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who dun it

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Age when it happend: 10
Where it happened: at my aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was raised by my mom and we lived in several towns in British Columbia Canada. My mom got a really good job offer in Alberta and she sent me to live with my aunt until she got settled and was ready for me to come and live with her. My aunt was about 40 or so and she had two daughters 13 and 15. Her husband had been killed in a car wreck only about a year or two before I came to live with them. They all treated me really nice and my aunt called me “her little man” which made me feel pretty speacial. She took very good care of me and paid lots of attention to me. She was bold with me and right from the first she wouldn’t hesitate to come into the bathroom while I was in the tub and talk to me or brush her hair. This one time while I was bathing she asked me if I was circumsised or not. I told her I wasn’t and asked her why she wanted to know. She told me that she told my mom that she would explain some things to me for her and that personal hygiene was one of them. She asked me to stand in the tub and so I did. She came over to me and took hold of my limp penis and pulled my foreskin back and said that clean men washed there every day and with that she soaped her hand and started to scrub my penis glans with her soapy hand causing my penis to swell as she washed. She noticed it growing in her hand right off and then smiled at me and released it and told me to finish up and to make sure I washed it every day. She left me to my bath sitting in the hot water with a stiff penis. Well after that I washed my penis every chance I got and kept myself very clean just for her.
My aunt had bought a new/old house after I had been there a month or so of me moving in with her and her daughters. It was hard work but the four of us packed and moved all of their stuff into the other house this one weekend. While we were putting all of the stuff into the respective rooms my 13 yr old cousin called us all into her room and showed us what looked like an attic opening in the ceiling of her closet. Her mom asked me to get a ladder from the garage which I did. She tried to climb up the ladder and open the door to see what was in the attic but the opening was too small for her to get into as someone had built the closet sort of over it. My 13 yr old cousin tried as did her sister but they too couldn’t quite fit. So I wanted to try so I climbed up the step ladder and tried to squeeze into the opening. I was on my tiptoes and into the opening right up to my stomach and I tried and tried but I couldn’t quite squeeze through. I wanted to do this to make my aunt pleased so I shoved myself harder into the opening and there I stopped, stuck half into the attic and half into the closet. The girls laughed and my aunt scolded them for it as I was a little embarassed. My aunt said she had to get some tools or something to get me out and said they’d be right back. I heard their foot steps fade into the other part of the house. I stood there on my tiptoes stuck in the attic hole frustrated. I was there for maybe 10 minutes when without any warning I felt somebody’s hands on my legs. It startled me and asked who was there and there was no answer. I was sort of scared as the hands moved up my legs to my thighs then felt over my crotch area and onto my bum. A searing rush ran through me as I trembled from my nerves as this person ran their hands over me some more. They stopped and I sort of breathed a sigh of releif until I felt them undo my belt and pull my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I objected and all I heard was a loud SSSHHH. I stood riged as the hands returned to my bare flesh and began their touching journey. Their warmth spread through my groin as they felt my ass and balls. They gently massaged my swelling member and pulled my foreskin back a couple of times. I was on fire with excitement as the hands continued to massage my genitals. I felt embarassed with my erection and all but the sensations from this persons touch were incredible to my young body. Suddenly I felt this warm wetness envelope my stiff penis. I shuddered with surprise as the warmth moved over my entire length until I could feel their lips and nose pressed against my pubis engulfing my entire penis. They worked their mouth up and down my entire length a few times then they swirled their tounge under my foreskin sending shivers through me. They kept this up until I started to breath deeply then they sucked quite hard on me as they worked up and down my length. Their hands moved to my ass cheeks and held me tightly as they sucked carrying me higher and higher until suddenly a huge covulsion ran through my body and I orgasmed. As my body convulsed and my semen was being sent in spasms up my penis, they drew down on my penis as if it were a straw and sucked the streams of semen out of me like it were milk. I could feel this strong sucking action on my penis as spasm after spasm tore through me causing my hips to squirm and toss as I struggled in their tight grip on my ass cheeks. They sucked and sucked until there was no more semen to come out of me and my penis started to go spongy in their mouth. Finally they released me from their sucking mouth and kissed my genitals and upper thighs all over before they pulled my pants back up. Then they were gone without a sound. I stood there on the ladder still stuck with my legs shaking from my experience. About 10 minutes later I heard voices and foot steps from my aunt and cousins as they returned. In a couple of minutes they had me down from the hole with my ribs bruised but other than that unscathed. I was nervous that somebody might know what happened to me but everybody acted as if nothing had happened at all. They all acted normal as everyday and I even started to wonder if it had really happened but my sensitive red penis told me otherwise.
To this day I never found out who sucked me for my first time.

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