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Young Amish Girl

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Age when it happend: 39
Where it happened: Back Porch
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

We live in rural Pennsylvania, around a large Amish area. I am not Amish, but have many Amish friends. An Amish family owns the the farm next to ours. They have a large young family, all hard working and good neigbors. Their 6 kids are range from s old to s old, 5 daughters and 1, old son. Very pretty young ladies, in fact striking beautiful girls. Tall, slender, blonde blue-eye girls. Of German descent, they are traditional heritage. The 3 oldest, 15, 12, and 11 are all just beautiful girls. Always dressed in traditional Amish clothing in long dress, and bonnetts, haired pulled back. If their religion had allowed it, I am sure the old could have modeled bathing suits. She was shy, very shy, 5’8″ or so probably 115 pounds, usually barefoot, with her homemade dress. She had developed boobs, hard to say what size though her loose fitting dresses but I would guess them to be 34b. Always mothering her younger sisters. Here name was Clara. The old sister, Rosie, just as pretty 5’6″ maybe 100 pounds, always barefoot was the little rebel. She appeared to be flatchested when you saw her, but I was to find out she was not! Clara, Rosie and Becky always road their bikes to school everyday. One windy day on their way home Clara’s dress blew all the way up onto her face exposing her bare crotch, as I was visiting the mailbox. It was right in front of me, as she rode into the wind she had to stop and struggle to get it pulled down. I was caught red handed by her sisters staring, as it was a beautiful sight, a very small perfect triangle of blonde hair surrounding her little pussy crack. The bike seat was protruding out of the front of your pussy lips and the seat was helping to spread her lips also. It truely was a great sight! Her sisters laughed and laughed, and talked amoung themselves in the Dutch language. Clara apoligized and apoligized, and I said it was ok don’t worry about it. Rosie laughed again talking in Dutch and they road home. I have to admit, I got the old dick out and gave it a good beating thinking about that beautiful virgin pussy i had seen earlier in the day. Later that week, as they headed home from school again, Clara and Becky were far past my mailbox, and Rosie was a considerable ways behind. By chance we meet at the mailbox again. She stopped and we talked. School, cows, corn talk. Then she said it was funny when my sister dress blew up wasn’t it, and i said yes but she was embaressed wasn’t she? Yah alot she said, she still is. Then Rosie said but i saw you were looking. did you like it? and i said like what? she said looking at my sister. I didn’t know what to say, but I said well yah any guy would like to look and you and your sisters are very pretty, very pretty. she said thank you and just came right out and said do you want to see me? i tried to remain innocent and i said i do see you. and she replied no see me down there too? I said Rosie your parents wouldn’t like that and she said i won’t tell them if you don’t? and she said can i show you? I swallowed hard and said i guess but not here. she said i have to go home now and do chores but i will ride back tonight before it gets dark ok? i said ok, particallly relieved cuz i figured you wouldn’t come back. We she showed up just before 8pm. I was on the back porch and she rode right up to the steps and jumped off her bike. I got her a Pepsi, as they never had one at home, and we talked for awhile. then she asked me if i thought Clara was pretty, and i said yes you all are very pretty. and she said is Clara prettier than me? I said no. She said how about Becky and i again said you all are gorgerous girls. and she said who is the prettiest of all? I said again all of you. well she said would you rather the wind had blown my dress up or Becky, or Clara? I said Rosie it didn’t matter, and she said i saw how you looked at Clara’s pussy. I had never heard her or any of them ever use any profanity. I was surprised. Rosie again said i saw how you looked and looked and then said do you want to see mine? and she started to hike her dress up, to well above her knees. i could feel my cock start to respond, and her dress was up to just below her crotch. I didn’t believe was going to do it, but she told me see would do right now and she wanted me to look at her just like I did her sister. Up it went and she was exposing her little bare pussy! Almost totally hairless, with just the beginnings of her pubic hair visible. Her pussy lips were swollen and red and i knew she was excited. she must have stood like that for seemed like hours, but probably like 2 minutes and she said do you like mine too? i said yes Rosie i do, is it better than Claras? I said they both are great. you like hers better right cuz it has more hair right? i said no i don’t actually i like yours better, i couldn’t believe i said it but i did. she said good want to see more? before i could answer she unbuttoned her dress at the shoulders and it dropped to the floor! OMG what a sight, the flat chested little girl, i thought was not so flat. beautiful probably a cup tits, with pink nipples. my cock was hard as hell and i made sure i stayed seated. she sat back down completely naked except her bonnett and drank somemore of her pepsi. i couldn’t talk! Her light blue homemade dress in a heap on the floor, and I couldn’t image, in the entire world, a more beautiful old naked sitting in front of me? I asked her what you girls were talked about in Dutch when Clara’s dress blew up? She said i can’t tell you, and i said yes you can and pressed her for an answer. She said clara said i think he liked it and i laughed and said i bet he would like to see mine and beckys too and we all laughed. then she said that on the way home clara said that she thought i was very handsome and would have sex with me if we got married. i was flattered and i told Rosie i was flattered. then she said do you know what i said, and i said no, and she said i would let him do it to me even if we weren’t married. i blushed i didn’t know what to say i said Rosie how old are you and she said almost 13 like in 3 weeks. there was an almost old, absolutely gorgeous girl sitting in front of me totally naked tell me she would like to have sex with me. Long, down her shoulders blonde hair, all pulled up in her bonnett, blue eyes with i would guess a 32 22 30 figure. sitting naked on my porch. she spread her legs slightly, i couldn’t tell if it was on purpose of just to shift herself in the seat, but either way it opened my view to her little pussy. she asked if she could have some more pepsi and i said sure i will get it and she said no its ok i will get it. i couldn’t take my eyes off that little ass as she walked away from me. i sure hadn’t planned for any sex with Rosie, but it appeared it was headed that way? I wanted to get her bike out of sight so i pushed it up the stairs onto the porch so it couldn’t be seen from the road. i sat down just as she came back on the porch. she said my bike do you want me to leave? and i said no, no she walked over and lifted her leg TOTALLY exposing her crotch, pussy everything i saw everything, and sat on the seat. and she said well whos looks better, mine or Clara’s without any hesitation i said yours Rosie, yours. the seat again stuck out from her little mound and caused her pussy lips to spread, my dick was throbbing. she got off, again purposely lifting her leg high exposing all of her private area. then sat down in her chair. i looked towards the bike and i could see the front of the seat was all wet. again she shifted in her seat and her knees spread. I said Rosie do you have to get home she said not not until dark, and thats like 2 hours from now. I forgot to say that i was a single guy, well divorced, and lived alone. it isn’t often something like this would happen to me. i wasn’t sure what to do? I figured these girls to be sheltered, shy and reserved. I asked Rosie don’t you think you should put your dress back on? she said no not yet, besides it hot out. i said what if someone comes looking for you and she said they won’t i said i was just going to ride into town and back so no one knows i am here. i had to ask her why Clara didn’t have any panties on when the wind blew her dress up? she said cuz we like very seldom wear them. so i said none of you had them on that day and she said nope. she said that becky even said in dutch she was going to let you look at hers but Clara said no you not! well i said you are going to sit there without your clothes? she said yup, and her legs spread some more. then suddenly she got up and went over to the lounge chair and laid down with her legs crossed and arms behind her head. then she said why don’t you take off some of your clothes? i said Rosie do you know about sex and she laughed and said she knows alot and i said like what and she said she already did it with 4 other guys. and i said 4 she said yup 3 at school and one guy older. and i said how old she said like you. she started to spread her legs, pulling her feet toward her butt and spreading her knees. her pussy lips were bright red, i mean glowing red and i could see her inner thiegs were wet. like an idiot i said do you want to do it with me? she said what do you think? she pulled her feet up and spread her legs wider. then she said come over here and i walked over and dropped to my knees in front of her. she said look at this and pointed to her pussy, i wish mine was hairy like clara’s and i said i don’t and i leaned down and kissed her on the top of her pussy crack she slide back and said what are you doing? just kissing you and she said down there and i said yes and i asked her i thought you knew all about sex and she said well not that? i said ok slide over here and i reached under her knees and spread her legs and started kissing, licking and caressing the most beautiful pussy i had ever seen ! the first time my tongue hit her clit she came moaning, and groaning, her pussy was dripping wet. she said that the other boys never did that and i never cummed with them i asked what happened well as soon as there thing touched me there sperm shot out and one guy’s just came out when he saw me naked and just one guy actually put it in me. i asked her if any of them ever made her do what i just made her do? she said no i said want to do it again and she said yes yes so i started again and it took maybe 5 or 6 licks on her clit and she came again even harder twitching her legs, her toes curled and her nipples were rock hard. i was fully dressed still and she wanted me to take off my clothes she begged me so i stripped to my underwear and she said no i want to see everything and i said ok in a minute she reached for my cock and felt it. i said want me to do it one more time she just nodded yes, this time i was carefull to avoid her clit licking up and down her crack up and down her ass fingered her and inserted my tongue into her vagina i couldn’t believe this beautiful little 13 well old girl look so good she said lick that one spot again lick it please i said your clit she said yes please ok soon Rosie i will soon. I pulled my underwear down and i said do you want this she said yup please i said lets go inside the house Rosie up to my bedroom she jumped up and i grabbed her hand and we went upstairs. she grabbed my cock as soon as we sat down. i saw my dark bedspread was already wet from where she sat down. i said you have to think about this are you sure you want me to stick it inside you? yes i do she said. i laid her back on the bed laid down beside her and started kissing her and her titties she moaned and rolled over to allow me access to her other boob. i mounted her and she spread her legs wide. i took my cock and started to rub it up and down her crack and soon as got to her clit i rubbed her clit with the head of my dick and she came again even harder the the first two. i started to suck her tits again and she loved it. she said no boy ever sucked them before i reallly like it. she said get on me now i did and i put the head in her pussy but it was very tight and i could see she was struggling. i go up and i told her how she could get on top and she could control how far and how fast it went in. she jumped up with the enthuasiam only a young girl like she could have and climbed on me the instant i laid down. she asked me now what do i do, i told her to grab it and guide it into your pussy hole. i couldn’t believe this little old amish girl was this excited about having sex i looked at her with her farmers tan, arms, neck, and ankles tan as hell and from her neck down creamy white boobs,belly, and that pussy just a hint of hair what a sight. she said ok and i told her to rub her clit with it a few times before we put it in she did and she threw her head back and moaned slowly she inserted it and i told her to start sitting down on it she lowered herself gently and raised back up and i said you are doing great she started down again and i could see some pain but she would lower herself lower and lower with each stroke. i asked her if she was a virgin and she said yah mostly, and i answered “mostly” she said yes she didn’t know how to say it in english but she broke her skin (hymen in Dutch) with her fingers so it wasn’t there anymore. after about a dozen attempts she finally sat all the way down and she engulfed my entire cock. It’s not gigantic but is 7″ and fairly big i am told. Rosie said it was the biggest she ever say, but had only seen 4 of them. she started to ride my cock pretty good for a old girl i saw her nipples get even bigger and harder than i had ever seen them. i asked her lean down and kiss me she did and when she did she realized my cock was putting more pressure on her little clit and pump me back and forth instead of up and down she had another orgasism after 3 or 4 pumps. i asked her to please hold still or i was going to to cum to she laid still and recovered in a few minutes and i did too i couldn’t believe i hadn’t cum yet she was so pretty and soooo tight. i told her to hold on to me and i rolled us over and i said Rosie i am going to fuck you as hard as i can for as long as i can ok she said yes its ok do it now i pulled it half way out and just looked how good it looked stuck inside this beautiful little girl i almost came just looking. i said rosie when did you have your last period and she answered about 3 weeks ago a little more than 3 weeks. i told her good we can’t get you pregant then right now i started pumping her and she started pumping me back her hips were moving all over and it was hard to follow her and keep my dick in her pussy. i grabbed both her legs and put them on my shoulders and grabbed her hips and started pumping her up and down i knew i was close to cumming and sweating, soaking everything and she was sweating from every pore of her body. i could tell by the grimace on her face i was going to deep so i put her legs down told her to put her feet on the bed and spread her knees on the first or stroke with me riding high on her clit she came again. when she did i couldn’t control myself anymore and i shot a gigantic load into her i know my dick pumped like 5 loads into her. she was so tight most of it squirted out around my dick and got on my balls. her little pussy was so small. she said i can feel your hot sperm inside me are you sure its ok, i told her yes it oks i am sure. she said i can’t believe the feelings i just had with you it felt SSSOOOOOO good. and she asked me can we do it again some time? it was probably the sexyest question any female ever asked me. i said yes Rosie we can, you think about it and if you want to still do it we will. she had about a half hour to get home and i made her take a shower and clean up her pussy was dripping cum, her juices and alittle blood literaly dripping. i insisted i help her in the shower and got to wash her pussy and boobs with my hands and soap. she got dressed and kissed me on the check and rode home. i make it a point to check the mail when they ride by and Rosie has stopped 2 other times for some quick oral sex. i am trying to convince her she can do it to me to but hasn’t gotten her to do it to me. she is so easy to make orgasism i can eat her pussy for less than 5 minutes and she will cum twice. we haven’t fucked again yet, its only been a month, she tells me as soon as she can she will be back for more she has to be able to account for 2-3 hours with her parents. she told me she told clara that she should come see me too but she is too shy, and brought her younger sister becky now 12 over and she ordered her to pull up her dress cuz I wanted to see her pussy too she just did it as order spread her knees as in a ballet position so i could see better. i asked her to turn around so i could see her little butt too and she did it with a grin. when ever i see an amish girl i get hard think about her with that dress on and no panties. I will post again if Rosie and i do it again, or if anything happens with Becky or Clara.

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