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Vijay’s massage

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: gym massage room
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

For my 16th birthday my parents gave me a coupon for a one-hour massage in their gym. I never had a massage before and was worried someone would see me nude and touch me place I didn’t want to be touched. A girlfriend of mine calmed me down and explained that I would keep on my bra and panties and that massage therapists are very respectful and well-trained and I shouldn’t worry a bit.
On the day of the appointment, a young very handsome looking Indian guy picked me up from the waiting area and led me to his massage room. It felt very good there, dim light, soft soothting music, scent of aromatic candles… I couldn’t help but look at his eyes, he told me his name was Vijay, and he did indeed have a very cute Indian accent.
“I’ll give you a minute to undress, then you can lay down on the massage table with your face down and spread the sheet over you” he said and left the room. I took off my clothes except for bra and panties and then laid down on the table and pulled up the sheet. He knocked and I told him to come in. He connected with me right away engaging me in some small talk while he washed his hands and put some massage oil on. “Any special areas I should focus on?” he asked and I replied “Not really.”
So he removed a bit of the sheet on my back and gently started to massage my shoulders, neck and upper back. It felt truly wonderful and amazing to feel his fingers and hands touching my skin and massaging my muscels. A rush of warmth flowed thru my body and we kept talking some more. He moved downwards towards my lower back and I noticed that he had to work around my bra strap in his strokes, so I said “I could undo the strap if it helps you.” He accepted the offer and my back was now free for receiving a workout from Vijay. As he massaged the lowest end of my back, I felt again that he needed to hold back his strokes, so as not to touch my butt area and I asked if I could take off my panties to make it easier for him, so much did I enjoy and relish the experience, that I wanted him to have the best conditions. Now he was a bit less matter-of-fact, maybe few women ever ask, but I took my panties off anyways giving him access to my butt. His hands digged down deep and pulled my butt muscles in all directions, it was feeling too good to be true, and now for the first time, I realized that there was some erotic or even sexual feeling coming up in me as well, as he worked on these rather private body parts of mine. As he moved down to my thighs, his hands sometimes slid in the upper crack of my thighs and touched my private parts slightly. I don’t know if he intended to do this, but it gave me a great tingly sensation. I couldn’t help and asked him to massage this area more and so he did and soon I was totally wet between my legs out of sexual arousal. He must have realized at that time what was going on because he did not finish my legs but rather asked me if I could trun around. My loose bra fell on the floor and my breasts were right there for his form and sexy hands to grab. Boy this breast massage was so erotic and sensual that I could have almost come from this one right then and there. He paid a lot of attention to my nipples too and they became fully erect and hard. His hands then slowly went down over my stomach and belly button to touch my private parts which were so much yearning and waiting for them. HE massaged my lips, my clitoris for a very long time until it got really hard and came out of its hood, and then massaged my vagina inside. I was so hot and wild to have him inside me that I got up from the table and ripped his clothes off him. Then I held him close, feeling his warm bndy and erect penis on my skin. I went back onto the table and aksed him to fuck me right here and now and he didn’t hesitate a minute and rummed his hard uncut penis into my moist vagina. IT was good that this was his last appointment of the day because we fucked each other for hours and had both multiple orgasms. I also gave him some blowjobs and in the end as a special treat let him fuck my ass as well when he shot another load of cum deep inside me and I came once more.
From that day on we have been dating and I am so fortunate to receive many free massages from Vijay in his own apartment, followed by the wildest sex experiences. We still get along so well that I think we’ll get married soon.

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