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Truth or Dare??

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: the woods
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

well. it all started when i was about 14, but, earlier i had wondered about sex, lets say around age 12. well anyways, we were invited to a halloween party(me and my boyfriend). so we went of course. and we were playing truth or dare, (just an original teenage game), well my friend picked me, i said dare of course. she told me to french kiss my boyfriend infront of everyone, i thought ok, its not like we haven’t done it before. so we did. then i dared one of my friends to do it to her boyfriend. then it got to my boyfriend,(his name is Ben) my friend said i dare you guys to go out in the woods and feel eachother up. so he said no problem.
when we got in the woods. we first began to kiss, then he slid his hang slowly up my skirt. i began to stick my hand down his pants, then i took my hand out. he didn’t stop feeling me. so i thought it was ok. I thought tonight we would do alittle more then feel eachother up! so he layed me down and took my skirt off and my underwear. then he stood up and took his pants and boxers off. I was getting really horney by then and so was he. so he crawled on top of me and stuck his hard cock inside of me. it hurt pretty bad at first but, then it feld good as soon as he started to get going. i was honestly hang alot of fun. after he popped my cherry, he started to fondal with my nipples. i was sweating, i had never felt this way before. after about 15 minutes of this (these 15 minutes felt like a lifetime) i couldn’t take it anymore and i felt a explosion inside of me. i looked up and said. i just hit my orgasm. he smiled and kissed me passionatly. he picked up my skirt and slid it on. then he grabbed my hand to pull me up. that was my first time and i will never forget it. me and my boyfriend were on and off, but, now we have a real committment. and we love eachother. i guess the inisent game of truth or dare can lead u into alot more then that.

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