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Urinal story

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: public washroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

One day I was at the bus depot downtown it was about 1:30
in the morning and I needed to use the washroom when I
walked in there was not any one there. So I proceded to use
the washroom untill this 17 year old man walked in and used
the wash room I guess he saw me chatch a glimpse of his dick
because he pinched my ass and aksd me if I was gay. I said That
I wasnt but I was curious about trying it so he placed his
hand on my cock and started to fell it. I was starting to get
hard and he said lets get out of here and do this some where
else so I said sure he took me to a dark hall way with a bunch of
offices and started to un zip his pants to reveal hie 6 inch
beautiful cock and told me to suck it so I placed my lips on his
cock and started to move back and forwards until he blew his
load in my mouth I quickly spit it out because Of the salty taste
after that he tolk me to sit down on the ground and take my
pants off so I quickly took them off and he started to feel my
rock hard dick and slowly placed his lips over it it felt so good
He asked me if he could fuck me up the ass and I said That I
was not into that kind of stuff and he under stood but he
realy wanted me to fuck him up the ass and I said sure I wiped som
sperm on his ass hole and started to fuck it it felt soo good.
I have not seen him since and don’t even know his name but if
you are reading this thanks for the good time. I am now engadged
and have told her many times about that night and she said that
that is a great turn on for her and she has had sex with a woman
too and hopes we can have a four some with another couple
((((TRUE STORY))))))

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