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virginity to lil sister

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: bathroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

when it happened, i was a normal girl, but i felt unusual.one day, my friend came by and we talked and played around, i felt horny and i went into my bathroom. I peed a little and i started to spread my legs. I felt so horny, so i went into the tub. I never masterbated before, so i just did my normal things in the tub. i accidentaly left the door open, and my little sister opened the door. She was 9, but had already grown her little breasts. She said sorry to burge in like that. Our parents were not home. i asked her to come over here.
I took off her shirt and she was scared. i said i was going to show her something special. I took off her pants and left her panties on. I led her into the tub and she started squirming because she wasnt used to having her panties on in the tub. I led my hand into her panties and started rubbing her clit. she started to moan and i started to feel her peeing. So i told her to lay back on the tub. Our tub was like a pool. I then reached for the soap and just rubbed it on my pussy and i slipped it a little bit inside to clean it. i led her back to me and she took off her panties. I then told her that we are going to have sex. She hasnt learned yet so i thought of teaching her. I led her to the corner of the tub and drained the water. I started to rub her pussy and mine too.
She then thought of my pussy and pushed me down. I led her to my pussy and she started drying it with a towel and used her finger to slide it in and out. i moaned a lil bit and she felt wet down there.
So, i took her my the hand and i led her pussy to mine. Both of ours collided and i started squirming. She felt very good now and turned on the water. I started to feel like cumming and she too. I then opened her pussy up and my pussy cummed in hers. She asked if that was it, and i said yes, so she dressed up and went to bed.
I cleaned up and i snuck into her room. I saw her sound asleep already, but i led my hand to her bare pussy again and started masterbating it for hours. she cummed alot

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