his clothes. For the first time i saw a naked man. He had a 5 inch soft cock. I got hard immeditly. He went over to me and took off my underware. He saw my hard cock. He then started to suck it. It felt so good. As i reached my climax i shot my load into his mouth putting out a lot of cum. It flowed out of his mouth and all over his stomach. He then told me to suck his cock. I got down on my knees and started to suck. It got hard instantly. About five minutes later he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could. He then turned around and bent over. He said to fuck him. I took my hard cock and shoved it up his ass. This was the first time i fucked anyone before so i did not no what i was doing. I just stuck my cock into the hole and started to fuck him. He was screaming. I shot my load into him. He then returned the favor. I loved being fucked and fucking him.
This went on for about three months everyday. He then moved away and i vever talked to him again.

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