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Two virgn Amish boys

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: the park
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was a average to good looker at 18. I was popped at 13 by my cousin playing doctor. He was 10 and had no clue what he did, he just had a hard on. But this story is about two virgin boys I met at the park. Call them Jim and John. Jim and John were about 13 but I dont know for sure. They were Amish and barefoot with their cute haircuts hats and suspenders. I was dressed like Daisey duke though not a Big D cup. They were watching me and following me at a distance. I was watching them and thinking how I would like to teach them a few things. Well i knew of a hidden area of the park where one could circle around and get up behind a peron unseen by them. So I circled and I got behind them. Well I said BOO and I pushed them both to the pond but only one, Jim went in. Problem was he didnt swim. So I jumped In and pulled him out now sputtering and and all wet. You OK ! it was only a joke. I was holding him and stroking his wet face and he said he was going to be just fine. I had pond moss and some seaweed and mud on me and that just wouldnt do.So I walked back in the pond and washed everything off but the mud on my feet. I got out and took off my blouse and rinced it in the clear creek that was also right where we were. When I splashed my feet I looked and the two boys were wide eyed looking at my wet bra. Well I cant smell like a pond can I. They shook their heads no. I set my blouse on the grass to dry and asked John to unhook my bra which being Amish hooks were what they know best and calmly washed my bra in the creek and then splashed my upper torso and hair in the cold clear creek water. They looked like two kittens facing a big mean dog. Are you afraid I asked as I looked in their eyes? No Miss said John. MMMEE neither studdered Jim. You got any sisters I asked? They nodded and Jim said I got three and John has one. Oh good I said give me your wet pants and shirt so I can wash them before the pond on them stinks. Its hot and everything will dry fast. I was feeling like wonderwoman all confident and sure of my self. He removed his things and handed them to me and I set them to dry in the grass. Never saw your sister naked have you? Yes Miss said Jim . No Miss said John. Well John Its OK to look at me. I stood up and pulled my short shorts off and washed them in the creek too. I kept my Thong on and spashed water on my private area washing extra well for the boys to see. Are you Interested in looking ? you followed me around today. I am spoke up John, me too said Jim. Sit down right here and Jim held his hand over his shorts to hide his erection. He was so cute and his complexion was so perfect and smooth. I ran my fingers through their hair and asked if they wanted to touch my nipples they were experts at feeling me up in no time at all. I strattled Jim and kissed him and leaned over and kissed John. They were very kind and felt my butt and breast and kissed my mouth. I reached over and freed Jims little erection and stroked it a couple times with just two fingers. He was totally mine to control at that moment. I strattled him pulled my thong to one side and sat in Jims lap. Thanks to my 13 year old experience I felt little pain even though I needed to get adjusted to his size. He was at least 5 inches and though not technically a virgin my self He was much larger than my finger or my cousin’s ten year old penis five years back. I hugged him and he hugged me very hard. I moved just a little and felt a warm sensation as he injected his Amish love in me. I asked him a couple questions but he couldnt talk right then. I stood up and Jim fell back with some cum all around his now limp penis. I removed my thong and washed it off. Arent you naked yet I asked John ? He was buck naked and shaking in nervus fear as I softly touched his hand. He wanted on top and with out a word he guided me to my back and he lifted my legs and jambed his penis up my ass a little showing his inexperience. Stop Stop Stop its….He was in my ass and it hurt like hell… My Shit hole John. He pulled out. and I demanded he wash that thing off. thank goodness my ass was wet from my vagina. John washed the Shit smell off and I guided him in my vagina. He gave a great three minutes of solid sex and I was so close to a climax when he let loose in me, Which left me hanging wanting more. John was limp and nothing more could be done. He wanted to run but I kept kissing him. They left and every now and then I see them come in town and we only smile at each other.

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