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Truth or Dare x 3

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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: My apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

You may think this is a regular old truth or dare story but read on and you will see it’s not. It was my 20th birth day and me and my girl friend and her friend just got back from going out to dinner. my friend who was dateing her friend had left bacause he didn’t like playing truth or dare. WE started playing and every on chooseing truth…but it came to my girl friend’s turn. He friend who shall remain nameless asked my grilfriend truth or dare as the game goes. She being dareing said dare. Her friend thought for a minute then decided that she had to put her hand on my cock for 30 minutes. I was like ohhh yeah and started thinking this is going to be interesting. It was then My girl Firend’s turn and she asked her friend truth or dare, she said dare. My girl Friend thought for a minute and said she had to take her cloths off untill she whent home. This meant every thing. It was my turn and i asked my girl friend’s friend truth or dare, She said truth so nothing else could happen to her. I asked if she had ever gotten any and she said no…so she was a virgin just like me and my girl friend. it was her turn and she asked me if i had gotten any and i said no. With my girl-friends hand on my cock still i was getting harded that a rock. My girfriend then said she hadn’t either so it was all out in the open. my girlfriend then randome;y stated lets fix that. I became even more hard now. Her friend got rather excited as did every one else. We started off my making out {me and my girl friend} then her friend jumped in and started taking out clothes off. her’s we already off from truth or dare. ONce we where all naked i was still making out with my girfrined as her friend started figering her and rubbing my cock. Stuff was sprying out now and just going on the floor. My girl Friend’s friend wisperd something in to her ear, I was now sucking on her tits so i couldn’t her.. She started saying it felt so good and to keep going but to switch back and forth from tit to tit. They then pulled me to my bed room and found some string in one of my droors in the kitchen. I knew they wqould tie me up but i could get loose because that string was so crappy. They did face up. One at a time they sat down on to of me with my cock in there pussy. When one was on top the other came to me with something in my face…tit or pussy to suck. When they were switching i broke loose and grabbed my girfriend shoved her to my bed put her legs in the air and whent all the way. As i pummped she would moan and moan. Saying to do it harder. her friend getting jelous pulled my out. and threw me on the floor face down. wile i was in my gril friend she had left my room and came back with a wet towel. She was know using it a a wip and smaking it on my ass….she and my girlfriend took turns doing that. we had now totaly lost our virginity. We were all happy but wanted to keep going. they kept wipping my harder every time. they rolled me over and started taking turns sucking my not realy realy reaaly hard cock. wile the other put her tits in my face. They flipped me over again to keep smaking my with the wet towwel. They flipped me over again the booth lifted me up and put me on a chiar. Wile one sucked me the other was tieing me to the chair show I couldn’t move. With more than one sting this time on eack part. They took turns sucking and tieing. now i couldnt move any thing execpt to tunge and my cock and my toes. They started sucking and rubbing me so i would cum and shoot stuff all over the place. the untied me and then tied me to the bed again. my girlfirend and her friend walked out of the room for a minute to have a conversation. When they came back Her friend said. “can we trust you to Fuck us with out us having to tie you up?”…Liking what was happening to me i said no. so they continued sitting one me wile jumpping up and down. Wile the other had something in my face for my to suck. When the were on top they would moan for more and to pump harder but they were controlling that. they then untied me and told me to tie them up. I tied one up cuz they other had to help and me me and her friend tied her up then when to talk for a minute and got a wet towwel and decided what to do with her. She was face down so i was wipping her with the towwel wile she would do the same. we flipped her over and we would each suck a tit realy hard with some teeth in there then i suck my self in to her as far as i could. She go out then they tied me up again face up and sucked like they never did before with a little too much teeth. the rubed it so stuff squitred out. Then they untied me and said they were going to go at it so i could she some action instead of being apart of it because i was the only guy…WOW that was interesting. they the stopped becuse they were going at it for 15 minutes and wanted something up there pussy’s so they just stood next to eath other and bent over and i did it to them booth doggy style fo a wile. They and i were getting tired so we reasted for awile byt laying there just sukcking eath other. they got me to the floor again and started wipping me. we then decided to have one last fuck, suck, rub, tie up and wipp be fore we would call it a nioght. we did that then still compeatly naked we changed the sheets on my bed because the were full of cum. WE then all layed down pulled the covers up and whent to sleep yes all of us. We had a slumberparty because they didn’t want to go home and i didn’t want them to go home. I woke them up thenext moreing myfucking and sucking them.. There were no windows in my room so we decied to have a 3some that moring. My girlfriend gave me a cam corder for my birth day so we made a nice video by putting it on the shelf so i could see the whole room. We all basicly did the same thing as the night before but it wasn’t our first time. We considered telling our friends or selling copy’s of our video online but we didn’t. We do this one a week now. Still with the video camra so when we get older and not so much sex drive we can watch it and get horney and do it all over a gain. After that night me and my Girl Friend decided to get married so we could legaly do it. But we still invite her friend over every saturdaynight to do it. WE were all here wile I wrote this and i am Going to take some viagra so we can do it for 6 hours this time…I am now going to get my video camra and tape the next episode in our collection..we will never forget that night…I hope you will right about you first time after you read this.

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