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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: On a raft
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was your typical egg-head computer nerd all through school. I finished high school at 16, college at 20 and a masterÆs in computer science by 22. Needless to say, I didnÆt have much time or inclination for dating û and thatÆs assuming I could have gotten anyone to go out with me.

I did come close once (I thought) in my sophomore year. I spent a lot of time studying with this one girl. One night in my dorm room, we started making out pretty heavily. She let me put my hand in her pants and play around with her. But after she got off, she jumped up, mumbled something about ôgoing too fastö and that ôshe canÆt do itö and ran out, leaving me alone with a huge trobber and ôRosie.ö (Rosie is from an old Jackson Browne song — you kids ought to look it up sometime.)

So after I finish school, here I am, 22-years-old, making an un-godly amount of money and still a virgin. So I buy a respectably yuppie Beamer and a waterfront condo on one of the nearby lakes. Once I get settled into the condo, I soon realize that everyone in the neighborhood is much older than I am — mostly in their 30Æs and 40Æs — and it seem like theyÆve all just gotten divorced. Many, especially the women, seemed to have married young, had just dumped their ex and were looking to PARTY! It was a pretty wild neighborhood.

One of the favorite pastimes in the summer was to raft-up in the lake on floats at the end of the community pier and drink. One Saturday, one of the guys came walking down the pier dragging a large, wooden, gray crate. He threw it overboard, reached down, and pulled the handle. The crate burst open and the insides began to expand into a large, orange 15-to-20-man survival raft. The raft was round and probably 15-feet in diameter, large enough for two people to lie head-to-head. First the sides inflated, and then, out of the center of the raft, a large, round shaft began to inflate and rise, supporting the roof of the now fully-enclosed raft.

Of course, all the phallus jokes began immediately. ôIÆm in LOVE!ö one of the women shouted, pretending to jack off the big orange dick. Naturally, all the guys claimed that theirs was bigger. I offered to paint mine orange, if that was what turned her on (I thought that was very clever!)

One-by-one, we all piled in, which took a little doing, given how drunk everyone was. In all, there were four women and three guys. One couple, Keith and Cindy, were married and probably in their late 30Æs or early 40Æs. Claire, the girl in love with the roof support, jumped in, wrapped her legs around the support and started humping it. ôOh baby!ö she said. ôI may never go home.ö

ôWhat you need is a real man,ö answered, Jay, the guy who had brought the raft. And with that he pulled her backwards by the shoulders towards him and slid both hands into her bikini top. The top, which was tied on with not much more that a promise, slipped off. Keith grabbed the top and hid it behind his back. Claire pretended to cover her big titties with one hand while trying to recover her top with the other. After fighting with Keith for a minute, Claire stood up, no longer attempting to cover her tits, and with both hands on her hips, announced, ôWell if yÆall are getting a look at my boobs, I want to see some dick!ö

She didnÆt have to ask twice. Jay quickly dropped his swimsuit and threw it at Claire, hitting her in the ass with a splat.

From there, it was on! Keith was the next to drop his drawers, and within a couple of minutes, all the women were topless. ItÆs amazing how sophomoric adults can be when the smell of sex is in the air! Everybody was grabbing and groping anything they could. One of the other girls, Lisa, was standing in front of me, facing the other direction. Deciding to get in on the action, I sat up, and yanked her bathing suit bottom down, and gave her a gentle bite on the ass. I gave her bottoms another tug, pulling them down to mid-thigh and her back on top of me. I ended up lying back on the bottom of raft, with Lisa sitting bare-assed on my stomach.

Let me tell you about Lisa. She was not one of the real hard-core party animals, but more quite. She was taller than average, real cute, maybe 30 or 31, about my height, with dark eyes and brown, curly hair just below her shoulders. She was very small-breasted, but had +-inch-long nipples that hung off her chest like a long ash of the end of a smoldering cigarette.

But her ass — man what an ass! It was perfect! She had a small waist and flat stomach. Her hip bones poked out just above the top of her bikini bottom, pointing down and in, leading the eye toward heaven. Her cheeks were round and perfect, slightly pear-shaped, with a slight crease at the top of her legs. Her bush was neatly trimmed across the top and sides, but with a thick dark strip down the middle, left there to cover her treasure. I always thought it looked a little like HitlerÆs mustache.

So there I am, with a real, live, naked woman sitting on top of me. Lisa slid back, grinding her hips into my chest. At the same time, she slid both hands down my stomach, into my shorts and around my now-stiff dick.

ôLadies!ö she announced. ôWe have a woodie!ö She sprang my dick out of my shorts for everyone to see. She squeezed my cock with her right hand and pumped it up and down a couple times, as if I needed any encouragement.

ôOooooo, look at that cute little thing!ö says one of the girls, sarcastically.

Claire pretended to look me over, from side to side, as if she were thinking about making a purchase. ôNow donÆt get yourself all worked up,ö she said. ôItÆs not like youÆre going to get any.ö

ôListen babe,ö I told her, peering out from around LisaÆs ass. ôIf you ever see me with a gorgeous, butt-naked woman sitting on me and I donÆt have a hard-on, I want you to call 911.ö

Everyone laughed. Lisa was both embarrassed and complimented at the same time. I raised my hips up and pulled my shorts down over my ass. Lisa let go my dick and helped pull my shorts down to my knees where I could kick them off. In the process, she brought her knees together, squeezing my dick between her thighs.

We sat like this for some time. The raft was like a huge waterbed. As it slowly rocked, my dick pumped up and down between LisaÆs legs. She used the same opportunity to subtly rub herself against my stomach. I could feel her soft pussy growing warmer against me.

By this time, no one was paying Lisa and me any attention. They were too busy pairing off and getting off. I couldnÆt see Jay, Cindy and Barb, the fourth girl, but they were in one corner, doing their own thing. CindyÆs husband, Keith, was to my right with Claire lying on top of him. Their feet were pointing toward me, giving me the best possible view of KeithÆs dick slowing disappearing and reappearing between the cheeks of ClaireÆs ass. Keith occasionally squeezed ClaireÆs ass, giving me a quick peek of both her asshole and his dick inserted into the pink folds of her vagina. I had never seen anything like that in a porno movie, much less four-feet from my nose! I had never been so horny before in my life!

While watching Keith and Claire fuck, IÆve got my hands on LisaÆs hips, pressing her hot pussy against my stomach and pushing her down, closer to by throbbing dick. She slid down, straddling my hips and briefly opening her legs so that my dick sprang back against her crotch. She leaned back and rolled her hips forward so that her clit was rubbing against the base of my dick and her vagina ground into my pubic bone. Reaching back, she held both my hands with hers, and breathed a soft moan. She was humping me up and down, not caring if anyone notices. (As if anyone else cared about us!)

We dry humped for quite a while û I could have gone on for days. Soon, Lisa began humping harder, pressing her clit tightly against my shaft. Still holding my hands behind her, she squeezed them tightly as she lifts her butt up off of me. The muscles of her ass and legs tightened, squeezing and pulling on my dick. She took a deep breath and held that position for several seconds without making a sound. As her orgasm passed, she relaxed and dropped down on me, breathing again, heavily.

When she caught her breath, she let go my hands, sat up and leaned forward. As she did, I slipped my hands under her behind and lifted her up. I leaned forward and for the first time, got a glimpse of her glistening, wrinkled pussy. As I lifted her off me, myddick, now ready to explode, sprang back toward me. I sat her down on top of it, with her swollen and fiery pussy lips draped across the shaft. I gently humped a couple times, just to remind her I had unfinished business there.

Lisa slid her left hand down my left leg, latching-on just below my knee. She raised herself off me and moved her right hand between her legs. With her index and middle finger, she gently parted her stripe of curly hair and opened the lips of her vagina. With her other finger, she hooked my penis and pointed the head inside her. I raised my hips and push myself tight against her hot flesh. She rocked backwards, then forwards, scooping my dick into her. She was hot and wet and I had never felt anything like that before! And from behind her, I could watch every inch!

Lisa rocked her hips once more, taking more of me into her. She let go with her right hand and placed it on my right shin. I could feel my dick slipping through her soft opening, and pushing against the tighter entrance to her depths. As I sank deeper and deeper into her, I could feel her tight band of pussy muscles ringing my shaft, slowly sliding down to the base.

Now all the way inside her, the deep inner part of her felt more open and receptive to me. We didnÆt move much, I just lied there, staring at the spot where I disappear into her, and imagining what was going on inside.

After a moment, Lisa began to move her hips front and back. Not causing me to move in and out of her, but just making my dick move around inside her. As she moved, I could feel the tip of my dick bump against the button of what must have been her cervix deep within her. We did this for some time, as it seems to be what felt best to her.

But after a fashion, I needed more action. I started humping up and down, sliding in and out. This was what I was looking for! Lisa seemed to enjoy it as well. She rolled forward, sliding her hands down to my ankles and bringing her clit more into the action. In this position, IÆm looking right at her tight, pink button of an asshole. I can see every bit of my dick as it slid out of her, bringing a little pink roll of pussy with it, then pushing back inside. Watching this was the most erotic experience of my life!

I pumped her like this for several minutes. From time to time, Lisa would sit up straight, arching her back backwards, then lean forward, curving her back in the other direction. I donÆt know if she was having an orgasm or not. We kept this up until I feel my stomach muscles tighten. I pumped her harder and deeper. I could feel a pressure deep inside me between my balls and asshole. I grabbed LisaÆs hips and pushed her hard, down on top of me. I clinched my teeth and groaned as I pushed into her with all my strength. I felt my cum rushing through my dick and blasting into her. It pulsed four or five times, pumping her full, before it began to subside. But I was still rammed deep into her. I held it there until I was completely finished.

I finally relaxed, dropping onto the floor of the raft, sliding out of her slightly as I did. A few seconds later, she relaxed as well, dropping her weight onto me. As she did, my near-dead dick slid back into her fully. The sensation was more than I could stand! I held onto LisaÆs hips not letting her move. We sat like this for several minutes with my shrinking dick still in her. Suddenly, she sat up, letting my steaming dick slip quickly out. I gasped and shuddered, but was glad she did it quickly, like having someone yank a Band-Aid off for you.

She sat down next to me and we both slid backwards, so we were sitting against the wall of the raft. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close. ôMy God!ö I breathed into her ear, bumping my head against the side of hers. ôThat was incredible!ö

ôWow,ö she said, turning and looking up at me with her mouth dropped open in disbelief. ôIncredibleà.ö She couldnÆt finish the sentence, just slowly shake her head.

The others on the raft were finishing up as well. Claire was still on top of Keith, with her tongue down his throat and a death grip on his purple dick. Jay was laying with CindyÆs head in his lap and Cindy with BarbÆs head in hers. I would have loved to have seen what went on with those three! (I later found out. LetÆs just say Cindy and Barb were more ôflexibleö than the rest of us.)

After that first time, Lisa and I had sex frequently, including a couple more time on the raft (this time without the company) before it sank in a storm a few weeks later. A few times we did it with the group, mixing it up. Sooner or later, I had sex with all four women, including Cindy. It seems Keith and Cindy made a sport of fucking different people with the other watching. Of course theyÆre divorced now.

Lisa and I dated for about a year. Being older, she really wanted to settle down and have kids. But having just ôsprouted my wingsö I wasnÆt ready for that, so we broke up. SheÆs since remarried and moved from the condos. I see her only once in a while. She has a little boy and bought herself a boobs job, which really looks great on her. I would never wish her or her new family any ill will, but if she ever comes available again, IÆll supply the raft!

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