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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: work
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My boss had promoted me to his personal secretary. He was about fifty years old and as ugly as sin. Two days after my promotion we both had to work late to get a report finished. I was standing beside him while he checked the report when I felt his hand sliding up the back of my legs and coming to rest on my panties. I tried to move away without making a scene but he slipped hand between my legs and pulled me back towards him. His hand was pushing up against my pussy which always turns me on. I tried not to show any emotion, but our eyes just seemed to lock in a gaze with each of us knowing that I wasn%92t going to do anything to stop him. He was a real ugly specimen but I needed this job! The fact that he was so ugly also made wonder what he was like with no clothes on. His hand kept exploring my panties between my legs and I was becoming more horny as my pussy juices started to flow.
He stood up and without speaking bent me over face down onto his desk. He lifted my dress and pulled my panties down. I pulled away, stood up and began to pull my panties up. I told him he would ruin my dress by pulling at it. He looked extremely embarrassed and suddenly not as ugly as usual. I would hate to lose this job because he was now on the defensive and embarrassed, although I was really turned on, just like when I fool round with my boyfriend. I was still an Italian virgin although I had done everything except let my boyfriend screw me with his dick.
His pants were down and his dick was bulging ready for action, it was not large but was banana shaped and as ugly as the rest of his hairy body. I had this overwhelming urge to pull him between my legs and let him screw me. My panties were back up and dress was back in place and he was attempting to apologise. I was so turned on that I then unzipped my dress and wiggled out of it, off came my blouse and I stood there in my white satin panties, bra and high heel shoes. I pushed him back into his chair and sat on his lap with his dick between my legs. His face was beaming and he looked just as ugly again.
He flicked my bra off and began caressing and sucking my tits while trying to push his dick through my panties. I slipped off his lap and down onto my knees and engulfed his dick with my hands and gave him a tongue job. When he was really worked up he pulled me up and pushed my panties down around my ankles. He then laid me back on top of his desk pushed my legs up and wide apart and sitting in his chair he positioned his face between my legs and slid his tongue inside me. He was so clever with his tongue I couldn%92t believe the pleasure he was giving, my boyfriend has a lot to learn to reach his skill level of cunnilingus. Finally he stood up and was like a starving animal who had just found food as he plunged his dick into me. It was fantastic as he pumped me and after ten minutes we both exploded with pleasure and he kept repeating that he was the first to have me. We lay on his desk amongst his papers recovering from our sex frenzy, we then dressed, he insisted on keeping my panties as a trophy.
Our sexual encounters became a regular session at least twice a week . He seemed to grow uglier after each session but that is what always turns me on for the next time!

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