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Young Aunt screwed me all week

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Age when it happend: June 15 1969
Where it happened: My moms bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was very sick and my parents we gone. My aunt would drop in at the farm and drop off food every day. Well I was very sick and she put me in bed. I was given ice baths and asprin to bring my temperature down. She never left me till I was getting better. Many times I was shaking with chills and she was naked holding her body to mine for warmth. She did this naked and I felt her Pubic hair on my butt. Being a young boy my penis tented the sheets all the time . She in her twentys said we have to do something about this and she pulled a sheet back and put a huge condom on me Well I was doing better but I was so young and I was naive. I don’t remember the first time very well because I was fading in and out even though I was hard for her. I know my dad had a bunch of condoms, they were three to a case and in hard plastic cases maybe he had 6 of them so there were 18 condoms. Some of you know young boys are erect forever. I never made love with my aunt. I was just fucked by her. I would of wanted to kiss and hold her but it was a one way thing. I lay back as hard as a eleven yearold can be and she bounced up and down on me for a long time moaning and groaning. It took her usually a half hour to an hour to get tired and I just lay there and watch her tittys bounce.I thought it took forever but I was watching the wind up clock beside the bed. We went through the condoms pretty fast and truely they didn’t ever fit they were baggy on me. I didn’t even need condoms because I had never shot any cum yet. Not only that some times they would unroll like to ten inches. Well I was feeling better and I was less dizzy and could walk to the toilet with very little help. My aunt got me some solid food which I ate quickly then went and puked everywhere. I remember she was covered in my puke. We showered and I was head to her breast as she held me up washing me. You are still a sick boy I was thinking. I remember the sheets were fresh and she grabbed the last condom and commented this is it. I was thinking thank God it’s over when she gave it to me. So I rolled it on and laid back and she stood by the bed naked brushing her teeth walking Back and forth to the sink . She was very thin with small breast and a very active person. She had almond skin and dark features and a huge bush over her pussy. She had almost no labia lips, but her clit stuck out and she would rub my penis there or grind my pelvis some. Soon she was riding my penis and this time she rode me fast and hard. I don’t remember ever really liking getting fucked till this time. She was all out thinking it was the last condom I guess. She was getting her jollys all along but for me it was like riding in the back seat of the car. ( are we there yet). I was hard always but it was no big deal. She fucked and I lay there watching her. This time was better I was getting interested. She was getting vocal and riding like crazy. She eventually came all over me I was a mess with her solution running over my balls. She got off and atleast my penis was dry. She laughed and wiped my balls and flushed the last condom. I was reading hulk comic book and of course I was still tenting the sheets . Do you ever quit she said . You are in a constant state of erection every day all day. I just looked at her, I couldn’t help it. She pulled back the sheets once more I didn’t know what to expect. Stay right there she said and left. So I looked at my penis and I remember talking to my penis. If you would just lay down she wouldn’t bother us. My aunt came in with a jar of vaselene. She put some on her finger and then on the top of my penis . I was wondering what was that for . The she got over me and spread herself and she was creamy white with discharge. The new feeling with out a condom was way more sensitive. As she slid down on me I sat up and grabbed her hips. This was intense and way sensitive. I was then fucked beyond my limits to handle it . I cried screamed and couldn’t hold still. Be a big boy for me will you? I’ll try I remember saying . It was a solid hour she was on me with out a condom. I was thinking I would pass out my insides were going crazy . I have no idea how many orgasms she had as she kept fucking me all covered in sweat but she finally slowed and stopped and sat on me just breathing heavy. Your just as hard as when I started. Your something nephew. That was the best longest fuck of my life. Thanks and she got off and showered. I was dizzy but had to sit on the toilet and I only made it half way and fell. My anut came out dripping steddyed me and hugged me as I went. I liked being hugged more than fucked and I held her for a while. That evening when she turned off the TV she was reaching for the vaselene so I just flipped back the sheets and she was hammering me one more time before we slept. I didn’t sleep real good that night because she held my stiff penis all night in her hand pumping my skin back and forth when she wanted. I woke up to her setteling down on me saying good morning. She was fucking me like crazy as much and as long as she had energy. Some where around I think day seven I was holding bread and soup down and had walked to the toilet by my self. My third fuck in the morning maybe fourth but before noon any way my aunt was smiling and putting vaselene on me . I saw two blue jays out the window . She started enjoying herself on me . I felt something churning up in me . I was getting different feelings in my pelvis.
Stop I gotta go to the toilet. No she said and was rolling her head moaning. Stop I’m going to piss all over I said. She was going faster and faster I couldn’t hold back any more and I squirted cum for the first time in my aunt . Told you I had to go I said . My aunt raised to her knees pulling off of me and she put her finger in her twat and smelled and tasted it . Sat back down on me and said that is you. I felt a strange relief and started going soft. Not yet little boy said my aunt and she was full speed and I stayed hard till she finished. I was perplexed and much relived and was happy with my soft penis. I ate. Good lunch and my aunt was ready for more I was fucked for only 10 minutes and the feeling came back and I enjoyed the climax of shooting cum in my aunt. This time she felt it right away . What are you doing she said? Don’t know it feels real good. Well our fuck sessions were ten to fifteen minutes maximum now and she was getting upset. I was holding down solid food well now. I was shooting cum every time also, I was loving sex now it was great. I was asking for the Vaseline before she was ready. Day nine we fucked a dozen times. Morning of day ten was our last. I woke up before sun rise and my aunt was asleep spooning behind me. I lifted the bottom of her powder blue nite gown that was short rolled her to her back and opened her legs the evidence of earlier fucking was dribbling out of her twat hole. I was afraid but I used my fingers and checked out the pussy that had been bouncing on me. Dried crusty stuff was In her dark bush. I was hard and hungry for more of the sex I was force fed when I was sick. All I knew was it felt so good and I wanted more . She was asleep and I had never been on top . So I got in missionary position on my own. She was asleep and loose and sloppy . I was hard and poking her and feeling almost nothing . I pulled her face and kissed her and she started to wake up and she called me her husbands name and started to make love with me ( instead of just fucking me) she was rubbing my Back and we were moving together . She was kissing and kissing I was making real love. She realized I was not her husband but her nephew and she held my head so I couldn’t kiss her lips any more she was crying now and so was I . We were still heavy in hip movements and she orgasmed well. I needed a few more minutes to shoot cum in her . When I went limp she wanted up. I said no and held her neck and I was limp in her for a long time. I loved this being close . I knew it was wrong what I did and didn’t want it to end. I have to get up she said . No you can’t I demanded . I felt my self get hard slowley see I’m not done . I very slowley and tenderly made love one last time and she had tears and said I’m so sorry. I forced a kiss and she kissed back and never stopped crying softly . It was a beautiful 30 minutes and I shot cum in my aunt for the last time. This is a true terrible and beautiful story. My aunt paid the ultimate price and became a mother at 22 with a baby girl that looks and acts alot like me. My uncle still doesn’t know his daughter is my child. Growing up she was my side kick she rode on my shoulders and I snuggled with her on the couch and sang her sleep . She was my sweetheart and I knew it. I will never tell her while her parents are alive. So I am only 51 and she turns 40 this month and she has three children that look kind of like grandpa. I don’t hate my aunt . But it was wrong.

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