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with my cousin

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: at Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My cousin is older than me and smarter than me.I got him come over to my house to help me with my homework. He started with giving me questions on paper and told me to do it while he wait. Sometimes he fell asleep, or read a book between questions. At one time he give a hard one. I have to think hard about it and still can’t figure out the answer. I told him to guide me in this question. He sits right behind me at the same chair, hold my handand write the steps with my hand. At first I thought I would be OK because he is my own cousin. Then his left hand slightly touched my breast. He said “Oops sorry”. We both left in silence. Then just as we continue the steps, his left hand rub my right breast. I don’t know what to do. Suddenly he kiss me in the neck, I said “stop it, carry on with the steps”. Then he carry on with his left hand still on my breast. Then he slowly move his hand downward, and start to slip it under my boxer than under my pants. Then he touches my vagina, I feel hot and cold and can’t do anything. He move his right hand to under my skirt and then under my bra, and began to caress my left breast.
Suddenly he put his right hand away, and just when I thought it was over, he snap my bra from behind and then caress my bra freely. I think I can feel his erection from behind. He inserted his finger to my vagina and started to finger-fuck me. I cannot enjoy a thing, I’m still in the state of shock. Then he kiss my all over neck. Suddenly, he arises, put off his hand. He helped me stand, and before I realize it, he pulls my boxer and pants down, leaving my vagina uncovered. I feel ashamed and try to cover it with my hand. He hugged me and reaches to my back and pull off my T shirt. I try to refuse, but he somehow pulled it off, along with my bra. Then I left standing naked, with my hand covering my breast and vagina. But I was so stunned that I cannot do anything about it. He reaches out to my and give me my first kiss. I kinda like it. Then he pull me and lay me on my bed. He open his shirt and jeans, and his shorts. He kissed my hard, and start to kiss my nipples. I want to cover it with my hands, but he put them away, Then suddenly I felt something I haven’t felt before, I feel I kinda like this, and I put my hand behind his neck. Then he lowered his body, kiss my belly button and he start to kiss my vagina. Then, he insert his tongue on my vagina. I was so startled. Then he say ” Do you like it?”. What can I say? I ws left speechless. He kept lick me until I feel something wet inside. I thought it ws his saliva, but it isn’t. After he finish with my vagina, he stand up, open my cabinet and looking for something. I said “What are you looking for?”. He said “Souvenir”. He take out my white hankerchief and put it under my hips, right under my vagina. And still didn’t get it. He back on my top and kiss me. He told me to open my leg as he about to enter his to mine. First stroke, nothing happened, although I feel like in heaven when he entered me. At the second thrust, Ouch! it’s hurt. It must be my hymen. Now I got it. That’s why he need my hankerchief. I started to cry, because it hurts. He kiss me and say “don’t worry, everything will be just fine”. I’m still crying, so he kiss my eyes, and lick my tears. He asked me, Do you want to look at it. I nodded. He raised his body a bit, so I can look at it by raising my head. I saw his penis pumping up and down my vagina. I’m crying again.Suddenly he stopped, Then I realized that his penis is buried deep in my vagina. Then I can feel his penis shot his sperm inside me. Then he fall down on me, and kiss me and say “I love you”. I’m still crying by then. We kept this position for about 10 minutes, and his penis is still buried in my vagina. Then he pulled it off, wipe the blood, and asked me wether I want to keep the hankerchief or he will. I said I will. He smile, kiss me again, cover my naked deflowered body with blanket. He puts on his shirt and jeans, and walk away. then he came back, open his jeans, open his pants again. I was shivering, I thought he was going to enter me again. But he didn’t, he did playing around by open the blanket, kiss my vagina and put the tip of his penis on my vagina. Then he pulled it and tell me to keep his pants, as his souvenir, then he take my pants with him. I still can smell his penis through his pant. I was laying naked under the blanket and crying for about one hour. We still met until this day. Sometimes he kissed me deeply but he never screw up with me again.

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