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Age when it happend: 60
Where it happened: Woods
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first blow job

Divorced with a grown child, I’ve lived alone for several years. Sexually fulfilled with an occasional romp with a willing lady, I lived a normal life. Until one day when I did what I thought I’d never ever do. As a guy between man and senior, I tried to keep myself in shape by being active. One of the things I enjoy is biking. On this day I hauled my bike in the back of my truck to a favorite off-road biking trail that was seldom used. At the trails edge, I unloaded the mountain bike and started my journey. About an hour out, I thought I’d glimpsed a shinny object off to my left. I decided to stop and go back to check it out. I walked my bike off the path and peered off into the thick woods. I could see something so I approached for a better view. It was another bike. Thinking someone may be broken down or hurt, I set my bike up next to a tree and explored. At first I saw nothing and heard nothing. There was a narrow foot trail leading off into a bank of rocks. As I approached the rocks on foot, I noticed the trail led to a large outcropping that resembled an open cave formation. When I just began to enter the wide opening, I stopped short. There a few yards ahead was a naked boy. Completely naked and laying back on a large flat rock and not noticing that I was watching. Not only was he naked, but he was doing what teen boys do best – jacking off. I looked for a moment, wondering if there were more people, girls or boys, with him. Apparently not as I saw no one. I quickly decided that all I had done was happen upon a youth having a quick jack-off in the country. He didn’t appear to be in any danger so there was no need for my assistance here. I couldn’t blame him for that and having done the same thing many years ago myself, I decided to just let him have his fun. On the other hand, it was interesting to see this. The boy was a teen so I figured he was not too young to be out here by himself – not lost or anything. But instead of quietly turning away, for some reason, I decided to keep watching him. His concentration on his job was somehow interesting to me. The sight of him gliding his hand up and down on his shaft was somehow intriguing to me. In my youth, I admit I’d jacked off with a buddy when we were about twelve to thirteen. We did it enough times to go from shooting banks to shooting a goodly amount of white cum all over our dicks and hands. We never touched, just watched each other stroke and shoot while we thought of what it would be like to have real sex with a girl. That was long ago and nothing so ‘gay’ ever happened to me since then. But here I was sneaking around watching this good-looking boy jack off and me liking what I saw. He was taking his time and would often stop and play with himself. Then, he got up and started to walk around – hard on pointing out. I inched myself back into the brush hoping he’d not discover me there watching him. As he neared me, I judged that he’d see me any second. Not wanting to look like I was some kind of peeking pervert, I decided to just walk into his little party and pretend like I’d just got there. So, when he was looking the other way, I stepped into the open area and just looked at him. As he turned around and saw me, he just stared and blinked a time or two. Suddenly, he made a mad dash for his cloths. There he was hopping on one leg trying to get into his underwear with me just staring at him. Once he got them on, he looked up at me and tried to get a judgment for what my intentions were. I made no movement towards him but just stood there. Then I simply said “Hello there”. “Hi” he returned. “I’m sorry I disturbed you like this. I saw your bike and thought maybe someone needed help. Sorry again. And I see you don’t need any help.” “How long have you been here?” the kid asked. “Long enough I guess”, I replied with a grin. “Aw, shit, sorry” the boy said.
“Look, I understand. I know what it’s like for a boy. I was one myself once. Sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do” I joked. “In fact, you can go back to what you were doing as far as I’m concerned”. “Gee mister, thanks for not making a big scene or something.” “No problem, stroke on my boy”, was my reply. I started to turn away, then something came over me and I did something I’d never thought of before. I turned back to him then added. “Say, would you mind terribly if I indulged in the little luxury you’re partaking in?” (I didn’t just want to scare him off by asking if I could jack off with him). “Er, well, I don’t know. Exactly what do you want?” “Well, like you, a quick jack off session I guess.” “You’re not gonna hurt me or anything are you?”. The thought of me hurting a kid was strange to me and I didn’t want to upset the kid any longer. “Naw, I was just asking. Sorry, I’ll leave you now”. I turned to go and to my surprise, he called me back saying; “Well, I guess it would be OK as long as you don’t tell anyone.” Tell anyone, that would be the last thing Id ever do. “Ok, thanks. Hey what’s your name anyway?” “Richard, my friends call me Rich”. We looked at each other apprehensively for a moment then I said, “Well, I’ll just strip down a bit so I can enjoy the fresh outdoors like you.” I removed my shirt and dropped my pants quickly. Rich was by now starring at my underwear probably wondering what monster lurked under the old mans drawers. I couldn’t believe I was even doing this. But I just felt the urge for a new sexual avenue in my life. Down went my underwear exposing my self to him. I consider myself to be the small-to-average size in the dick rating system. I think I remained the same size ever since sixteen. Rich looked at my hanging dick with my light brown pubic hair. I apparently did not appear to be a threat to him. He just said “Cool Mr.” “OK, you next Rich”. I offered. Down once again his underwear went, exposing his semi-hard penis. This time I got to take a good close look at him. The boy, I admit, had a wonderful build. Well defined chest and a flat stomach. His dick was picture perfect, his pubic hair was darker than his brown head and his dick was slightly larger than mine I must admit. “How old are you?” I asked. “Fifteen”. “You got a nice one for fifteen. The girls are going to love it”. “Think so?” “You bet, trust me.” “If you don’t mine me telling you, I thought an old man’s dick would be different some how. But yours looks about like all the other kids I’ve ever seen”. “I don’t think dicks change much. Just maybe get a lot hairier with age, and maybe not so hard that’s all”. I decided to get things started by slowly rubbing my hands over my dick and balls which were already starting go grow. Rich was watching me lengthen, probably wondering if it would grow to a monster size rod due to my age or something. Of course it wouldn’t. In fact within a few minutes, we were both hard and his was larger than mine. With that, we both felt more comfortable and began to stroke our rods. I admit, I got a charge watching Rich pumping on his nice dick. His balls moving to the rhythm of his stroke. Rich asked me “Just wondering, do you shoot a lot of cum? I mean with age, do you shoot more?” The kid was obviously taking advantage of having an older man available to answer all of his questions that he could never ask before. “Nope, no more than I did when I was your age” I replied. “So men like to JO too?” “Sure, the urge never leaves most of us. Having a woman lessens the urge, but when she’s not around, like now, well, the old hand is your best friend – as we can both see”. Rich smiled and continued to beat his meat. “Can I ask a question?” “Sure, what’s on your mind Rich?” “Have you ever sucked a dick?” I wasn’t expecting that one, but I should have, me being out here jacking with a kid one fourth my age. “Nope, never have. Have you?” “Oh no, and no offense intended, just wondering that’s all”. I was thinking that this little episode would never happen again, so I decided to take our relationship just a bet farther. “Would you like a blow job Rich?”. “Well I admit I’ve thought about it, but I’ve never had a girl or guy for that matter that I could try it with. I’ve read about it and thought it would be cool, not filthy like my pals have suggested – that’s all”. “Well Rich, I’ll tell you what. If you promise not to tell anyone about me, I’m willing to make your dream come true. I’ll give you that blow job”. “Really? No kidding? You’d do that to me? Do I have to give you one? Cause I don’t think I’m really into that yet.” “This would be my first time, and I don’t expect a sex orgy with you, so no, you don’t have to touch me if you don’t want to. How about it?” “God, OK, I guess. How do we start?” “Move back over to the boulder and lay on you back, and I’ll think of something”. Rich walked over to the large rock he was jerking off on when I first discovered him. He laid back and bent one knee up in the air. His dick was standing straight up, ready. I moved over and kneeled down on the dirt. There directly in front of me was a young, hard cock. I’d never been this close to one before. It was thrilling I’ll admit. I wondered what I was doing here but I’d gone too far to stop. “Here goes” I said to him and to myself. With that, I reached out with my right hand and touched his hard dick. It was hot and rigid. I moved my fingers around it’s width with only the head showing now. I bent over moving my mouth closer to his dick, with some hesitation, I looked up to see Rich, he was watching me with excitement. Then I went for it. I just held his dick and put my mouth over his dick head. The taste was something different. Not bad or stinky like I expected. My tongue twirled around. Rich let out a moan – obviously enjoying this. I decided to get bolder, moving away from his dick, I moved my mouth directly onto his public mound and tasted his hair. It was different for sure. Finely, I went back up to his six inch shaft and tried to take more of it in. As I opened my mouth, Rich tried to push into me. I backed off and told him I’d have to move at my own pace so as not to choke me with his dick. He seemed to understand and laid still. I was able to get about five inches into my mouth, all the time moving my tongue around and generally slurping it up. I had nothing to go on but my experience with what several women have done for me. Rich was in heaven so I guess I did ok for my first BJ. After several minutes Rich started making sounds and I knew he’d cum any time. I could taste a little of his pre-cum juices that were obviously leaking out. We hadn’t discussed what would happen when he did. I wasn’t sure I was ready to swallow a load of cum, but what was a blow job about if not for the cum. “I’m gonna cum, you better pull off now” Rich murmured. I chickened out at the last moment and withdrew my mouth on his shaft and jacked him with my right hand. By now he was propped up on both elbows ad watching me work. I felt I should suck this kid off, cum and all but I’ll leave that to the chore of some girl – some day. I continued to jack him off. I knew how to make myself feel good jacking, so I gave him what I’d given myself many times. I kept it up until finally he let out a moan and said “Here I go”. With that he gasped and started shooting his load, bucking into my fist. I could feel his dick muscles contracting and his balls were pulled up tight. The first shot went about 6 inches into the air and landed on his belly, then the next, and next and next. The kid blew out a manly load of white hot cum all over him and my hand. I continued to stroke him and when nothing else came out, I slowed down while he recovered. At the end, I could feel him begin to soften somewhat. But youth has its advantages, and unlike me, he was still able to remain mostly hard even after shooting a full load like that. “That was great Mr. Thanks. Now are you going to finish?” “For sure Rich, and thanks for the experience.” As Rich watched, I sat down next to him on the big rock and began pumping my hard dick. Faster and faster I went. I skipped over the urge to ask him for a hand job, as I didn’t think he was quite ready to jack off an old man. He watched me and never looked away. Finally, I let out my own low moan and came. My cum burst out of my dick and flew out about two inches but most of it continued to flow out and over my hand and into my pubic hair. Within a minute or two we were both done and satisfied. “Well, that’s how it’s done my boy”. “It was great. Thanks again”. Ten minutes later we were ‘cleaned up’ and back on the trail. We shook hands. “Nice meeting you Mr.” Rich said. “Bye son, and good luck to you”. Rich went south and I went north. It was my first blow job and my last – so far. It was something I just had to try.

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