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Young Cute Little Left Fielder

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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: my bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I posted some time ago about a girl named Katie on my sister softball team. I took her home one night and one thing lead to another well you can read about it, but we never did it even though we tried 6 or 7 times she was just to tight. she is now 12 years old and no longer a virgin, in fact a veteran of at least 15 good old fashion fuckings by me. I want to tell every one about the first time. I had eaten her pussy many times, made her cum and she made me cum too. she is is pretty skinny, 5’2″ not quite 100 pounds yet, long blonde hair, and blue eyes. a very very cute little girl, with she says 30 a cup boobs, but i think they are aa. Last fall was the last time we got together, and as we always tried to do, we both got naked and had some super oral sex. I had seen and explored every part of her little body, from head to toe, with alot of time and effort spent on her titties and even more on her little pussy. it has been licked over and over and over ever inch of it! She had only alittle peach fuzz on her pussy this past week when she stayed over night with my sister and i got to see it again she had enough blond hair down there to be noticable. nice little curves and nice little titties with pink nipples still no bigger than a nickel. anyway she had wicked at me a couple of times in the house and rubbed my back once when i was in the chair, and looked super in her bikini when she got out of our pool, but she never looked better than when she walked into my room in her tshirt about 1am. i was awake when she walked in but she shook me a little and kissed me on the lips and that woke me right up. we talked for a few minutes and i asked her if my sister was sleeping and she said yes she waited until she was sure she was asleep. my bedroom is downstairs in the basement and she snuck down. we talked about softball and baseball and she then just said how much she missed me all winter. i said yah me to i missed you. my dick was already getting hard and i could tell she was kinda nervous. she was sitting on the foot of my bed and i turned the tv on to get some light so i could see her better. she looked very cute, very pretty and very sexy all at the same time. she lifted both of her knees up and put her feet on the bed giving me a pretty good view of her panties and her crotch. I turned on the little night lite by my bed so i could see even better. her panties were white with small pink hearts and they were fitting tightly around and into her crack of both her little butt and her pussy lips. i said katie come over here and give me a hug i really have been missing you. she smiled and got on all 4s and crawled over to me and gave me a big hug. i kissed her and she moaned and said thanks. i said want to make out alittle bit and she said yes yes! I didn’t even asked but she pulled her tshirt up and over her head and squirmed alittle and pulled her panties off and sat facing me with her legs slightly spread and bare naked. what a beautiful sight. she grabbed the blankets and pulled them back and saw i had only my underwear and a gigantic hard on, and said let metake those off for you i have been waiting months to see it again. out it popped and she started to suck on it for me. i told her to spin around and i would return the favor as we 69ed. she had the sweetest tasting pussy i ever ate. while we 69ed i slipped a finger in her pussy and it wasn’t as tight as it was last fall so i tried 2 fingers and they both got in. she pulled her mouth off my cock and said do you think we can do it tonight i have been working all winter getting my hole bigger. i said wow you have how? well with my finger and i use a hair brush too. i said katie are you ready to get fucked and she said yup please do it to me. this little girl was only 12 years old, and a veteran of oral sex as good as any girl twice her age, and she enjoyed having her pussy eaten better than any other girl i ever did it too. she was good and wet between her legs, both pussy lips swollen, red and hot. she was ready for sure at least her pussy was so i asked her again are you sure you want to do it and she said yes. i rolled her over and positioned myself between her legs and started rubbbing my cock up and down her crack paying special attention to her clit which was sticking right out of the top of her little crack. i put the head at her hole and slowly applied some pressure and she started to grimace and started to slide up the bed, i pushed a little harder and the head popped in and she jumped. i stopped there and sucked her titties for a few minutes careful not to go in any deeper. her nipples were rock hard and i was pretty sure she was going to cum. i asked her if she was ready to go farther and she said i think, i pulled out just a little and pushed back in just the head and she moaned and i said is it hurting you and she said kinda, but keep going and i pulled out 1 inch and pushed back in 2 inches her little butt was squirming all over my bed, she was sweating like crazy, her pussy lips were so red i thought she was bleeding but i reached down to see and it wasn’t blood just swollen pussy lips. so i pulled out again 1 inch and pushed in 3 inches and she kinda screamed. so i stopped again. i said lets just talk for alittle so you can relax better and we did she told me that my cock was alot bigger that 3 of her fingers and we both laughed and told me how she had been dreaming of thsi all winter. i told her you get on top and you can guide it in and how far you want it to go in you. and she said how do i do that so i told her to grab ahold on me and i will roll us over we did it and there she sat high on her knees to keep only 1 inch of my 7 inch cock out of her pussy. her pussy juices were running down her inner legs and down my shaft. she looked so pretty and sexy i was worried i was going to cum just looking at my dick sticking partically into that virgin little 12 year old pussy with nothing but alittle peach fuzz up and down her lips. her lips were spread pretty wide to accomodate my dick and i could see her clit very well. she said ok i am ready now what i told her to just sit down on it when you feel like and she tried and went down some then back up and i said just keep doing that until you get it all inside you. she came into my room at 1am and it was now almost 3am and i knew we had to get moving soon if we were going to get this done tonight. she would ask me dozens of times if she was doing good doing alright doing it like she should and i assured her she was doing it great and i like every minute of it. finally it was half way in and she was straining to go farther and i was sure it was her cherry, so i asked her and she said she broke it herself with a frozen sausage in the winter when she was home alone in the shower and i said how do you know cuz she said it hurt and there was blood. i said ok try to sit all the way down now and she did and i felt some pressure and then she went all the way down taking all my dick into her pussy she moaned, cried out some and then i reached for her clit and i made her cum with 3 seconds of rubbing her clit. when she came fairly loudly i did too and i knew it was a big big load cuz it started to ooze out of her pussy all around my cock. that was all i needed to knock up a 12 year old so i asked her and she said was suppose to have her period in a few days. i was relived. I picked up her 90 some pound body and put her on the bottom and i knew with all that sperm in her we would have plenty of lubrication. my dick never went soft, it stayed hard as hell and i started to pump her little pussy for all i had. her little butt was pumping me back. every guy knows they can go much longer on the second cum than the first so i knew she was going to get a good fucking for her first time. i was alittle embarassed to cum for quickly on her but i was going to make up for it before i came again. she was breathing so hard, sweating like crazy, moaning and groaning i asked her a couple of times if she was ok and she only answered don’t stop, don’t stop dan. so i didn’t i stopped once cuz i was nearly worn out and put her up on all fours and started to get her doggy style but after 2 or 3 pumps i could tell it was going to deep for her and she said lets do it the regular way she was so cute asking so i pulled out and she rolled over spread her legs grabbed my cock and guided it in and we started again. i asked her if she was ready to cum and she said she did 3 times already and i said i didn’t know and she said i tried to be quite so i didn’t wake up your sister and i said tell me when you are almost ready this time cuz i want to cum when you do and she said should you put a condom on and i said its to late now katie its to late to worry about that. she was still pretty tight but her pussy juice and my cum kept us lubed up. i lasted maybe 5 more minutes, i looked down at her with her little pink nipples, pretty long blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes that she had closed most of the time and i knew i was going to cum and i said hurry katie i am going to cum and she said me too and she said now now now and i pumped her as hard as i could and i blew my second load deep into that virgin little pussy and clasped onto her. we layed there for a few minutes and she said dan i could few inside my pussy just when your sperm shot out, i reallly could. i thought wow i asked her if this orgasism was better than when i would eat her pussy and she said yes alot better i could feel her vagina muscles contracting milking all the cum she could out of my dick. i didn’t want to get up and i wanted her to stay with me but i knew i would have some major explaining to do if my sister got up i used my underwear to wipe up her crotch, and legs she got dressed and before she left asked if we can do it again tomorrow night if she stays overnight again and i said HELL yes. this all happened last weekend and we didn’t do it the second time but we are making plans for the next time and i will post it when it happens

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