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Truth or Dare

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Their house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

(I am not using real names for this story) Me and my friend Carmen always use to go to Mark’s and Joe’s house when ever their mother was at work. Their Mother disapproved of me and Carmen so we weren’t aloud to see them otherwise. Mark was 13, Joe was 11, Carmen was 11, and I was 12 at the time. That day, Mark’s best friend Josh was there and also this guy in the apartments across the street named Chris. We were all friends and alot of the time they would ask me and/or Carmen out. Carmen went out with Mark once and also Chris but I never went with any of them. I was way too prude. Up until that point I had never even kissed a guy! Anyways, back to the day. We were in the closet (hiding just in case their mother came home early) playing truth or dare. I was dared to kiss everyone of them and so I shyly did. Then I dared Carmen to give them all handjobs. She asked what the consequence was and I said to give them all blowjobs. She agreed to give them handjobs and gave each one of them for no longer then 5 minutes each. It wasn’t the first time I had ever saw a dick, when I was little I was playing hide-n-go-seek at my friends house and ran by the bathroom when her brother was in it. Watching Carmen give them handjobs and seeing them get bigger was making me realllllly wet. Then after she was done, she dared Chris to eat me out. He agreed but I was soooooo scared. He came up to me and said “well are you going to get ready or make me do all the work?” I slowly removed my shorts and my panties. He then went down and started gently licking and teasing me. My pulse started getting faster and I started breathing heavily. He started picking up speed and doing this for 5 minutes, before he stopped to continue the game he stuck his tongue in me. That was pure pleasure, I felt like I was going to explode. Then I grabbed my stuff and went into the bathroom to put it back on. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was sort of happy about it.. Then I came back and saw that Carmen had been dared to kiss me. I was like OMG NOOO! I so didn’t want to agree with it but they said “A dare is a dare” so then we had no choice. We quickly kissed to get it over with. Right after we finished Chris said he had to go home. We said our byes and he left. Then Carmen dared Joe to suck her titties…she was pretty well developed by that time but I wasnt so much…Joe happily agreed and he did. Then Joe dared me to give Josh a blowjob. I was scared again but then he pulled his pants down for me and I got on my knees. I took his dick in my mouth and I couldnt fit it all the way in at first. I started going up and down taking a little bit more in each time until I fit the whole thing in. I then kissed the tip and did it one more time..this time he came into my mouth but I wasn’t sure what cum was at the time. I swallowed it and at first didn’t like it but as time progressed I started to enjoy it. Then I dared Carmen to do it to Mark. She did the same thing I did just about but he came 2 times. Then she dared Josh to fuck me. I was terrified. But as luck may have it…if you want to think of it as luck or not…their mom pulled up into the parking lot. Me and Carmen snuck out the window and decided to finish the next day. We barely got out in time. After I got to Carmen’s apartment she realized she left her bra there. The next day she asked Mark about it and he said his mom asked him about it but he told her that some girl in school dropped it and he had to take it to her Monday. She didn’t appear to believe him but she accepted his excuse. Then he reminded us of our game. How could I forget?!?! it’s all I have been thinking about! Anyways today it was only Joe, Mark, Me and Carmen. We decided to instead of playing trust or dare we would just fuck. I got to be with Mark and Carmen with Joe. Me and Mark went to the bathroom while they stayed in the room. There wasnt much room for us but we managed. First we 69’ed to get eachother more aroused. Before though, he had to explain to me what 69 meant. He didn’t make me as excited as Chris did but he was pretty good. I did the same thing that I did to Josh and he was moaning really loud. He then asked me if I was ready and I said I wasn’t sure. He then said “well tell me when to stop” anyways he put me on the floor and got on top of me. He started slowly pushing in and the pain was so intense. I was about to scream and he said “shhh we have neighbors” I just started crying and he said “I’m sorry! please dont cry” I said “dont worry just keep going” he slowly kept pumping and pretty soon the pain went away and I was feeling pleasure. I told him to go faster and he did. I climaxed 3 times and he came only once but not in me. He told me he was cumming (which I still didn’t understand) and he pulled out and came on my tummy. We must’ve been having sex for over an hour because I heard the car door slam. We got dressed and I went to get Carmen. They were still having sex and that got me so excited I almost forgot their mom was home. She grabbed her clothes and we both jumped out the window (her still naked) She got dressed there and we ran home. I didn’t get pregnant cuz Mark pulled out before he came and Joe never came so Carmen didnt. Later I moved to a different state and found out that Carmen had sex with a 19 year old and was pregnant (She was 13) She now has the baby and I havent seen her for a long time so I hope everythings going well with you Carmen!!

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