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Uncle raped me

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: at the lake
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

When I was 15 I went to spend the summer at my aunt and uncle’s place on the lake. I had done this for several summers before, and really was looking forward to it. When I got there this time, my uncle kept on about how much I’d grown and filled out. He kept asking my aunt if she didn’t think I was gorgeous. I was flattered and a bit self conscious by all the attention, but I really liked it.
Ever since being a little kid I had gone there for the summer and had a blast. It is really secluded, and out in the middle of nowhere. I am an only child, and they had no kids, so it was like a party for all of us. I never liked wearing clothes when I was younger, so they let me run around naked all summer. The previous two years I had been unable to go, but got right back into the routine as soon as I got there. I stripped after my parents left and went skinny dipping. At lunchtime, my aunt called for me to come in and I ate lunch with them without bothering to put any clothes on. Everyone seemed cool with this, and for the next two weeks I never wore a stitch of clothing at all. I was in heaven.
Then one morning I was sunbathing on the dock naked and my uncle came out and sat next to me. I could smell alcohol on his breath, which was very unusual. We talked for a while and it was cool, but then he reached over and squeezed my boobs. I was shocked. He fingered my pussy, and I asked him not to touch me like that, because it was wrong. He got all mad and asked where I got off with parading around nude in front of him then not letting him do anything about it. I said it was never a problem before, and he said that that was only because I was a kid.
He kept getting more angry, and finally slapped me across the face. That did it, I just shut up and let him paw me all over. He then made me spread my legs, mounted me and took my virginity. I know what he did, but it seemed so unreal I only remember it like it happened to somebody else. He did this to me several more times in the next week or two before my parents came and got me.
I guess I was lucky I didn’t get pregnant or get an STD. I found reasons not to go back for the next two years, and he died last year. This year my aunt asked me to come back and spend the summer with her because she was so lonely. I did, and even spent all my time there naked. She told me one night that she knew what he did, but couldn’t do anything about it because he threatened to harm me if she told anyone. At first I was angry, but when I saw how sad she was that it happened I knew it wasn’t her fault.
Well that’s how I lost my virginity. I wish it had been on a romantic honeymoon with a man I loved in the way a wife should, but I guess it was not to be.

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