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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my room
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

ok so one time my friend sarah had to sleepova bcuz i had to take her to soccer camp the next day!we both no thatwe like to talk bout sex and shit.so wen we went to bed and stared talking bout other people in our schoolz that did shit with other guyz oe wat not.then along time oago wen i was bout ten and so was she we touched each other pussies just feeling and we stared lafin memebrin the gud times then i went to the washroom to look and mi hair and wen i came back she asked me if i wanted to play! i said yahh sure ok and she took our oants off layed on mi bed and just rubed each other and stuff. then we wanted to do something eles so she climed on top me and we stared to hump it felt so gud i loved it and i’ma always wishing she comes over!then i pretened to fall and mi face landed in her pussy(never ment to) then she said u wana try so i softly licked her beautiful pussy and she did the same to me! i love having sex with her and she clicked me so softtly and we made-out and had pussy sex!!!add me if ur horny i will show u mi pussy

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