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what a summer!!

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my bedroom
Langauge: Finnish
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

it happened on my summerschool break, me and him didn’t really plan it, pertama2 kita cuma bercanda and ngobrol2, memang dia juga sudah biasa main ke kamar gua, and waktu itu was only me & him at home, gak ada orang, pas kita lagi becanda2 and we were kissing, and suddenly i got hot, and i can feel my pussy was getting wet, and i can see he’s getting horny too. Trus dia mulai touching my breast, well it’s not the first time he touched it, and start squeezing it, and boy i like it when he do that, trus dia mulai open my shirt pelan2, and unhooking my bra, dia lick it and suck it, i can’t control myself, i started to make some noise, i feel like i’m flyin’,then one thing let to another, we were both naked, and that was the first time i saw a dick, kontol dia gak begitu gede but i don’t know why, i feel like sucking it, i hold his dick, kissing it softly, then suck it, i know i wasn’t that good at the time, coz it was my first, but he helped me, then he asked me if he can lick my pussy, trus dia lick my pussy,karena sudah gak tahan, he put in his dick into my tight wet pussy,kontol dia juga udah agak basah, pas dia put in his dick, oohhh god i’m in heaven that was what i feel, even though at first he was having trouble to put it all in, coz i was still a virgin.
i don’t know if that was his first time too, but now i know, i was his first. it was really hurt when his dick, can finally in and blood came out of my pussy, then after the blood came out, it felt really good,i can feel his dick into my body, then something white came out of my pussy, at first i didn’t know what was it, till he told me i reached orgasms, and to my surprise, he licked it, and he said he liked it, we did the doggy style, until he reached his climax. We’re still dating till now, and we have sex almost everyday,,,,,

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