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Truth or Dare & Sex

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: His House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I look back on this day and it pains me to know what happened, how it happened, and who I lost my virginty too. I went out that night like normal, me and a bunch of girl firneds, and we rode to Whiteville to ride the strip. We rode for about 15 minutes and found the guys we wanted. Most of them were hott and they were standing on the side walk or sitting on there cars. We parked our car walked over and introduced ourselves. We had one guy with us and he was hot his name was Chris and it was the first time I had met him, he knew some of the guys and we all ended up going to Joeys house to get drunk. Well I had a little exprience in that area not much though and was excited that I was going to get drunk with all these guys. There was about 6 of them and 3 girls. Me and Michelle hoped in the car with Joey and we made a stop at the ABC store. He asked us what we wanted so Michelle and I told him Vodka and Puckers… he came back with a ton of Vodka and 24 puckers and three bottles of Wild Turkey. Which I had never tasted. After that we went to his house which was his parents he was 23 and still living at home but his parents were out for the night and we had the place to ourselves. We came in and all sat at the table and began to take shots. I had like 6 shots of vodka 8 of wild turkey and 8 bottles of puckers. Apple flavored b/c after a shot of vodka or wild turkey I would wash it down with puckers. Well before long Michelle P, Michelle N, and I wanted to go swimming b/c there was a big ass pool. By know I am already drunk (a first time for me…) and we stripped off our tops left our pants and bras on and jumped in the chilly water. All the guys Joey, Chris, John, and the others who I since forgot there names came out to watch us. I just new I was going to drown!!! But lucky for me I didn’t and Joey got us some towels and we dried off kinda and went back in the house for some more drinking. After about 5 more shots of vodka and wild turkey I had to excuss myself from the room to go puke over the banister. While I was in the middle of vomiting Chris came out to check on me I said I was fine and went ba ck inside and being the dumb ass I am got ride of the taste with more liquor. About this time we started a game of truth or dare. The usual kissing, lifting your shirts, strip teases, the guys exposing there self, take 4 shots back to back stuff like that. Well I was having a great time. I never back down from a dare, and had already kissed every guy there. When Michlle P. Dared me to fuck joey. So I grabbed him by the hand and headed out of the room. I was a virgin but all the booze had me not scared. I don’t know how I made it up stairs without falling but I did and we went into his sisters room. Joey asked me if I was sure and I said yeah. I got out of my cloths which was a mirical in its self. and layed down on the bed. Joey got on top of me and asked if I was sure I said yeah. He didn’t take the time to enter me gently he did it with such force that I screamed. It felt like a thousand needles sticking in me at one time. I hated it I cried softly while he worked his self up. I told him I wanted to stop and he begged for five more minutes which I allowed. I don’t know how it happened but we ended up in a 69 which wasn’t enjoyable because my pussy ached and he kept shoving his fingers in and out of me causing more pain. I was so drunk that his dick kept falling out of my mouth (he was on top) after a while we stoped dressed and left the room (well kinda dressed I ended up with my panties in my pocket and my bra in my hand b/c i couldn’t figure out how to put them back on…) We came down stairs and I went to this guy named chris the one that came with us and made out with him to get Joey off of my mind. I look back know its been 7 months and I’ve had sex with one guys since and I plan on many more. I’ve done it like 5 times and it still hurts. But this weekend I don’t care if it hurts or not I have my eyes set on this guy…..hmmmm. But I see Joey ever know and then we live 45 minutes from each other and when ever I am in whiteville we talk. But neither of us mention it except this one time when i slapped the hell out of him but thats another story…. peace make sure you do it with some one you romotly care for the first time.

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