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yoga teacher

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: yoga rooom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

In my freshman year at college a friend of mine once mentioned he got a lot out of doing yoga, he felt much better and less stressed and more balanced. I got interested and he gave me the number of his teacher. As he had individual sessions with her, I decided to do the same and arranged a time on the phone. I noticed the warm, soothing tone of her voice and felt already very good about it.
When I entered her apartment I greeted her – she was dark skinned and had a big smile on her face. She was probably in her forties, a bit taller than me, about 5’10”, and wore black leggings and a black tank top, her belly showing as well as did her feet. I got instantly aroused and tried to hide my boner from her but in the loose clothing I wear she probably figured out soon what was going on.
The yoga room was very dimly lit, some aroma candles burned in a corner and nice meditative music came from a sound machine. She had me lay down on a mat and relax, one part of my body at a time. Her soothing voice made me more horny evne with my eyes closed and I already imagined becoming intimate with her.
She started with some easy introductory poses and often used her hands to correct me and show me how to hold my body properly. Every time she touched me, a lightning bolt of arousal shot through me and I couldn’t help but holding her hand the next time she put it on me. To my surprise she didn’t pull back but just waited and enjoued the moment. She sat down next to me and my hand slowly reached out to her left leg, gently stroking it up and down. Then she took my head and brought it in front of hers, very gently, moving her lips to mine and starting to French kiss me. My dick was so hard it almost exploded when I felt her tongue touching mine and we went on kissing for quite a while. She then took the inititative again and completely undressed me, then grabbing my cock and sucking on it in an awesome way. Shortly before I came she took off her clothes too and guided my hand to her pussy. It was very wet there and she had long bushy black hair which was again a big turn-on to me. I massaged her crotch gently until she moaned and sighed louder and louder and then I spread her legs wide and inserted my hard cock into her pussy. She was so amazing In grabbing my cock with her vaginal muscles and playing with it, I never experienced that in any woman I met later. I was beyond heaven and we both moaned louderand loader. I turned her around to do her doggy-style and feeling her ass against my pelvis gave me the rest and I fucked her like crazy and exploded in a wild orgasm, shooting at least 15 loads in her pussy. While I came she did too and screamed out of pleasure, giving me lots of hot juices from her cum.
After that, I met her almost every day and we would do yoga first, pretending “just business”, then slowly get into things and having crazy sex at the end.

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