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Young tenant

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Age when it happend: 34
Where it happened: rental house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I owned the small house next to mine, and had rented it for years. Both houses were on a seldom traveled dirt road out in the country. We really shared yards and the houses were surrounded by trees. The house were probably less than 200 feet apart. After losing a long time tenant the house was vacant for 4 months. At the end of August, a friend of a friend sent a single mother and her 2 kids to me to see the house. One girl was 19, pretty well built, blond 5’5″ or so and the other, whom I had assumed was a boy was 10. He, well she, was about 5′ maybe less, 80-85 pounds short boyish hair cut, dark hair, and dark complexion. No noticable boobs. From behind everyone would of thought she was a boy, from the front everyone would still have thought she was just a cute boy? A long story short they decided to move in. They moved in just prior to the start of school. The older daughter was off to college, their mother off to work, and the youngest off to school. Well it was at least 9 months before I realized that Jill, thats the younger daughter, wasn’t Jack? It was the weekend before Memorial Day and I heard a scream or two so I ran next door and Jill was sun bathing and I saw her running toward me and my house. A raccoon was eating her chips and she was scared. She didn’t have time to tie up her bikini top and was running to meet me. She hadn’t noticed, it was just hanging off her and not covering her little boobs. It didn’t take me long to notice he was a she! A long way from boobs, but you could tell they were there and she was a girl. If i had to guess i would say 30-32aa. I walked over to scare away the raccoon and he was already gone and so were her chips. I commented on her tan lines expecting her to be embrassed and cover up and adjust her top. She said look at these and pulled her bottoms down far enough I could see the top of her hairless pussy crack. she was very tan, and had great contrast between her tan lines. She sat down and completely removed her top and began tanning again. She had started to develope some girl curves from the first time i saw her last fall. NO ONE could mistake her for a boy now, sun tanning. My dick noticed for sure! All summer long I endured this little vixen sunning, usually topless. She was now 11, me 34. Her mother was gone most of the summer working and we would do much together, shopping, i took her to little league softball games, we even went to a movie or two together. Her mother was working a second shift job. One night it was raining like crazy, thunder and lightening. I heard a knock on the door and there she was, soaked from the run across the yard. Drenched. I gave her a towel and she dried off some. she wanted to stay and I said no your mother wouldn’t want you too. she said what if i call her? I didn’t know what to say, so I let her call. She talked to her mom, and handed the phone to me. She said if I didn’t mind it was ok with her. So i said ok. She asked if i had any dry clothes, so i got her a t-shirt and told her to go to my room and change. I got her a plastic bag for her wet clothes and I noticed when she put them in the bag her panties were there too! Now I was watching TV with a nearly naked 11 year old, wearing only my t=shirt. I made us some popcorn and she came over and sat next to me. I was ok until she pulled her knees up on the couch and the t=shirt fell down to her lap. I said Jill do you want a blanket she said no she was ok. I said well here one is anyway and i covered her up. she just smiled, just one of those smiles. I hoped she wouldn’t noticed how hard my dick was getting? Her mom was due home at 12;30 and it was close to midnight. I told her it was almost done raining and i would walk her home. she said ok but hopes it doesn’t rain anymore tomorrow she needed to tan some more. i said you are plenty tan, and shouldn’t be in the sun that much. she jumped up and said look i am starting to lose my tan. she pulled up my t-shirt up exposing her totally naked body, tits, pussy everything. i could see a little dark hair on both sides of her beautiful little pussy lips. i couldn’t talk, couldn’t swallow, and couldn’t stop staring! seemed like it was probably 2=3 minutes I finally said no Jill you look good to me good and tan. she said are you telling me the truth? I said yes, yes. as i walked her home i tried to explain t her she really shouldn’t just get naked for guys. she asked me if i was mad at her i said no, then she asked it didn’t like see ALL of her, and i said no i did like to see her but it was proper for her to do it. Then she said but you did like it right? I had to answer yes i did. she kissed, as usual, on my check and said i will bring back your t-shirt tomorrow, and i said ok. that night i got a text message on my phone, a picture. Jill was completely naked with her knees spread and pulled up to nearly her shoulders. a beautiful, and perfect shot of her little pussy. I kept it on my phone, and i have to admit i jerked off to it the first night i got it and many nights after. I didn’t see Jill for a few days and nights. Her mother left for work and she came running over just a few minutes later, late in the afternoon, in her bikini. She was hungry and wanted to know if i would take her into town to the McDonalds. I said sure but it would have to be just though the drive thru cuz they won’t let her in, in her bathing suit. She said that was ok. we talked during the 25 minute trip into town. Just kid stuff, her mom working, how she had to work a double tonight, and about school. then she asked if i got the text she had sent me the other night? I didn’t know how to answer, so i just said no i hadn’t checked my messages lately? She said well then check them now. i said i will when i get home. she said ok. then she said she wanted to stay the night with me cuz her mom wouldn’t be home till morning. I didn’t know what to say, except did you ask her? she said yes and she said it was ok if it was ok with me. I was nervious, scared, happy, horny, and excited. She was almost 12, i had know her for almost 2 years, seen her half naked, mostly naked, and naked in a picture. now this little lolita, great tan lines, was asking to spend the night at my house. i tried to persuade her to stay at her house on the trip home, cuz i wasn’t sure i could control myself? but she wanted to stay with me I now was 35 she almost 12. she was now probably 5’2″ 90-95 pounds, dark dark brown hair in a short cut, 32a boobs at best maybe 32aa. but she was sexy as hell, great little curves, super ass, i mean a killer little butt. no one made a bikini bottom look better than her nobody. she looked good in her bikini especially with those cute little boobs. in fact i couldn’t take my eyes off her ass with she wore jeans either. on the trip home she asked me, out of the blue, if i ever had a lap dance? i said how do you know about lap dances? she said she just heard? and i said from who, and she said lots of people and the internet too. i said you shouldn’t know about them at your age, and she countered with do you want me to give you one when we get home? I said Jill tell me what one is and she told me when a girl is like naked and dances real close to a guy. well we FINALLY got home and started to watch TV and things calmed somewhat, i thought? she asked again about the text she had sent me? I said i would check, but I just continued to watch the movie. she said i sent you a picture of me, and i said thats cool. she was on the chair opposite of me and her bikini didn’t fit tightly around her little skinny legs. she was spreading her knees and legs in a out to the music. when she spread them i would get an inviting sight. i could not believe how horny i was. i tried to figure if she was just an innocent little girl, unknowingly driving me nuts, or was she planning are her sexy moves? she said she was going to change out of her bikini and get ready for bed, i thought to myself shit i was truely enjoying the view! I was laying on the couch and she came out of the bathroom with a large light blue t-shirt on, and panties i would soon find out, white. she came right over to me and sat on my back. in just a few minutes she pulled her knees up and let her knees fall apart. the t-shirt again fell to her lap and i could see her pubic mound protruding from her panties. thank goodness i was laying on my chest as my dick was sooooooo hard i would have been embrassed for her to see what she had done to me. i kept staring and i couldn’t help it, a couple of times i sensed she would spread them extra wide when i was looking. i could see what i thought was a small wet spot but maybe i was just dreaming it? this went on for about an hour and the movie ended. she said she had to go to the bathroom and did, i started on last movie and she came back and again sat on me, my back leaving her legs hanging down for probably 20 minutes, then it happened she pulled them up her shirt fell down to her lap again, but this time her panties were gone. her legs would rock back and forth knees spreading and closing, spreading and closing. i didn’t even look at the tv, just her crotch. she knew i was watching and she spread her knees and left them spread. her little pussy was glistening, wet and her pussy lips were swollen and red. there was just enough hair on her pussy to make it look slightly darker than her skin. her tan lines looked SSOOOOOO good. I bet if i had time to count her pussy hairs there would have been 30-40 is all. I said Jill are you going to bed now, she said no, but if you want to go with me i will? I said Jill i am more than 3 times older than you, do you know that? she said so, and again asked me to check my text messages. I said later, and she got off me pulled her t-shirt off and said never mind i will show you and she laid down in front of me and spread her legs, grabbed her knees and pulled them up to her shoulders, and just smiled. she patted her pussy and said do you think this minds if you are 3 times older than me? Then she said let me see you, please let me see you. I had on only a tshirt, shorts and underwear. i didn’t know what to do so i took off my shirt and shorts, my cock was so hard and sticking out i thought that would be good enough for her? no she jumped up and pulled down my fruit of the looms and out popped my nearly 8 inches cock. she was fasinated asked to touch it and i let her. Remember she was 5’2″ 90 pounds, me 6’2″ 190 pounds. both of us slendor, and tan. my hair as long as hers, her tan lines more prominent than mine. her nipples still pink and now erect and hard just like my dick. we both just stood there and Jill finally said now what. I said i don’t know, now what? Jill i said we can’t do anything more than this its against the law. she said she won’t tell anybody she promises. my dick was throbbing, every time my heart would beat it would jump up and inch. she asked what caused that and i told her. she told me she took her panties off cuz she thought she had wet her pants, but it wasn’t pee it was different. i told her what it was and why. and i then told her to sit down and spread her legs and told her to look how swollen and red her pussy was and i explained why. it was a fantastic time we examined her pussy spreading her lips, showing her were her clit was and how it made her feel when i touched it. then she asked me it i would touch it again so i did. i licked my finger and i started to massage it she was going nuts i made her cum twice just with my finger. then she wanted to do it to me i showed her how to jerk me off. then i sat down on the floor with my legs spread dick hard as hell and told her to sit down facing me with her legs spread and over the top of mine. so we were almost face to face and she started jerking me off with both her little hands, it only took 20 or so strokes and i said i am going to cum and she smiled and 4 or 5 more strokes and i shot my load all over her from her chest down. i hesitate to say cleavage, but the first load went between her boobs, the second squirt at her belly button and the third squirt hit her just above her pussy crack, and ran slightly to the top of her crack. she giggled and laughed and giggled somemore saying she can’t believe she did that to me. then she was a little concerned cuz she knew sperm could swim and they could get inside her pussy i said no it was ok don’t worry.
She looked at me, never looking any cuter or sexier and ask me if I would fuck her tonight? I said Jill we better wait, you are still to small both you and your vagina, and i am to big for you. it really wouldn’t be any fun for you. This was our first time, not my first time seeing this little beauty naked, but the first time making her cum, and her making me cum. I probablly had seen her in differnt states of nakeness dozens of times, but this was the first time I made her cum and the first time she saw me naked and made me cum. But it certainly was not the last time. I held out as long as i could, but her beautiful, skinny little body, and her sexy little ways eventually won out. I fucked her about 6 months later a cold, cold winter night again when her mom was working a double shift. It took us about 5 times of trying before we actually did get my dick in her pussy. I popped her cherry the third we tried and the fourth time and fifth time she was sooooooo tight it hurt me and her. it was new years eve and her mother was gone for the night and i stayed home, because Jill asked me to. I gave her a wine cooler cuz it was new years eve One thing lead to the next and she was soon naked, i ate her pussy for seems like an hour and never even noticed until she told me to get undressed that i had all my clothes on? she was now 13, still the same size as she was when she was 11, same size titties, alittle more pubic hair but not much more, little wider hips and over the months her fingers and my fingers and my fingers had opened her vagina to receive a man. i got undressed and she grabbed my cock and pulled me toward her, and she guided the head of my dick to her pussy and she said do it and lifted her hips and thrusted toward me at the same time i pushed toward her. in it went she sighed and started humping me. I am sure she came 6 times, cuz i know i came at least 6 times. when i let her get on top she came 4 times. it was starting to get light in the morning and i think we only slept an hour and i was hard again i started playing with Jill’s pussy and she woke up, her pussy was a sticky mess, as was my dick and the bed, but i got it up again and we finished the night and started the new year with 2 orgasisms by Jill and one big one from me. from the time jill was 13 to the time she was just about 16 we fucked at least twice a weekend and usually once during the week. it has tapered off some since she turned 16, 17 and 18. she has had boyfriends and has had to fit me in her schedule. it still is as great as it was when i first touched her clit when she was 12 years old. she is now nearly 19, a beautiful girl, dark hair, small 5’4″ 110 pounds maybe, short haircut 34b boobs, cute as hell figure. not much has changed except NO ONE MISTAKES her for a boy anymore. She and her bf broke up last friday night, she was mad when she got home (her mom was working) and she came over to tell me about it. and well one wine cooler later she was telling me about when they first moved here and how much she looked up to me and well one more wine cooler and she was again naked and me too!!!

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