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Age when it happend: 7
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was home alone that warm summer day of my awakening to the world. My older brother, Dave and his best friend Pete had gone to the river,and said I was too young to be with them. My little brother and sister were at Aunt Alice’s. So I was just watching cartoons in my pajamas.

I was wondering when Dave and Pete would be back, when Pete’s older brother Carl came to the door and knocked. I went to the door and opened it.

“Is Pete here?” Carl asked.

“Pete and Dave went to the river,” I answered, “They said I couldn’t go ’cause I’m too little.”

“Ya,OK, they’re probably skinny-dipping and playing dirty.” Carl said with a little grin.

Now I had been skinny-dipping with the older kids sometimes,but I had never heard of ‘playing dirty’.

“Playing dirty,” I asked, “What’s that?”

“You here alone?” Carl asked.

Carl looked at me a little surprised that I was alone I suppose. Then he squinted his eyes slightly and looked me up and down intently.

It made me a little ticklish and flushed to be looked at that way. I twisted a little to each side, kind of sheepish and maybe to give Carl a better look.

“Of course I’m alone,” I turned to the side and swept my arm to indicate that I was alone, and to show more of myself to his prying eyes even if I didn’t know why.

“I can take care of myself”, I said with pride.

Carl must have thought the gesture was an invitation because he stepped in and closed the door.He continued to stare at me and then dropped his voice a notch, “Have you ever seen anyone bare?”

“I take my bath with David and sometimes the older guys let me go skinny-dipping with them,” I said with pride. Carl’s eyes were still on my intently and it was starting to make me feel flushed.

“Does your pee-pee ever get hard, other then in the morning when you have to pee?”, Carl was almost rasping out the words.

“Ya, like yesterday I dropped my spoon at breakfast. When I went under the table to get it my sister’s nighty had pulled up on her chair and she wasn’t wearing panties. I could see between her legs. She opened her legs a little and I could see a slit. I don’t know why but it made my pee-pee hard,” I just knew I was blushing at the memory as I said this. I fact my pee-pee was starting to react to the memory.

“Well when your bare with someone and your pee-pee gets hard. That when you play dirty.”, Carl said. His eyes seemed to be focused on my belly and it made me flush even more. I had to find out more.I turned and started towards the stairs.

“Could you show me upstairs?” I said, looking over my shoulder at the bottom of the stairs to make sure Carl was following. He was right behind my, staring at my every step of the way. It felt good to get this much attention, I had to know more. At the top of the stairs I turned left into Davids room. I was not supposed to be in Davids room, but I sleep with my little brother and he wet the bed last night. As soon as I got into Dave’s room I dropped my pajama bottoms ans briefs on the floor, before Carl had topped the stairs. I was surprised to see my pee-pee hard and sticking straight out from my belly.

Carl came into the room and sucked in his breath slightly, looking straight at my pee-pee. I turned full towards him to give him a better view. I pushed my hips forward slightly, I loved the way he was looking at my private parts. It made me feel tingly.

Carl walked over to the bed, dropped his trousers and briefs to his knees and sat on the edge of the bed.I came over to get a good look at his pee-pee, he could see mine and I wanted to see his. It was lying to the side slightly on a bed of curly, dark, brown, hair. I could actually see his heart beating in his pee-pee, with each beat the red, plumb shaped end of his pee-pee came further up away from the hair. His pee-pee was at least twice my size and the top was velvety, red looking. It made my pee-pee all the harder to look at his like this. My pee-pee was now hitting my soft smooth every time may heart beat.His was kind of throbbing away from me now, not getting any larger. It just kept inviting me to do something with its insistent jerking.

“Can I touch it?, I asked.

I thought Carl’s pee-pee would jump off his belly when I asked that. I felt bolder then I ever felt in my life, my pee-pee was slapping at my belly trying to get in tune with Carl’s.

“ya, if you want, of course,” Carl rasped. It sounded like a stage whisper. It was cool.

I stuck out my little hand and brushed across the top and tried to rap my hand just under the round, red top. Carl reached down and started stoking my pee-pee between his thumb and middle finger, it felt like heaven. I had to stroke him also but my hand would not fit all the way around his pee-pee.

Just then Carl lifted me onto the bed and arranged us in a head to toe arrangement. This was great. His pee-pee was just in front of my face and I could see it smell him and use both hands, without his arm in the way. I put both hands around Carl’s pee-pee and began to slide them from the top till the heal of my hands were inside his belly hair.

I must have done something right because Carl started bucking his hips in time to my stroking. My pee-pee felt really funny so I looked down and saw Carl was no longer stroking my pee-pee but had put it between his lips and was gently sucking on it. I started bucking my hips in time to his bucking to show my appreciation. Carl responded by grabbing one of my but cheeks in each hand. Carl’s breathing was getting really ragged now so I thought that i was doing good, but wanted to do more.

My pee-pee was all the way inside Carl but I only had my tiny hands wrapped around Carl’s pee-pee. I wet my lips and slid them over the top of Carl,s pee-pee. My tongue tasted the entry of his pee hole, it tasted salty like chips. I loved the velvety feel of it in my mouth, but something was wrong. I could only get part of the top in my mouth and he had all of me in him.

As we bucked into each other’s face both of our breathing became more stuttering and our bucking more frenzied. Trying to push my deeper into his face Carl’s fingers were playing at my touch-hole. I got a wicked idea and almost jumped for joy at the thought.

“Can you put your pee-pee into my touch-hole”, I gasped around the pee-pee in my tiny hands.

“It’ll never fit. Your so small and my cock is kinda big,” Carl sounded excited and disappointed at the same time. I had to go for it, I had to have him in me, especially after hearing that word, cock it was exciting to have a new grown-up word for what was happening.I had to have his COCK in me.

“Please,please put your cock in my touch-hole. You can put your cock in ’cause I make big poops,” I pleaded.

“Look 19 year old men just don’t fuck little boys,” said Carl’s word. His eyes and frenzied movements said something else and now I had a new dirty word for what he really wanted and I was going to get it.

“It’s OK. You won’t hurt me I really do make big poops. I really do want you to fuck me in the touch-hole with that big cock of yours,” saying this made my little cock even harder, I had to do this. I had to get all of Carl inside me the way I was inside him.

“No, No, it’ll hurt you.”

I jumped off the bed before Carl could react. I pushed my knees against the bed, bent at the waist and started humping the bed. The linen felt so good against my aching cock.

“Come on Carl, fuck me in the touch-hole, fuck me.”

Carl got out of bed and I worried that I had gone too far and he was leaving. When I looked over my shoulder he was taking off the rest of his cloths, so I started humping the bed in earnest, it felt so good.

Carl did not just have hair around his cock,he had hair on his chest and under his arm pits. It was just so cool, I could not wait till I got big an had more hair. Carl was bare now, and knelt down behind me. Before I new what would happen next Carl put his face between my but cheeks. This was just too much, no wonder it’s ‘playing dirty’.

Carl stuck his tongue out and it tickled my touch-hole. Slowly he started pushing it deeper and deeper into me. I was no longer humping the bed now I was pushing back against Carl’s face, trying to get more of his tongue in me.

Carl stood up behind me had I could no longer wait to have all of him in me.

“Fuck me Carl Don’t think you won’t. I want you to fuck me.”

Carl pressed his cock between my but cheeks and onto my tiny puckered hole. I could feel the tip and what felt like two shafts under it. Carl was still afraid, he would back up when pushed back and just ride forward when I humped forward. Then I got the best idea. I started humping the bed again, each time digging myself a little deeper and getting Carl to pump his hips with greater abandon. When I was as far forward as I could go and Carl was excited almost beyond reason I pushed back as hard and far as I could.

The head of Carl’s cock went in past my poop muscles with a nearly audible pop. It hurt like hell. Then I could feel that the end of Carl’s cock was inside my poop muscles and I knew I could do this. Carl wasn’t moving at all so I started rocking gently in tight movements. Carl slowly started to do the same.

Our movements started to get larger and I began to fuck back harder. With each pump another quarter of an inch was in me.
Soon I could feel Carl’s cock head hit something behind my little cock, deep inside my belly. Every time we move little electric shocks shook me. I had to have it all, I took a deep breath and pushed back as furiously as I could. I felt Carl’s hips slam against my but cheeks.

“God! I can’t believe it my cock is buried all the way in a little boy’s ass hole.” Carl gasped.

I could feel his cock hit the mark inside me, and now i had him. He was inside me. I could truly fuck him now.

“Just fuck I want really fuck,” I stammered.

Carl started sliding in and out of my. The out motion was electric, the push a little painful topped off by the heavenly slam into that button. Soon Carl was pulling out till the head was just inside that ring of muscle and pushing in to the button and his sack slapped against mine.

Oh, this was the best I thought if it could go on like this a little longer I would be happier then anyone. Then Carl started jerking real hard. He pushed me against the mattress and my cock started feeling the rub and my ass was alight with the joy of Carl’s fucking. Then Carl pushed hard into my ass and I could feel his cock head pressed against the button. Then the most amazing thing Carl’s cock started rubbing up and down on the button and getting hot wet inside me. The sensation was beyond words. My own cock started twitching between the bed and my belly. An unbelievable sensation came over my whole body, my ass hole clenched and unclenched about Carl’s cock and my whole body shuttered.

I a minute Carl took his cock out of my ass and started getting dressed. I looked at a small wet spot where my cock had been.

“I think I wet the bed,” I said.

“No that’s cum, it happens when you play dirty enough. When you are older you will do it with a girl. If you do it inside her you will make a baby.”

With that Carl left. I heard the front door close, put on my pajamas and could not wait till Dave and Pete to get back. I knew how big Dave’s cock was and thought I might be able to get it all in my mouth. I sure hope that Pete’s cock was close to his brother’s size so he could fuck me while I suck on Dave’s cock. Come on hurry home.

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