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With my cousin’s wife

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: in my cousin's appartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

i was brought up in a private catholic school so i was pretty good in history and philosphy. my cousin who was much older(he was 34 when i was 17) was unlike me he hated history and that stuff and all of his work was in mangment. he married a girl named lily who had a great love to history coz her dad was a historian. so although she was much elder (at that time she was 31 and i was 17)
she liked to sit with me and talk about history and she even invited me sometimes back to her dad’s house to show me his work. as i was from a strict catholic family i wasn’t allowed to date i have to admit i liked my cousin’s wife and i ofen fanatsized about her in a nasty way but i never intended to do anything or i even though anything would happen. it was that day when she called and asked me if i could stop by her coz my cousin was out of town and the kids were at their grandma’s and she felt lonely so i said yes. when i went there she opened the door she was wearing a black robe but i noticed that she was wearing a red bra under it. the though it of it made me horney however we sat watching a movie and we talked then she asked me if wanted anything to drink and i said coke so she went get the drinks. she got the coke and we started drinking and completed watching the movie and then then waening i was completely wet her coke have fallen on my pants. she said she didn’t mean it and it slipped out of her hand (but after that i knew she meant she told me that). she asked me to take off my pants and she will get me another one so i took it and i remained in my jockies and the t-shirt. when she came back she was not holding any pant or even wearing the black robe she was only in her red bra and underware. oh my god she look so hot and i kept staring at her amazing body she smilied and she get closer and said do u like what u see, i noded so she huged me pushing her juicy breasts aganist me then she said then u have to catch me and she started running. i was fired up and i started runing after her like a horse, she run up the stairs shouting come and get me and she entered the bed room. i entered after her i found her standing on the bed, she jumped on me with her legs around my back and we made out heavily. then we fall on bed still making out, she took of my t-shirt while i took off her bra. then she got on her back and spread her legs as wide as she can and she told me ‘that is my facourite underware but i want u to tear it and stick ur cock in pussy and fuck me’. so i took off my jockey and my 7 inch cock popped out and i approached he then i hold her underware and i tore it and then i sticked my cock into her pussy. how warm and sweet was her pussy it was amazing i went slow at first then i fastened up and after 20 mins i came while she have came twice. we kept all night fuckibg and next morning when we woke up together we did it again and we contiued doing it for a year before i left for college. but i still remember her i love u lily.

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